Look forward to the future, without fear about the safety of Excel electronic tables in Microsoft 365

In many cases, electronic tables in Microsoft Excel 365 represent higher importance than other documents, except, maybe, databases. What should you do, if one of such documents has suddenly become unopenable? Do you have a jedi friend, who can come, wave a sword and kick away evil forces from a precious Excel file in Microsoft 365? Yes, exactly this one, suddenly distributed by Microsoft on a subscription basis. Apparently, Bill Gates is too limited in funds.

To win this battle, there is no need to join the dark side (even if they have delicious cookies), just need to download Recovery Toolbox for Excel (https://excel.recoverytoolbox.com/). However, I should confide that the software is paid, therefore I advise trying something else first, who knows? Other ways were useless for me, but you may still have chances.

We do not have too many options here. I am not too lucky so I have managed to corrupt an *.xls workbook. I had to spend too much time to repair it. Thanks to my humble person, you should not spend many hours, trying to find a suitable solution, there is another, better way. Just read till the very end and, maybe one of listed methods will help you. By the way, no need to applause, do not ask for an autograph as well. Modesty is the best policy. If one of these options could help you – I am happy.

Recovery options of Excel Microsoft 365:

  1. From a backup copy
  2. Using Microsoft Excel 365 inbuilt means
  3. Using a special tool named Recovery Toolbox for Excel: https://excel.recoverytoolbox.com/
  4. Using online service of Excel 365 file recovery: https://excel.recoverytoolbox.com/online/

How to recover contents from workbooks in Excel Microsoft 365

recover content from excel

I’d like to start with backup, moreover it is the only way that guarantees success. Note there are some nuances… First of all, backup should be fresh, old backup is useless for recovery. Secondly, and the most important, backup should be available! Plain and simple. Everything depends on circumstances, sometimes even an old backup can help. At a minimum, in the worst case you should not completely rewrite your document, some data portions remain. It is better than nothing, correct? However, let us not to run ahead of the story and prepare for the worst, a faint hope always exists.

By the way, how often do you think about backups? If you do it relatively often, most likely, you have recently encountered a corruption of Excel file from Microsoft 365, am I right? There is no need to guess, without my personal experience I was not going to think about it. He won’t lock the barn door till after the horse is stolen. Unfortunately, good and wise ideas come too late.

Backup is not available? There is no need to panic anyway! Excel Microsoft 365 software can find a problem itself immediately after start and try to resolve it when possible. Function of automatic recovery is started immediately as soon as an error is detected. In case it is not automatically started, but you still cannot work with a document, open Excel and do the following:

  • Open the File menu;
  • Choose the option named Open;
  • Click the Browse button;
  • Choose a workbook to open;
  • Use an arrow near the button named Open;
  • Use this key: Open and repair.

In some cases, it helps. You are advised to test this option for sure. But, in all appearances, the developer has not implemented any changes or improvements to the recovery engine in a new Microsoft 365. It means that your chances are not as good as you think.

Actually, new office by subscription represents some kind of mistake! I wanted to see something new so much, but useless. Now I have to wait for the next version (if it will be released?!) and hope that Microsoft finally lowers its expectations.

Unfortunately, the developer has not offered something new in reliability and safety except listed above.

Microsoft just washed its hands and left users alone with the issue. It should seem that everything is lost, but no. Even without Microsoft there are some things to do with corrupted workbook.

What should you do, when Microsoft 365 does not have a reliable recovery option?

You should try Recovery Toolbox for Excel – it helped me, most likely it could help you. But do not trust right now and look for a credit card. Do not hurry! It asks for payment only if you are sure in a successful recovery. Exactly for this purpose, the developer offers free version of software that can be downloaded without any restrictions. As a result, you may try to recover a damaged workbook, it does not take long.

The program named Excel is really difficult itself and you have to spend a lot of time to learn all its features. It does not matter, which Excel version do you have, maybe even Microsoft 365, that does not have any difference inside from previous versions, except Microsoft’s desperation to get more money from users by subscription. But Recovery Toolbox for Excel tool is really easy! Try this instruction to repair damaged Excel Microsoft 365 workbooks:

  • Get it from this page: https://excel.recoverytoolbox.com/;
  • Install it on any PC;
  • After installation, it creates a shortcut on desktop, click it to start;
  • Choose a workbook of Excel Microsoft Excel 365 format;

The program named

  • Start to analyze a corrupted workbook;
  • Preview results and evaluate them;

excel 7

  • Export contents to a clean Excel Microsoft 365 workbook.

excel 8

The 7th point is the most important step. It works only after Recovery Toolbox for Excel registration. Otherwise, it does not allow exporting data into another workbook.

Pay attention, it evaluates recovery possibilities for free, software lifecycle on your computer is not limited.

It is very important to do it correctly. It is not a magic that repairs the initial document state anyway. Services of information restore always represent a compromise: is it possible to recover enough data so you can use that workbook? If yes, buy a license key and proceed with document. Otherwise, try another option. I cannot provide more help, let me just say that the program does not change input data of recovered file, so if you know another option – try it. But if Recovery Toolbox for Excel could not help, I do not know anything that can do it.

By the way, after its deployment Recovery Toolbox for Excel operates offline, without Internet links. It means that no any data byte leaves your computer when processing Excel documents. Some users, working with confidential data, appreciate it for sure. Install Recovery Toolbox for Excel on a computer without the Internet connection or simply disconnect network cable after installation (or simply block Wi-Fi) – it does not affect the efficiency of document recovery. All operations are performed offline, it excludes any leakage of data, if it is important for you.

Excel recovery on any device

Recovery Toolbox for Excel works on PC only, having OS Windows installed. What if you need to restore a workbook, but this exact PC is not available, what should you do? It is not possible to install the program on other operating systems. In this case you definitely need an online recovery service https://excel.recoverytoolbox.com/online/, that can be used from any device, just need to have a reliable Internet channel for document upload.

It is allowed to send workbooks for recovery from either PC, tablet or even smartphone. It is easier than installing software on local computer. There are also other advantages: the recovery process is cheaper than buying a separate key for Recovery Toolbox for Excel. After the first incident, users start doing new things: they think about data safety and even (suddenly) they do backups sometimes. These steps minimize further occurrences, if it is really so – why you should pay more? Try to use the online platform for Excel Microsoft 365 workbook recovery and decide, which option is better for you. Here is what you should do:

excel 10

  • Choose a document in Excel Microsoft 365 to upload;
  • Provide correct email address;
  • Enter CAPTCHA;
  • Pay for the recovery service;
  • Get recovered workbook, openable in Microsoft 365.

These steps should not cause difficulties, even for unexperienced users. Besides, this way of Excel recovery is really safe, all data is transferred by https. In its turn, the developer deletes all files in 30 days. User data is not kept somewhere and never transferred to other parties. Moreover, do you think that engineers repair your document manually? They simply use some kind of automatic server-side software that automatically processes data. Nobody looks inside, no need to worry, even if you work with confidential data.


Actually, Excel Microsoft 365 package is not different from its previous version. I do not really understand, why someone may need to update Excel. But if you have already decided – work with Excel workbook like with its previous versions and remember that I advise you preparing backups. The truth is that it is more easy and advantageous to prevent such problems by thinking about it right now, not later, when it is too late. No any existing data recovery service cannot provide 100% of guarantee that your document is recoverable. Constellation of stars tonight, absence of magnetic storms, absence of critical document corruptions – many things could affect a successful recovery.

Owing to these factors and methods of Excel 365 recovery it is useless trying to forecast a successful data recovery in your specific case. That is why, the supplier of Recovery Toolbox for Excel tool does not ask to pay until it is clear and it is really important. For my own part, I suggest not to refuse the service, even if a workbook is restored partially. If Recovery Toolbox for Excel could not recover, nobody can do it. The sense of recovery represents search of a compromise, has it repaired enough data to proceed working? Alternatively, maybe you are lucky enough to find a better option. Moreover, during the process the tool does not change anything in original document, so it is not possible to corrupt data during a data recovery session.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa