Easy Methods Of Solving iTunes Error 0xE8000065

iTunes is a mobile device management application by Apple and is suitable for both the Windows as well as Mac Operating System. However, iTunes error 0xE8000065 is a common and one of the most irritating problems faced by its users. And this happens at the time of connecting the iPhone with the Windows Operating System based computer. Here, from this article, you will be able to learn the workable methods of solving error 0xE8000065.

When you are stuck with this error code, then you will be visiting a window with a message as below. “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occured (0xE8000065)”.

Methods To Resolve iTunes Error 0xE8000065

If you are facing an iTunes error code 0xE8000065, then go for the solving methods described below.

Method 1: Restart The Computer And The iPhone

If you are using your iPhone for a long period of time without turning off, then this can be a reason for this error code. And for solving this issue, you need to turn off your device and keep it in rest at least for half an hour. After that, turn your device on. To do both the turning on and off process, you need to press and hold the power switch for a required time period.

After completing this task, if you are still getting the same error message, then try to reboot your computer device. As both the iPhone and the computer starts, try to connect these two to check this problem’s status.

Method 2: Update Windows And iTunes

If you are using an outdated version of Windows and iTunes, then this might result in the iTunes error 0xE8000065. So, it is always better to use an updated version of Windows and iTunes to stay out of this type of problems. And if you are already facing this issue, then try to update both the available updated version of Windows and iTunes. By doing this process, you can solve this error code from your device.

Method 3: Stop Apple Services In Windows Task Manager

By stopping the services related to Apple in the Windows Operating System, iTunes error 0xE8000065 can be fixed. And for doing this at first open the Task Manager window. And to do this, keep one of your fingers on the Ctrl key and the other two on Alt and Delete. On doing this the Task Manager window will get open. Now, by using this window, you can see all the currently running tasks of your computer device. Then, click on the End process box by selecting all the Apple related services one by one.

The processes which you need to stop are includes- a) iTunesHelper.exe; b) AppleMobileDeviceService.exe; and c) iPodServices.exe. After ending all these processes, it is better to restart your computer device. Now, check if this problem gets fixed. Otherwise, try the next method.

Method 4: Update The Antivirus

As every software get updates day by day, so you also need to update the antivirus of your system. Because in many of the cases it is seen that due to an outdated version of Antivirus software, this type of error happens. So, if you are getting iTunes error 0xE8000065, then better to update the security software you are using and check if this process solves the issue.

Hope you are not getting any trouble to understand all these above methods. Try to apply all these steps one after the other until you get the appropriate solutions for iTunes error 0xE8000065.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa