Total Guide to Solve Acer Laptop White Screen Problem and Other Display Issues

Acer Laptop is one of the leading laptop brands in the market. But, like all other laptop brands, Acer also has few problems with their devices. One of the common topics that the Acer users search on the internet is ‘Acer laptop white screen problem’. So, today we have come up to let you know the methods if you are unsure about the white screen problem on your Acer laptop as well as the screen problems in general. Hence, without wasting any more time let’s dig into the topic.

Different Display Related Problems of Acer Laptop and their Solutions

Acer laptop can show various types of display problems which can be caused by many reasons. It’s not uncommon in laptop especially if you are using it for a long time. You can easily fix them by visiting the Acer laptop service centre. But, if you want to perform the test yourself to find the problem, then you have to follow the below methods.

Blank Display Problem

The most common display problem is the “White screen” or in other words “No display problem”. There is a lot of reason which can cause this problem, but luckily we have many troubleshooting methods to eliminate all the problem. But before that, you have to confirm some parameters after turning on the device:

  • If the power icon is lighting up or not
  • If the hard disk in running
  • Try to see or hear if the fan is spinning

This way you will be able to confirm if you are really experiencing a “No display problem” or just any other startup problems. There are two main reasons which cause the Acer laptop blank screen problem if the Motherboard has faulty hardware parts, secondly, if the LCD or LED is broken. So, after confirming the other parameters are working and identifying that which one causing the problem, the only thing is left is choosing the proper methods from below to remove the problem (Depending on the Cause)

Checking the Display

The first thing you should do is checking the laptop screen to confirm if the problem lies with the laptop screen or not. This you can easily do just by connecting the laptop to an external display (Ex- PC Monitor). Then, turn on your device again if it shows a boot up on the external screen then the problem definitely causing by the display screen. Defective LED and LCD screen can be easily repaired. If it’s under warranty period, then we will always advise you to repair it from the service centre rather than doing it yourself. In case if not under the warranty period, then you can try to do it yourself.

But, before starting the process you have to go to the certified laptop part dealers with your defective laptop (in case you don’t know the specification of your LCD or LED screen) to buy a new replacement screen for your laptop.

After buying a new screen you can follow the below step to start the replacement process of your defecting LCD or LED screen. But keep in mind that you have to be very careful when you are following the below process otherwise it can lead to more serious damage to your laptop and we will be not responsible for any kind of damage or injury during the process. So, follow the steps on your own risk:

  • At first, turn off your laptop
  • Then, remove the power supply, battery and every type of external connection
  • Now, examine the screen bezel and locate the screws to open them.
  • Once you open all the screw carefully remove the bezel
  • Then, remove the defective LCD or LED screen. (Detach all the cable and wiring connected to the defective screen)
  • Next, install the replacement screen and connect all the wiring.
  • Now, place the battery and power supply to turn your laptop on and test the screen before setting the bezel at its place.
  • If everything goes right, then set all the thing back on its place.

This process will surely fix your No display problem if it’s related to the screen but as we mentioned before that you have to extra careful during the whole process.

Checking BIOS

If anyhow the above process didn’t solve your problem, then the next thing you should look for is your Acer laptop’s BIOS. To check the BIOS and reset it (if needed) you have to follow the below steps:

  • Like before you have to turn off the laptop and then unplug all the attach external device and power sully
  • Then, remove the battery
  • After removing the battery you have press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to deplete its complementary metal-oxide semiconductor in other word CMOS battery
  • Once it’s done plug the power cable in without inserting the battery and then, turn on the laptop.

Following the above method will completely reset your laptop’s bios. If the problem lies in the BIOS, then this method is definitely going to work for you. And after resetting the BIOS, you can insert the battery in to use it like before. But, if this process also didn’t work for you, then follow the next method.

Checking the RAM

The most number of blank display problem caused by faulty RAM. That means your memory chip is either dirty or broken and needs replacement. But don’t worry fixing this problem is a child’s play. To solve the RAM issue just follow the steps which follow:

  • Turn off your Acer laptop
  • Remove the power supply and external connection
  • Then, remove the battery
  • Now locate the RAM access cover (Mostly found at the back of the laptop)
  • After locating the RAM cover, unscrew all the joint and remove the memory chip carefully
  • Then, clean the chips but be careful when you are cleaning the gold part of the chips.
  • Once the cleaning is done you have to put it back in place and turn on the laptop to check if everything is working right or not.

If your Acer laptop has two memory chips and it’s not working after cleaning, then you have to perform a test using one chip and one memory slot at a time.

  • At first select one slot to use one of your memory chip then turn on your laptop if the problem still remains then use the other slot to use the same chip and turn on the device.
  • If it still fails to use another memory chip to repeat the above step to continue the test.

If the problem gets fixed after you have gone through the following steps, then that will mean that one of the memory chip is faulty which was causing the problem. But, if the following test didn’t get a positive result, then you can further continue the test by borrowing a working chip to do the above steps.

If it works on your laptop, then you need to buy new exact RAM or an upgraded version if it supports in your laptop.

Replacing the Motherboard or Graphics Processing Unit

If your problem still remains after using the above three methods then there is a high chance that the actual problem lies in the Graphics Processing Unit or Motherboard then you can’t do anything on your own. You have to bring your laptop to the repair centre or you can just buy a new unit to replace the faulty one.

Acer Laptop White Screen Problem

There are various methods available for Acer Laptop white screen problem, so we will discuss the most useful methods among them. Use any one or all of them to find and eliminate the problem.

Running the sfc/scannow command

Sfc/scannow is a common solution for various Windows system related problem. It deeply scans into your laptop system and found out the errors, also it will give you the perfect solution to fix the problem. So if a system error is causing the problem then there is a chance that this process will also work for the white screen problem. So, if you want to use it, then follow the below process.

  • Open the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows Key + R Key and open the Command Prompt by typing cmd on it.
  • When the Command Prompt open you have to enter the sfc/scannow command and press enter. It will start deep scanning of the system and fix the problem if possible.
  • When the scanning and fixing process is finished restart your computer to see if the problem is still there or not.

Remove the malicious software

Sometimes malware or virus can also cause the white screen problem. To remove them you need to use a licensed antivirus. But, if it’s too late to open the laptop normally, then you can take the help of Safe Mode. To enter the Safe Mode you have to follow the step below

  • Restart your laptop several time to activate the safe mode of your laptop
  • Once the safe mode is activated you will get a panel of option in the device screen. From the screen, you have to click on the Troubleshoot option
  • After that, you have to go to the Advanced options and then Startup Settings
  • After that, again restart your device. Once it’s done you will get a new list of option, there choose the Safe Mode with Networking by pressing the appropriate key.
  • Once it’s done your system will be ready to check for the malware.

Resetting the Bios

If anyhow the above process didn’t work then turn off the laptop and then unplug all the attach the external device and power supply, then remove the battery. After removing the battery, you have to press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to deplete its complementary metal-oxide semiconductor battery. Once it’s done Plug the power cable in without inserting the battery and turn on the laptop.

Following the above method will completely reset your laptop’s BIOS. If the problem lies in the BIOS, then this method gonna definitely gonna work for you. And after resetting the BIOS you can insert the battery in to use it like before. But, if this process also didn’t work for you, then follow the next method.

Modifying the Registry

Sometimes due to some unknown error or malware modify the registry of the Acer laptop which causes the laptop white screen problem. To solve this problem you have to open the safe mode and then have to find the problem to remove that. To do this you have to follow the below instructions:

  • At first, you have to enter the Safe Mode using the same method from the above “Remove the Malicious Software” subhead
  • Once the Safe Mode activated you have to press Windows Key + R Key to open the Run dialogue box. Once it’s done you have to write regedit and click on the Ok button.
  • After that Registry Editor windows will open.
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

to select the Winlogon from the left panel. When you do that will see some files and folder in the right panel. Find the Shell string with the value explorer.exe, delete it from that menu. Once you have done that a confirmation dialog will appear to choose Yes to complete the process.

After that, you have to restart your Acer laptop to see if the problem is there or not

Few Extra Methods

Other than above methods there are also a few other methods are available which we pick up from the internet, some of those methods we already explained under the “Blank Display Problem“ subhead. So instead of repeating the process, we will just point out the methods name

  • Checking the Drivers
  • Use System Restore
  • Checking the Graphics Card
  • Connect the laptop to a different Laptop or PC

Some online review also claims that pressing  Ctrl + Alt + Delete and enter the password blindly also fixed the problem but we can’t confirm it.

Spots or Line Problem

If your laptop’s screen has some lines or has dots then it can be caused by the wedged or trapped pixels. So, to fix it the first thing you can do is try to press it (Just give enough pressure to alter the display) because applying pressure on it will free the pixels and the dark spot and lines will disappear with it.

But, if this method does not work for you, then that means the display screen got damaged by somehow and need a replacement.

Weak Display Problem

Another common problem with Acer laptop display is weak or dimmed screen. To fix this type of problem the first thing you make to clear is if your laptop’s brightness is at your recommended level or not. If it’s already at max level, then you can check the below methods to see if it has fixed your problem or not

  • The first thing you can try is opening and closing the lid because most of the time laptop just lagged if your system a lot off the apps and other stuff or it’s an old system. Also, sometimes the lid switch got stuck so manually closing and opening will fix the issue sometime.
  • Other than the manually opening and closing, you can also try to do a quick reboot or restart because this problem sometimes caused by a minor error by the system so after a full booting process the problem can be solved.

If the above process didn’t help you to clear the problem, then it can be a hardware problem like inverted backlight or even a broken cable. If that’s is the case then you have to go to the Acer service centre. Because changing a broken cable or backlight is 10 times harder than replacing a screen. without a perfect tool and method, it can destroy the expensive circuit board. Not to mention the lamp contain harmful mercury and lead glass which is brittle so without the proper tool it can electrocute you.

Distorted Screen Problem

If your Acer laptop screen is showing color pattern incorrectly or your display is divided and jumping, then it is causing by a defective Graphics Processing Unit. In this case, you can’t do anything. You need to give this laptop to your service center for repair. If you are thinking about replacing the GPU then keep in mind that Graphics Processing Units are always connected with a motherboard.  So, if you try to replace in a wrong way and without a proper tool, then it can damage the motherboard, which will cost you more than a GPU replacement.

To Wrap It Up

This is all for today. Even though we have explained the method to identify and fix the problem from home but we will always recommend fixing your Acer laptop screen problem from the nearest Acer service center. Because without proper skill and knowledge if you try to fix a laptop, then it can do bigger damage to the device. Hope you liked the topic “Total Guide to Solve Acer Laptop White Screen problem and other Display Issues”. If you have any questions related to the topic, then you can directly contact us. We will be glad to help you. Thank you for reading this article

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa