A Complete Guide To Solve iTunes Error -39

iTunes is a complete package of entertainment. With iTunes, you can organize and play your favorite music and video. You can also download unlimited songs from Apple Music. Other than that, you can find films, TV programmes, audiobooks, and free podcasts from the iTunes store along with a lot more features. With its latest features, iTunes also comes with frequent minor problems and errors. If you are an iTunes user for a long time, then we are sure that you hear about the error code 39. So, if you didn’t hear about it, then don’t worry we are here to help you with it. Today we will teach you everything about the iTunes error-39 and give you a proper guide to solve it.

Is iTune Error 39 Is A Major Problem?

iTunes error 39 is not a serious problem at all, this error often appears during an iOS update or during the deleting photos and videos from the device. Fixing the hardware can be the solution to it in some cases but not all the time but in other cases, you have to solve the software related problems to resolve iTunes error 39.

Method To Fix The iTunes Error -39

There are few safe and easy method is available which can completely remove the problem of error 39. The methods depend on the platform and causes. So, read carefully the whole process and then choose which one is appropriate to resolve your problem. So, without wasting time let’s see which methods are available for you.

Checking The iTunes Version

Before checking anything else you have to check your iTunes software or web accelerators because iTunes error -39 can be also caused by outdated software. To fix the problem you have to download the latest version from the internet, visit  apple.com/itunes/download/ to check if you have the latest version or not. If you already have the latest version in your device, then try to disable or uninstall the web accelerator software. Doing it can also fix the problem for you, once its done restart your device to solve the problem.

In case if you dont know how to update iTunes from the device then follow the below steps:

  • Launch the iTunes from the Mac or Windows device.
  • After opening it, locate the menu bar from the top of the screen.
  • Then, choose the iTunes from the list scroll down a little. You will find a Check for Updates button, click on it.
  • Once you press the button, it will automatically search the latest version for you and download for you.
  • After downloading just follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest version of iTunes.

Remove The Photo Cache Folder

Many online reviews claim that removing the photo cache solve the error 39 completely that we also decide to use this method to solve the problem. This particular method has different steps depending on the platform. That’s why we will learn it one by one for easy adaptation.

For Mac User:

If you sync from iPhotos or Aperture library, then you have to find the Photo Cache folder in the default location, for Mac user. To find the folder you have to go to the Finder menu and choose  

Go > Home. Then, from the Picture folder find the Photos Library, iPhoto Library, and Aperture Library file. Once you find them right click on it and choose the Package Contents.

Then, select the content of iPod Photo Cache or Apple TV Photo Cache and drag it to the Recycle Bin to remove them (Always do this carefully, if you Change or remove any other file accidentally, then it can corrupt the photo library or in some cases result in a data loss problem). After completing the step, you can close the Window and check if the problem is still there or not.

Please note it down that deleting the above mention folder won’t affect your original photos anyway. The moment you remove them, the cache folder will be automatically restored. The only thing you have to do is sync the original photos again with the iDevice.

For Windows User:

In the case of the Windows, you have to search in the hard drive to find the Photo Cache folder or Apple TV Photo Cache folder. To find it, go to the device’s Home screen and open the search option to type “iPod Photo Cache” or “Apple TV Photo Cache,” and search it.

You will get a list of search result, select the appropriate one from the search result and choose all of its content and drag it to the Recycle Bin (Always do this carefully, if you Change or remove any other file accidentally, then it can corrupt the photo library or in some cases result in a data loss problem). After completing the whole method, reset the device once and then check if the problem is still there or not.

Updating The Operating System

This method can use almost all type of error of iTunes. Because when you update your iTunes to the latest version at that time you also need to update your operating system. Latest iTunes software sometime requires a higher operating system. That’s why when you try to run it on old operation system it causes the various problem like error code 39. That’s why it is always recommended to update the Operating System at the latest version when you are updating the iTunes. To update or check the Operating System follow the instruction below.

Mac User:

At first, open the App Store and select the Toolbar. After that, you have to open the Updates option to see if there any Update is available or not. If you find an Update for your Mac, then click on it. It will download the file automatically. Once its done follow the install instruction to complete the whole process.

Windows 10 User:

If you are a Windows 10 user, then click on the Windows icon from the bottom left corner. Then, choose the Setting option from the available Menu. After that, from the new window, click on the Update and Security option. Once you have done that select the Windows Update from the left panel and choose Advanced Option. In the end, select Automatic (Recommended) to complete the checking and updating process.

After updating the Operating System for both platforms you have to restart your device once. Then, check if the problem is solved or not. If the problem is still giving you problem then follow the next step.

Checking The Security Software And Some Related Stuff

Sometimes your anti-virus software also causes conflict between the iTunes and Apple’s servers. But most of the cases the main problem is caused by malware. So, Apple blocks their network connection from the iTunes for safety reason. Other than the above two reasons, another possible cause can be outdated security software. So, instead of using a different method for these three different causes, We decide to provide you with one single method two checks all of them at once. To follow the method, check the below step and after completing each step check the status of the problem.

  • Update the Firewall or Anti-Virus
  • Then, Run a Full Scan of your device to check if there is any malware or Virus is affecting your device or not.
  • After the Scan, if the problem still occurs, then disable the Firewall or Anti-Virus.

If the problem solves, then you can stop the method there and no need to follow the rest of the step. If the problem still their after completing the whole process then follow the next step.

Restarting The Device

It is also reported that small error in your device can cause interruption between the iTunes and Apple connection. To solve this type of small error you have shut down your device. Then, wait a few minutes so that your device can completely cool down. Otherwise, a quick restart can cause some startup problem in your device. After waiting for few seconds start your device again and check for the problem status.

Restore The System (For Windows 10)

If the all above methods didn’t help you can restore the device to one of its restore points. The latest systems most of the time create a restore point at the moment you install something. So if you restore your device to a point which is created before the problem occurs due to some error or sometimes similar to them, then there is a high chance that the iTunes Error 39 Problem will be also solved when you use this method.

Unplugging The External Device

Error 39 iTunes can also cause by some plugged in external device. Even though there is no proven evidence but to be on the safe side, you can also unplug them and see if the problem is caused by them or not.

Apple Customer Care

If the above methods fail to help you anyway, then the last resort is available for you is contacting the customer care of the iTunes and hope for the best.

To Sum Up

These are some of the easy yet effective methods that are available to resolve the problem. Hope it will also be able to help you with the iTunes Error -39. For any further queries, you can leave a comment below. We will be pleased to help you. In case you have any effective solutions, then please let us know. Thank you for reading this article.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa