The PS4 Controller Is Not Charging: Ultimate Solutions To Fix This Error

PS4 is one of the popular consoles used by worldwide users due to its amazing features and awesome gaming experience. But sometimes, users confront that they plug the console with the charging cable but the charging light does not up at all. 

This is a very frustrating situation when the PS4 controller is not charging. Due to this, the controller gets unresponsive and they are not able to connect to console or sometimes even it gets disconnected automatically.

Before going to any store to fix the problem, once you should try out the solutions that we have discussed below. Therefore, keep on reading this article and apply the methods discussed in the section below accordingly.

Amazing Methods for Troubleshooting the PS4 Controller is Not Charging Issue:

Here, in this section, we are going to list a few things that have helped you in order to fix the PS4 controller is not charging. Just apply these steps one-by-one and this will surely fix this problem

Fix 1: Reset the PS4 Controller

Basically, the problem is caused by the malfunctioned controller itself. Therefore, we recommend that at first, you should reset your PS4 controller to deal with this matter.

So, follow the given steps in order to reset your controller easily.

Step 1

Initially, locate the Reset button on your controller. It is a small hole which is mostly situated at the back of the controller and under the L2 button.

Step 2

Pick a small pin or similar object and insert it on that hole and press. Hold it for few seconds and then release the button.

Step 3

Then your controller has been reset successfully. Now, start the controller and plug it to verify whether it charging or not.

Fix 2: Charge the PS4 Controller Upside Down

When you encounter the PS4 controller is not charging on PC issue, then charge the controller upside down. A lot of users have tried this one and have got a fruitful result. 

Hence, you can give this method a try and check whether it is working or not.

Simply put the controller upside down and then charge it. Hope you will also get a positive result.

Fix 3: Check the Charging Cable of the PS4 Controller

Sometimes, the problem arises if the charging cable is damaged for a few reasons. Therefore, you need to check if there is any problem with the charging cable.

Hence, follow the below steps to verify the USB cable.

Step 1

To verify that, you need to charge another PS4 controller with the same USB cable. If you found that another controller also faces the same problem, then the charging cable is damaged.

Step 2

Then you need to change the USB cable in order to fix the issue. You should always use the official charging USB cable which usually comes with the PS4 controller. 

This is the process on how to fix the PS4 controller not charging issue.

Fix 4: Check the Charging Port of the PS4 Controller

Sometimes, a bad charging port also causes this issue and prevent your controller from charging.

To verify whether any damaged port is present or not, go through the steps mentioned in the section below.

Try to charge another controller if you have with the same USB cable and check whether it is charging or not.

If another controller is charging perfectly, then it is confirmed that the port of the controller is damaged. Hence, you need to replace the port with a new one. For that, you should take your controller to the repair center.

Fix 5: Replace the Batteries of the PS4 Controller

If after trying all the methods discussed in the above section, you failed to solve the issue, then you should try this one.

If you have used the controller for a long time, then batteries of the controller might lose its charges and die. As a result, it fails and become unable to store energy. That is why you should charge the batteries again and again.

Therefore, try to replace the battery with a new one. You need to buy the original product and this you will get from the official website of the PS4.

With a new battery, it will surely work normally and fine.

Parting Note

That’s it. We have discussed all the possible solutions that are helpful in order to solve the PS4 controller is not charging issue. Hope this article is beneficial for you.

Lastly, we recommend you to drop a comment in the comment section below to share your experience after reading this article. Furthermore, stay with us for getting more tech-related solutions.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa