RPC Server Is Unavailable| Steps To Enable Remote Procedure Call On Windows

The error notification about the RPC server is unavailable can mostly occur when devices can’t communicate due to some technical issues. Moreover, you can also come across this error when your Windows-based system performs any local operations.


There are instances when interference from any other program disrupts the service of the remote procedure call. Hence, unless, you close these specific applications, you can connect to the RPC server.


If you are currently experiencing this error, there are multiple reasons due to which RPC service is not available. Hence, you can go through this article to know the underlying causes of the unavailability of the remote procedure call. 


Here, you can also learn some troubleshooting tips to run the RPC service and resolve the communication error. 

What Are the Fixes When RPC Server is Unavailable on Your Windows Based Device?

If you are receiving the error message that states RPC server is unavailable, it’s going to stay unless you fix it. But, in order to apply the correct solution, know why the remote procedure call has stopped working. 


Once you identify the exact cause due to which RPC service is not available, resolving the issue will be easier. So, let’s discuss a few common causes, which can disrupt the abilities of devices to communicate remotely.

Reasons Why RPC server is Unavailable Windows 10 Problem Occurs:

There are various issues that can disable the remote procedure call service on your system. Hence, the following points will cover some of the problems that can make your RPC server unavailable. 

Disabled RPC Associated Services 

The service of the remote procedure call utilizes several other services to maintain the flow of communication between PCs. But, if one or more of these services stop to work somehow, it can be the reason why RPC server is not available. 

So, many Windows experts recommend to force-start the associated apps to fix RPC service.

File Printer Sharing and IPv6 Turned Off

There are a few specific types of RPC servers that make use of both File Printer Sharing and IPv6. The main purpose of doing this is to ensure that the network connection is stable while running the RPC server. 


Now, if IPv6 or the feature of File Printer Sharing gets disabled, it can affect the RPC service. This is why many Windows experts suggest to turn on both these features by configuring the Network Properties. 


Firewall Blocking Remote Assistance Feature

It is due to the default settings that third-party programs and Windows Firewall can turn off remote assistance for various applications. So, if this is occurring in your system, your RPC service can disable due to running these apps or Firewall. 


A majority of users have observed this specific issue after installing Avast antivirus program. This is when you might come across this error that states Avast RPC server is unavailable. 


So, you can turn off the security programs temporarily during connecting to remote procedure call server. Otherwise, modify the configuration in Avast or any other security software to enable RPC service. 

Corrupted Registry for RPC on Windows

Due to some manual mistakes by the users or technical problem on Windows, RPC related files can get corrupted. Especially, when you mess with the entries on Windows Registry, it can lead to unavailability of the remote server. 


Also, look for some recent changes in your system that can corrupt your RPC related programs. If there has been any virus or malware attack during the configuration of the remote procedure call, it can make the server unavailable as well. 

Solutions that can Troubleshoot the Issue of Unavailability of RPC Service:

If you want to resolve the connectivity error and launch your remote procedure call service, you can apply the following methods. In case, you can’t figure out the steps and looking for professional fixes, you can contact a networking expert.


To apply these fixes, ensure your device is connected to a reliable WiFi or Ethernet network. Also, check whether you are signing into your Windows-based PC with administrative rights. 

Method 1- Check Whether RPC Service is Running on Your Windows

If you are getting this error about remote procedure call not available on Windows-based computer, apply this method. So, you need to confirm that the service is active on your PC. 

Also, if your system has third-party software in it, make sure it’s not preventing RPC service. If the program conflicts, the startup type for remote procedure call will change from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Manual’ mode. 


In order to try this fix, you will have to hit the Windows logo button and ‘R’ key at the same time. This will open the Run dialog box, where you need to enter ‘services.msc’ and click on ‘OK’ button. 


If you are applying this method on Windows 10, you can simply click on the Cortana search box. Then type ‘services’ and hit the ‘Enter’ key. It will then display the Services window on your computer’s screen. 


From the list of items on the new window, locate the option of ‘Remote Procedure Call (RPC)’. Also, find its associated services including ‘DCOM Service Process Launcher’ and ‘RPC Endpoint Mapper’.


On some devices, you can find the service of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator as well. Hence, select all these services individually and right-click on them. Then, choose the option of ‘Properties’ and click on the ‘General’ section.


Here, double-check if the ‘Service type’ is set as ‘Automatic’. In case, you find any other option, change it and make it automatic from the list.


Next, move down to the section of ‘Service status’ and see if it’s running properly. In case, the status is showing as ‘Stopped’, it means Windows couldn’t run RPC service. Hence, your task is to hit the ‘Start’ tab below this section and click on ‘Apply’ as well as ‘OK’ button.


So, if your remote procedure call server wasn’t responding because Windows stopped this service, it can be resolved with this solution. If the problem appears again, enable the feature of remote assistance on Windows Firewall. 

Method 2- Allow Remote Assistance in Windows Firewall

When the feature of Remote Assistance is active on your Windows, you can communicate with other devices using the RPC server. But, sometimes, this feature can be turned off if the Firewall settings are not proper on your device.


In case, you are viewing the server issue on a shared computer, you can take help from network admin to connect to RPC. However, you can also try the following instructions if want to fix this problem on your personal computer.


First, launch the Run dialog box and write ‘control’ in it. As you hit the ‘OK’ button, you can see the Control Panel window along with the list of apps installed on your Windows. So, locate the search box on the top-right corner and type ‘firewall’ in it.


Below the heading of ‘Windows Defender Firewall’, select the option of ‘Allow an app through Windows Firewall’. Next, click on the tab of ‘Change settings’ and view the list of allowed apps and features on Windows.


If you find the option of ‘Remote Assistance’, make sure that the checkboxes for both public and private network are enabled. If not, put a tick sign in the boxes beside the feature of ‘Remote Assistance’.


After enabling this feature on Windows, reboot your system and see if RPC service is giving this error. If this method works, you can apply these steps with specific instructions when Avast RPC server is unavailable or the same issue hits any other antivirus software. 

Method 3- Turn Off Selective Startup for Your Computer

If the above methods don’t work, you can disable the selective startup on PC. This is the feature that enables any system to startup by loading less number of programs. 

Hence, in order to fix this problem with the remote procedure call service, you can choose the normal startup for your computer. So, to turn off the feature of selective startup on Windows, follow the steps as discussed below.


Press both the Windows logo and R keys to open the Run dialog box. Then, write ‘msconfig’ and hit the ‘Enter’ button. Now, on the ‘System Configuration’ window, go to the tab of ‘General’.


Next, select the option for ‘Normal startup’ and ensure that ‘selective startup is not chosen. Finally, click on the ‘OK’ button to save these changes and exit all the windows. 


Once, you restart your device, see if RPC server is available or not. If the service is not responding, enable the Printer Sharing and IPv6 features on Windows.


Many Windows professionals also suggest to flush the DNS and relaunch the connection by executing commands in Command Prompt. So, if you are not a tech expert and want technical fixes when RPC server is unavailable, get in touch with a networking engineer. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa