3 Quick Ways To Resolve The Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate Issue

Even with the renowned brand name, Windows 10 brings up several problems which trouble the users. However, there are some issues which are challenging to troubleshoot. And, the users complain about one such critical issue saying that the Selected Boot Image Did not Authenticate. Now, such an error, like most other problems tends to stop most of the tasks that a user attempts to execute. In this way, the regular workflow gets hindered and perplexes the users even more. Once they see the error flashing, the immediate reaction is to seek solutions in order to troubleshoot it. But, before that, one must know some essentials regarding the problem itself.

Furthermore, this error is mainly related to upgrades and various driver updates. However, before heading to the solutions, make sure to read the following section which holds some essential information regarding the issue.

More About Selected Boot Image Did not Authenticate and Its Causes

This particular error flashes before the users on a blue strip with a black background. It appears immediately after restarting or hitting the Power button in order to boot. Now, if you press Enter, the computer system shuts down and eventually brings you back to the same screen. However, in basic terms, the problem indicates that a violation of some security protocol has taken place.

Secure boot is, basically, a technology in which the system firmware conducts an inspection and makes sure that the boot loader holds a sign with a cryptographic key which a database. Those databases are present in the firmware, authorizes. In order to protect and shield you from the changes in the system that can potentially induce harm to the computer system, the boot sequence is stashed and saved in this particular database. However, a violation of this protocol results in an insecure boot with the message Selected Boot Image Did not Authenticate on display.

The error code also indicates the missing of the boot loader information which, in turn, fails to load the Operating System. And, it is the boot loader itself which determines the presence of an Operating System on the drive. Now, in case the boot information fails to load, the procedure for authentication cannot take place or successfully complete. Due to malware invasion or after an update, the boot image tends to turn corrupt. Now, there exist viruses which can enter into the boot info thereby hindering a secure boot process. Also, the changes that take place due to an update tends to modify the boot info thereby hindering the process of startup.

Probable Reasons for the Error Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate to Appear

Any error alert in a computer system appears as a result of some malfunction in some software or conflict in the system. However, alterations and changes can take place due to several reasons. Such unfavorable alterations occur potentially because of installation and connection of new devices, upgrades, alterations in the Operating Systems, malware attack or even due to the changes in the system drivers.

3 Most Effective Ways to Troubleshoot the Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate Issue

Most perplexed users tend to seek solutions for treating errors the moment they encounter one. But, conducting repair procedures without knowing what the problem indicates and its causes doesn’t yield favorable results. In fact, the users may just keep on beating the bush. However, once you have had a thorough read of the potential causes and about the error itself, only then can you proceed to have them repaired.

The users report that the error message which displays before them saying that the Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate stops their tasks entirely. However, stick to the underlying methods which provide a wholesome guide for you to troubleshoot the problem without any hassle.

Procedure 1: Change from Secure Boot to Legacy Boot in the BIOS Settings

Altering the legacy boot tends to ignore the OS, as well as, the hardware changes and proceed to boot. In case, you are sure that the system fails to complete the start because of an invasion of malware, we suggest you skip to the third method directly. However, in this procedure, we show the way to disable the secure boot and then enable legacy support. In order to do this, the underlying dedicated steps aim to guide you thoroughly.

  • First, turn the computer system Off and keep it like that for a couple of minutes. Then, turn it On. But, there is more to it! Press the Power button to switch it On and then immediately keep on pressing the ESC button repeatedly, unless the Startup menu launches.
  • Once the menu shows up, proceed to press F10 in order to open the Setup for BIOS.
  • Then, employ the right arrow key in order to select the menu of the System Configuration. After that, use the down arrow key in order to select the Boot Option and then proceed to hit the Enter button.
  • Next, press the F10 in order to accept the alterations, and then employ the left arrow key for selecting ‘Yes’. Then, press Enter in order to Exit Saving Changes.

Now, system reboots automatically to Windows with the disabled Secure Boot and enabled legacy support. In this manner, one can easily troubleshoot the Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate issue. But, if this method fails to bring about a favorable outcome, then one must move on to the next procedure.

Procedure 2: Hard Reset the Computer System

In this process, we present the ways in which one can hard reset the system. And doing this reset all the configurations present on the BIOS, except the passwords. And, permit fresh OS configuration changes, as well as, hardware alterations on the next boot. In this way, you will be able to clear up all conflicting and contradictory configurations. However, without further delay, proceed to execute the underlying steps.

  • To begin with, power Off the computer system.
  • Then, unplug the cord of the AC adapter.
  • After that, remove the battery from the system.
  • Next, press and hold down the Power button for about 20 seconds in order to reset the hardware.
  • Now, as you power the system back On, proceed to tap on the F2 key. In this way, you can load the hardware diagnostics.
  • Finally, proceed to Run the startup evaluation. Doing this will test all the hardware present in the system and then will work to identify any problem.

In case, the evaluation report says clean, proceed to restart the system and then boot normally. This may solve the Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate issue comprehensively. But, if the system still fails to boot, a system repair is necessary.

Procedure 3: Repair Windows Employing System Recovery

If the last methods were a disappointment, this final procedure is sure to bring you the outcome you want. To do this, adhere to the following steps.

  • First, turn the system Off and then keep it like that for about a few minutes. Then, turn in back On. Once you have pressed the Power button, make sure to immediately press the ESC key that too repeatedly unless the Startup menu opens up.
  • Then, when the Startup menu is before you, proceed to the press F11 that takes you simply to the recovery console.
  • Next, therein, choose the option for Troubleshoot and then click on the Advanced Options. Then, proceed to click on Startup Repair. Finally, accept the procedure for repair. Then, proceed to Restart the PC.

This final step can yield you the desired outcome and troubleshoot the Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate completely. Therefore, it is vital to go through the steps carefully since all the methods involve certain critical procedures as well.

Wrapping up…

One can eradicate any complication that a system manifests and flashes before them. Some are critical while others are extremely easy. Whatever the situation may be, we always suggest trying your hands on the problem yourself. However, if the Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate error keeps on flashing even after attempting every step properly, taking the problem to an expert will solve it. Now, we suggest you keep this resort when nothing is working. In this way, professional guidance can eradicate the problem entirely with no hassle.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa