How To Solve Error Code -36 Mac – Simple Guide

Mac OS X is one of the most confined Operating Systems in the world. It is simple and great to use but it can only be found inside the Apple devices. With the Mac OS X  Apple also has confined its users inside the Apple ecosystem. It has all the facilities, all the perks, and all the advantages but you also need to pay an extra for it. Apple products are very powerful and very expensive as well therefore many peoples try to avoid them and move on to any other platform.

Apart from that, Apple’s product and it’s OS also have best security options in it. Many peoples like businessmen, corporate employees, content creators, etc. prefer Mac OS X due to this feature. However, even with the best security options, it is not fully safe from bugs and errors. So, in this article, we are going to discuss one such error. It is known as Error Code -36 Mac.

Reason For The Error Code -36 Mac

The main reason behind this error is the file format. In the MacOS X file format of a USB drive, HDD, SDD matters and users need to label it into the correct format. If not then they will face different problem regarding booting, file transferring etc. And one of the examples of those problems is Error Code -36 Mac.

This error only hits the user during file transferring. It happens due to the “dot-underscore ” files. It is created under the MacOS X’s HFS + filesystem creator when the files got shifted to FAT16 or FAT 32 volumes.

These “dot-underscore” hidden files contain extra date into them even though they share the same file name as the original. You can also observe this transition when you move a file from Windows OS to MacOS X and then bring back to the Windows OS. That transition later describe by the MacOS X as “Error Code -36”

This is a rare issue but not an unsolved one. That is why we have provided some methods to solve this error.

Resolve The Error Code -36 In No Time

To solve this issue, you need to run a simple dot_clen utility which will help you to delete the hidden ” dot_undesocre” files which are present inside of your HDD, Flash drive, memory card, etc.

That way, to remove this hidden ” dot_undesocre” files you need to launch the Terminal which is present inside the Utilities. To open the Utilities, you need to go to the Application section with the help of the Finder.

Now on the Terminal, you need to type “dot_clean” and then put a single space. Then, drag the memory device you want to clean on it. After that action, a proper file syntax will get added with the Terminal. And then you need to hit the Enter key.

After that, all the hidden “dot_undesocre” files will get deleted and you can start moving or copying your files again. Now you can use the same method for any folder, file or date that is affected by the hidden ” dot_undesocre” files.

But keep it in mind that this solution is just a tempory fix and the permanent solution for this error/bug can only be provided by Apple itself. And Apple has taken this error into its notice and they are working on a patch to fix it.


We hope that this article was able to help you regarding the Error Code -36 on Mac and we will continue to provide you with more information on it on our future articles.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa