A Comprehensive Guide to Solve Canon Printer Error 6000


Canon printers are one of the best selling products in the market. These printers let the users print with the finest quality color picture with exact detailing.  With Canon printers, the users can print the document with crystal clear words. Also, these printers come with Wi-fi and other latest technology. But like other electrical products, Canon printers also have some error which gives the problem to the users now and then. One of the very common error code of Canon printer is Canon printer error 6000. If you ever encounter these errors in your Canon printers, then you should try to find out the best possible ways to fix this problem for you. You can easily get the best fixes in this article.

Common Reasons for the Occurence of Canon Printer Error code 6000:


There can be many possible factors which can cause the Canon printer error code 6000. Down below we have mentioned some of the common reasons for the problem.

Paper Jam

One of the major factors behind this problem is the paper jam. When the paper feed tray of your printer doesn’t open or get blocked by paper pieces, then you will get the notification of error code 6000 in your device screen.

Incorrectly Fitted Tray

Another most common source of the problem is an incorrectly fitted tray. It can be possible that in hurry, you put the tray in the printer in a wrong way. For this reason, the printer fails to function properly and lead to a pop-up notification of error code 6000.

Multiple Commands at Same Time

It can be possible that you’re in a hurry and want to do a lot of printing quickly. At that time, if you try to give several paper print commands at a single time, then your printer will be unable to load the work pressure and will be crashing down. When this happens, you will get this error notification in your device.

Line Feed Related Problem

Line feed is computer code or button on the printer that instructs the printer to move down one line. When this line feed get scratched or smeared or any kind of defect arises in-line feed sheet, at that time, this error code occurs in the device.


Sensor Problem

Lots of latest Canon printers come with advanced sensor technology to make the work easier for the users. When any kind of slight defect arises in those sensor units, then your device starts showing Canon printer error 6000.

Few Simple Tips and Tricks to Resolve Canon Error 6000:


You don’t have to be a computer repair expert to solve this Canon error 6000. There are a few small tricks which can you use to solve the problem as soon as possible. Just follow the instructions one-by-one:


Method 1: Reset or Restart the Printer


The first thing you can do when the problem arises is restarting the device to see if the error fixes automatically or not. To do that, you have to follow the simple steps mentioned below. You should do it as soon as possible so that your device doesn’t get harm by the process.


  • At first, unplug your printer from the power source and leave it for few minutes in rest. You should do this so that your printer doesn’t get affected because of the quick restart.
  • After a few minutes, plug the power cable in the power source and switch on the printer.
  • When it’s done, press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • Then, press the Stop button twice.
  • When the above process is done, repeat the whole thing one or two times again.

The only thing you have to keep in mind during the repeating process is that you should release button slowly. Then, press the Stop button four times

If you follow the above method perfectly, then your problem will be automatically solved. If the error code notification still there, even after the using above method, then you can follow the next method.

Method 2: Repair Line Feed


If the Canon printer error code 6000 occurs due to scratched and smeared line feed, then just clean the LF and EJ slit film with a non-corrosive solution. This will undoubtedly solve the problem for you.

Method 3: Remove Jammed Object


Some time stuck particle in LF drive also causes this problem. So, if you can just identify the object which caused the jam, then you need to remove it carefully to solve the problem easily.

Method 4: Replace Defective Part


If the above methods are not working for you, then it can be possible that an outdated part or a defective part of the printer is causing the problem. Some defective part which commonly causes this type of error is LF/EJ slit film, timing sensor unit, logic board, paper feeder motor and paper feed roller unit. So, just identify the part which is problematic or which is creating a problem and replace it with a new part. This will solve the problem for you.

Hope this article has helped you a lot in solving the problem related to Canon printer error code 6000. If you fail to solve this error on your own or finding difficulty in following the above steps, then without a second thought, go to the service center to diagnosis the whole printer accurately. They will be glad to help you. Also, this is the best and easiest way to eliminate this particular error.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa