How to Solve Epson Error Code 0x97?

Printers are one of the most innovative modern technologies. When it comes to multi-function printers, Epson is without a doubt the best in the market. Even though these are among the most popular printers, but they are not completely problem-free. So, today we will discuss one common problem which is Epson printer error code 0x97. So, if you are also facing the same issue and don’t know what to do, then follow the rest of the article carefully to get a complete guide on the Epson error code 0x97.8

What Causes Epson Error Code 0x97?

Apparently, Epson error code 0x97 notification occurs when there is some issue with the printer’s hardware. This error notification pops up mainly for two reasons, one is motherboard failure and the second one is internal component malfunctions. There are also some other reasons which can trigger the problem.

Moreover, this error appears at any time without any warning or signs. When it does, your printer will need a restart. Now, the majority of the victims of this problem are those who use old models of  Epson printer. So, we can assume that Epson error code 0x97 appears for the outdated or broken component.

Some other common reasons are:

  • A loose wire
  • Faulty components such as broken printhead or spooler
  • An outdated Printer Driver

Possible Fixes of Epson Error Code 0x97

As we mentioned above, fixing the hardware is impossible for a user.  But if you are facing the problem for other reasons, such as outdated Printer Driver or faulty components, then there are some easy hacks available for you which can solve the error instantly. So, without wasting any more time, let’s check them out.

Method 1: Check the Wires and Connection

Most of the times, user face Epson error code 0x97 due to a loose or faulty connection. Thus, remove all the wires from your computer and Epson printer. Then, reconnect them to their appropriate places. If there are a loose connection or setup issues, then applying the above step will fix the problem. But, if the problem is associated with the faulty USB port, then you have to repair that port.

Method 2: Clean the Printhead

If you didn’t use the printer for a long time or if you use cheap quality ink, then the printer’s nozzle gets blocked by dry ink or small particles. So, in this case, you have to clean the Printhead. You can do that manually or automatically. So, choose any one of them to continue:

Manual Process

Now, if you are interested to clean the printhead manually, then wear a pair of latex gloves to keep your hands safe and start.

  • Open the cartridge cover and take out the printhead.
  • Now, put two layers of paper towels in the bottom to protect sensitive sprayer heads of the printer. Then, splash solvent on the printheads using a tablespoon or syringe.
  • Now, clean the printheads carefully without touching any of the holes, screens, or sprayer heads.
  • Finally, dry up the printheads by blowing compressed air.

After completing the above steps, wrap the printheads on a clean paper towel for half an hour. Once it’s done, reinstall printheads and cartridges in their place.

Automatic Process:

  • At first, load plain white paper in the input tray.
  • Then, click the button next to the Setup icon in the lower-left corner of the Control Panel of the Epson printer.
  • After that, use the Right Arrow key to select Tools, and then click OK.
  • Next, use the Right Arrow key to select Clean Printhead, and once again press OK. Once you do that, the printer will start the automatic cleaning process.

Method 3: Disconnect and Reconnect the Printer

To proceed with this method, make sure you have the printer’s manual with you. There are two ways in which you can perform the task. If the first one does not work for you, then proceed with the second one and fix the issue.

Way 1:

  • At first, open the printer’s control panel from your computer. Then, select the Cancel All Document option.
  • Now, turn off your printer and unplug all the USB cables and other jacks. Make sure your printer is completely disconnected from your PC.
  • Next, open the printer case and look for any jammed papers. If you find any such things, remove them right now.
  • After that, remove all the cartridges and press the power button to discharge any residual current in the printer.
  • Once the above process is complete reinstall the printer cartridges in its place.
  • Now, reconnect all the USB, power cables to and connect with your computer. Finally, print any random document to check the status of the problem.

Way 2:

  • At first, press the power button of your printer to turn it off. And then, remove all the cables which are attached to the printer.
  • Now, wait for at least five minutes.
  • Now, press the power button and hold it for one minute. At the same time, plug in the power cable into the printer without releasing the power button.
  • After plugging in the cable into your printer, keep on pressing the Power button for another minute.
  • Then, release the power button and connect your printer to the computer.
  • Next, plug in all the other cables and check if you are still getting the Epson printer error code 0x97 or not.

Method 4:  Update the Printer Driver

If none of the above methods solve the problem for you, then your last option will be updating the Printer Driver. If you don’t know how to update the driver, then follow the guide carefully.

Change Driver Configuration

  • At first, turn on your Windows device and then open the Start Menu.
  • Now, locate and open the Control Panel. After that, click ‘View devices and printers’ option under the ‘Hardware and Sound’ settings.
  • Next, select your Epson printer, right-click on it and select the Properties option.
  • Now, from the new window, select the Advanced tab and click on the Print Processor.
  • From the Print Processor window, open the WINPRINT and make sure RAW is selected under the default data type. Once you confirm it, press OK.
  • After that, go back to the Advanced tab to uncheck ‘Keep printed document’. Press the Apply button to save the changes.
  • After completing the above changes in the Advanced tab, open the General Tab and click Print Test Page.

Update the Printer Driver

  • Go back to the Control Panel window and change the View type as Category.
  • After that, click on the ‘System and Security’ option and then open the ‘Devices and Printers’.
  • Now, select your Epson printer and right click on it to choose Update Driver from the drop-down. Here, you will get two options to update the driver. First one is, Search automatically for updated driver software and second on is Browse my computer for driver software. Choose whichever is preferable for you.

After successfully completing the process, restart both your computer and an Epson printer and then try to print a page to check the status of the problem.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, after using these hacks and tricks, you will be able to resolve the Epson error code 0x97 on your own. If we have overlooked any method, then please let us know. If you are still facing the same problem, then contact the manufacturer.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa