Short Video Trends to Increase Brand Value on Social Media

In the modern-day era, social media platforms are an effective and successful content marketing strategy by many small- and large- scale industries. 

The general online viewers have accepted videos on almost every topic. The audience’s engagement and acceptance of this content are substantiated by the ever-growing numbers of likes, shares, and comments. 

Video content has stormed the internet over the days. The video trends look like it would remain unchanged, and has considerable potential to consider for content marketers.

The numbers of such contents and creators have grown over the past few years, making it a practical tool to increase social media brand value.

Here is a breakdown of the best marketing tips that will help a person put up quality content to increase their brand value on the social media pages without worrying about the competition. 

Upload Platform Backed Videos:

For social media platforms like Facebook, uploading native videos will give a pleasing result. Social media platforms encourage videos that have meaningful content and a decent level of engagement. The native videos are more efficient and accurate compared to embedded URLs. 

The two reasons for the difference in performance between native videos and external linked videos are: 

  • Native videos do not need any manual approval to play that a user scrolls down. On the other hand, external embedded links like YouTube videos require manual support to start. 
  • Another reason is for the difference is that almost all social media platforms allow native videos to play. Therefore, allowing the user to enjoy videos within the UI environment. On the other hand, the external link of videos cannot be played on the source platform. It forces the user to leave the source platform to watch the video.

As per the above reasons, the native videos contribute a lot to elevate the viewer’s overall experience. Hence, many online businesses consider investing in native videos to increase their brand value.  

Importance of Short Videos: 

The focus of uploading a video should be the hand- audience engagement. It helps to adapt forming, short but content-rich videos for the views, which would, in the end, help the brand draw attention. It will also help in spreading brand awareness and improve the organic reach over social media platforms. 

Short videos trends are effective over social media platforms because of their bite-sized structuring. It is also known as easy to snack model. They are designed in a way to be time- saving but still informative altogether. 

Short videos have a large section of consumers and creators dedicated to them over the internet. The short video makers are vital for those who create content but do not have the patience to create a long video spending hours of time. This section of the people are eager to generate content over the internet without going out of their daily routine.  

How to Engage with Viewers:

Over this period, the human mindset and mentalities have changed. For example, people in the modern world will not like a hard-selling strategy. Despite liking it, they would get annoyed by the seller who would be pitching their service or product without caring about the customer interest or requirements. 

Just like that, traditional marketing tropes are like cold calls; television ads get a response like hard- selling strategy (in the above example). 

Instead of hard-selling tactics, businesses have taken up new online strategies to increase their brand value over a few years. They take the traffic over the internet to attract authentic and organic people to their brand. Therefore, growing brand value and brand awareness. 

Making short videos on the goods or services and then posting them over the social media platforms proved to help reach a wider audience range. 

Include Call to Action:

A business should follow the right strategy while embarking on the video marketing campaign over social media platforms. Despite other options, short videos continue to be a vital tool for social media marketing. 

Hence, the primary ambition of any business should be making quality and competent short videos. That would invite audience engagement over the internet. 

The short videos’ aim should be to encourage the audience to receive quality post engagement and circulate and share them. 

Leverage Current Assets:  

People get sceptical about producing daily social media content via video editors. Under such situations, many people put their assets and in their inventory. They use proper plans to convert their existing assets into compelling social media content effortlessly. 

There is another way, which includes the brands to hire professional guidance. 

It is already a reality that the videos’ content provides a more significant edge over regular marketing tropes over social media platforms. 

Posting content over social media platforms makes information easy to get at the audience’s convenience. It also provides the brands with a chance at better engagement with their customers. The social media platforms provide a large range of audiences to the brand to market and pitch their goods and services. 

These are the basic practices that will help grow over social media platforms. Social media marketing can prove very helpful if it is done rightly. 

3 Vital Tips for Social Marketing

Here are some tips which would help you understand social media marketing further: 

  • Cover the Basics: 

  1. First, perform a social media audit. 
  2. Ensure the logos, banners, bios, posting, and handles are consistent with the brand guidelines regularly. 
  3. The posting should be on a consistent schedule. It should make the content posted looked align with the feel and look of the brand. 
  • Extend the Visuals: 

  1. Write the visual brand guidelines that include font uses and colours. 
  2. Have a graphic template for any announcement. (but make sure it does not break the feel and visuals of the previous posts.). 
  3. Make videos and photos similar to the brand aesthetic and colour choice. The posts should seamlessly flow without contrasting each other. 
  • Create Marketing Personas: 

  1. Make many marketing personas and assign social media network
  2. Scan the different demographics of the networks
  3. Make content to match those persona’s

The Bottom Line

Contents of videos have dominated the top portion of consumers today. Proper use of social media and short videos can allow a brand to open a new door full of potential royal customers and increase its brand value and brand awareness. 

A long time ago, branding and marketing were focused on print media, broadcast ads, and newsletters. But soon after Facebook was launched, the power of social media platforms was acknowledged by the business world. Today social media platforms are a vital part of marketing. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa