What are the Solutions if Roku Remote not Working?

If you face trouble operating with your Roku remote, you are not alone. Several users have reported that their Roku remote is not working regardless of the remote being used or new.

There can be several reasons for this issue. One of the most obvious reasons is dead batteries. Apart from that, if there is a problem with the internet connection then the device and remote both will not be working properly. 

If the remote and device are not paired properly, even then you may face this problem. If the device or the remote is not recognizing each other then also you can face this issue on the device.

If you are facing this problem then this article will benefit you. Here, you will get to know all the solutions for this particular issue. So, go through this article and learn the fixes.

Roku TV Remote Not Working: Solutions to Try

In the section below, we are going to provide some easy and effective fixes which can help you get rid of the Roku TV remote not working problem. Go through the fixes and perform the steps accordingly.

Fix 1 # Pairing the Roku Remote

If you do not properly pair the Roku remote to the device, then you might face this problem. So, you have to pair them correctly in order to solve this issue.

The first time, most of the users will use the Roku remote without knowing how to pair it with the Roku device. So, to pair it, follow the steps given below:

  1. At first, launch the Battery Compartment.
  2. Locate the small Pairing key, press it for 5 seconds. Now, the pairing will occur and it will pair the device to the remote.
  3. After doing this, check if the Roku remote works properly without any problem.

Fix 2 # Pair the Roku Remote without using Pairing Button

If you find the pairing button is not working, then you can use this process. You can pair the device to the remote without using the pairing button. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. At first, from the Roku remote, hold the Reset button for 12 seconds.
  2. After resetting the device, hold and press the Home, Black, and Star buttons together until you enter the pairing window.  

Now you will see the remote is paired to the device and works perfectly. 

Fix 3 # Resetting the Roku Remote

After pairing the remote to the device, if the problem still persists, then you can use this process to get rid of the Roku remote not working problem.

Sometimes, resetting the Roku remote can fix the problem that you have encountered. So, you need to reset the Roku remote. The following steps will help you:

  1. To reset the remote, hold the Home, Back, and Pairing buttons together.
  2. Then remove the Batteries from the Roku remote.
  3. Disconnect the power cable of the Roku player. After that, wait for a few seconds.
  4. Then insert the Batteries in the remote and connect the power cable.

After completing these steps, check if the issue has been solved or not. 

Fix 4 # Replace the Batteries

If the batteries are dead, then you may get this problem on the system. If you find the problem is in batteries, then replace them with new ones. So, you need to remove the old batteries and insert the new ones in the remote. 

Fix 5 # Check the WiFi Connection 

If the Roku device and the remote are not properly connected with the Wifi connection, then this problem appears on the device. So, you have to connect it properly and fix this problem.

Hope, the above fixes work well to eliminate the Roku remote not working problem.

So, read this article carefully and follow the steps one-by-one on the device to get rid of this problem. We suggest you do not skip any step. If you face any issue while performing these fixes, you can leave a comment below. We will look into the matter and come up with fixes to resolve what you are facing.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa