Solve Outlook Not Opening Issue At One Go

Microsoft Outlook is a preferred email platform by users across the world. It is basically an email manager with some added features in it. However, Outlook not opening issue occurs at times of prolonged usage. The issue generally cripples the whole Outlook software, thereby making it impossible for you to work. This can affect your daily work because this not only lets you send and receive emails, but also offers you several handy features, such as Task Manager, Calendar, Note-taking, and Contact Manager. Therefore, to get an insight into the problem as well as its solutions, keep reading this article.

The Causes Of Microsoft Outlook Not Opening

As mentioned above, Outlook freezes at any time depending upon how you are using your system and the software. This causes the Outlook not an opening problem. Take a look at this article, to know some of the causes of such technical glitches regarding the Microsoft Outlook software.

  • The inbox or mailbox of the system is occupied with plenty of emails as a result Outlook is not responding properly.
  • If multiple processes that are running in your system uses Outlook, then it crashes abruptly.
  • There can be a chance that the version of Outlook software you are using is outdated and hence results in freezing of the email manager.
  • A glitch in the Office programs can cause issues with the Outlook.
  • Your Outlook profile can get corrupt which is why it is not performing.
  • Your Windows Firewall is blocking Outlook.
  • Use of a third-party antivirus can cause such issues.
  • Damaged data files of Outlook sometimes freezes the software while you try to open it.
  • Outlook, not opening can occur suddenly if there is a fault in your internet connection. Check the connection in such cases.

Easy Ways To Solve Outlook Not Opening Issue

We understand that you are in a terrible situation when your Outlook does not respond. A large section of your work is based on Outlook. So, here is something for your benefit. You can now solve your problem on your own that too by sitting at your home. Follow the steps after you have detected the issue.

Check The Internet Connection

An issue with the network can often lead to malfunctioning of online software. This can be solved by checking the sources of connection. Analyze the Ethernet cables if they are in good condition or not. This is because they are the primary carrier of internet data to you. If your system is connected through a router, check whether the router is working or not. You can do this either by replacing it with a dummy router or by directly connecting your internet cable to the LAN driver.

Terminate the Outlook.exe Process

  1. Press the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” keys together from your keyboard to open the “Task Manager” of your system.
  2. The Task Manager opens. Switch to the “Processes” tab to search the specific Outlook.exe process.
  3. After you locate the “Outlook.exe” process, right-click on that and hit “End Process” or you can simply click the “End Process” button at the bottom.
  4. The Outlook process will terminate.
  5. Now, Restart your computer and start the Outlook process again.

Check SMTP Servers And POP3 Names

Check the names of the SMTP servers you are using and also the POP3 servers, whether they are correct or not. Then, you need to monitor the outgoing SMTP ports. If the names are changed then contact email provider for the correct settings. Then, verify the correct name and change Settings if required.

Disable Firewall

  1. Go to the “Control Panel” from the Start button.
  2. Click the “Windows Firewall” from the Control Panel window.
  3. The Windows Firewall window opens. Then, you have to select the option “Turn off Windows Firewall” and click on OK.

Terminate The Process Outlook.exe

  1. Press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” simultaneously from your keyboard to open the Task Manager.
  2. Then, select “Start Task Manager”.
  3. Shift to the “Processes” tab.
  4. Locate the “Outlook.exe” process.
  5. Right-click on the process and click on “End Process”.

Disable The Outlook Add-ins

  1. Go to the “File” tab from the Outlook.
  2. Then, select “Options”.
  3. After that, click on “Add-ins”.
  4. Click “Go” and uncheck all add-ins.

Create A New User Profile

If none of the above fixes work, then you can create a new Outlook profile.

  • Close Outlook. Pick one of the accompanyings: In Windows 10, pick Start. Type Control Panel and press Enter. Pick User Accounts > Mail > Show Profiles. In Windows 8, open the Apps menu, pick Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles. In Windows 7, pick Start > Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles.
  • Pick Add, and in the Profile Name box, type a profile name, and after that pick OK.
  • Enter an email address and a secret word for the essential email account you use in Outlook and afterward stroll through the means to make the profile.
  • When the profile is made, on the Show Profiles exchange, pick Prompt for a profile to be utilized. Begin Outlook and pick your new profile.

Update The Operating System

Updating the Operating System might fix the problem. Before updating the OS, make sure the internet connection is strong enough to execute the process. Click the Start button on the taskbar and type “Settings” in your search box. The Settings menu will pop up. Then, you have to select the “Windows Settings” option.

In the “Windows Settings” option, click on the “Update & Security” option to Update the Operating System. Now, wait for the computer to update the Operating System completely. After that, restart your machine and see if the issue persists or not.

Scan Your PC Properly

First of all, buy a licensed antivirus. After that, use the product key to successfully install the antivirus in your system. Then, open the antivirus and run a full scan of your computer. It might take some time to completely scan your computer. After the scan is complete, the antivirus will give a report of the scan.

Then, you need to sort out the affected files which are in the system driver and the files in the other drives as well. Delete the files straightaway that is not in the system drive. If the system files are affected by the virus, you need to move them to the Quarantine. Now, the problem of Black Screen will be resolved.

Hope these fixes will help you out with the Outlook not opening issue. In case of any other queries, you can always leave a comment.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa