Resolve Xbox One X is Overheating Issue With Class-apart Solutions

In this modern era, gaming plays a vital role in our daily lives. Xbox is one of the best powerful consoles that is ever been created. Despite being the best, these devices are not completely free from technical glitches. Most of the game players face that their console Xbox One X is overheating. After playing the game for long hours, your console might either get overheated or entirely shut down.

There are a number of reasons which might lead you to this embarrassing situation. For all those reasons, the thermal paste on the processor is the prime one.

This error occurs when the thermal paste is not spread over the CPU properly. Moreover, when the thermal paste flows off of the processor, this more heat generates and your console gets overheated.

Sometimes, the blocked exhaust grills can also be responsible for this annoying situation.

No matter whatever may be reasons, you should fix this situation before the console gets damaged completely.

Troubleshoot Xbox One X is Overheating Issue with Reliable Methods:

If you are encountering the Xbox One X is overheating issue, then try out these solutions mentioned in the section below. 

Therefore, follow the upcoming section properly and find out which solution is able to fix the issue.

Method 1: Exhaust Grill and Side Panels

The best thing is that the Xbox One X comes with a cooling system that prevents the console from getting overheated.

If you are still encountering the same issue, then you need to check two areas of the console. Hence, ensure that the heat is dissipating properly.

At first, you will find exhaust grills from the back of the console. These are designed in such a way that most of the heat is being generated dissipates through this section.

Therefore, you need to make sure that it is not covered with dust particles. In this way, the heat will leave the Xbox One X properly.

Secondly, on the other side of the console, you will find tiny holes which are designed for the same purposes. You need to clean the tiny holes and make sure of the fact that they are not blocked by debris.

Fix 2: Avoid the Sunlight

Sometimes, the console gets overheated even after the heat is dissipated correctly. It occurs due to the direct reaching of the sunlight and it gets overheated.

The only solution to avoid such a situation is to place this Xbox one X in a dark place and away from the sunlight.

Fix 3: Improper Verification

Sometimes, the problem occurs when you place your console in a closed area where the air cannot reach properly. 

This happens because the dissipated heat failed to go outside and gets stuck in the place, as a result, it is overheated.

Therefore, it is always advised to keep your console in a proper place and in a proper environment. Proper air is also needed for the proper working of the console. 

Hence, you can apply this solution to fix Xbox One X is overheating issue.

Fix 4: Unscrewing your Console

After applying all the above-mentioned steps, if the problem still persists, then you need to open the console. 

If you are not a tech-savvy person, then these steps might be difficult for you to perform. Then it is recommended to simply take it to a store so that an expert can help you in this matter.

But if you feel confident, then go through the steps mentioned in the following section. Simply remove the cover of the Xbox One X and unscrew all the screw. After some time, screw back all of them as it was done earlier.

Final Note

In the above article, we have provided some of the easiest solutions to fix Xbox One X overheating issue. Hope the above-mentioned solutions are beneficial enough to overcome this troublesome issue.

Further, if you face any difficulties, then do post them in the comment section below. We will get back to you with the best possible solutions.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa