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Acer Chromebook Not Charging: Easy Ways To Fix

A Chromebook is a resilient and sturdy machine that can be extremely handy and can complete your work anytime. Sometimes the users may find problems with software or with the hardware. There is a chance that your Chromebook will not be charged soon if it gets fully discharged. Even if you charge the battery for 1 hour, the battery is fixed at 1% and soon the laptop runs out and shuts down. Generally, this issue appears when the Chromebook may “forget” about the connection between the cardboard and the battery. Sometimes, this issue occurs when the power adapter and charging port are damaged. If you are facing the Acer Chromebook not charging issue on your device, then you should focus on this article. As in this passage, we will highlight all the points that have been associated with the Acer Chromebook. So check out:

Two Easy Procedures to Fix the Acer Chromebook Battery Not Charging

Suppose you are up to something really important work by using the Acer Chromebook but you cannot perform. Nothing can be worse than that right? You should be frustrated and try to get rid of this irritating issue as early as possible. Good news for you because in the below section we have discussed two really easy procedures to fix this issue on your Acer Chromebook.

Procedure 1 – Reset The Chromebook Hardware

You must reset your hardware on your Chromebook before you can resolve your payment issue. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

Firstly, you need to turn off the Chromebook.

Step 2  

Then, you have to press together the refresh button and power button. After doing that, turn on your Chromebook and then check the problem will fix. If the problem is still there, then manually remove the battery from the Chromebook and then put it again.

Step 3   

After doing this, turn on your Chromebook and plug in the Chromebook, and then check the problem should be resolved.

Procedure 2 – Use The Recovery Mode

If the battery is still 1%, there is another solution that will help you to fix the issue on your device. Therefore, you have an Acer Chromebook, then this is a common problem. Here you can see how to fix that:

Step 1

At first, you need to put the Chromebook on recovery mode. In order to complete it, turn off the Acer Chromebook.

Step 2  

Next, hold together Esc + Refresh button. When you are holding these two buttons at the same time press the Power button. Now your Acer Chromebook will enter recovery mode.

Step 3

Once it is done, you can put the Chromebook on charging and shut down the lid.

Step 4

Wait a few hours to complete the charge. Once the Chromebook is fully charged, open the lid and on your Acer Chromebook. Now you can see your Chromebook is fully charged at 100%.

We hope, the above two methods are sufficient to fix the Acer Chromebook not charging issue on your device. Carefully, follow these steps one by one and do it in your Acer Chromebook. In case if you face any problem doing that, you can get in touch with us.

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