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Resolve The Problem With Scratch Disks Are Full With Easy Solution

If you are an Adobe Photoshop user, then sometimes you may face scratch disks are full issue. This error message may appear due to several reasons. The problem may occur due to repeated opening a large number of photos in the photoshop. The problem may also occur at the time when the work disk is filled up. The photoshop not initializing is one of the results of this error. If this error appears on your system, you will be unable to complete any command. If you are dealing with this kind of situation, then this guide is for you. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the steps that can help you to fix the problem with scratch disks. Let’s have a look at the article, to know the details on it.

Effective Solutions for Scratch Disks are Full on Photoshop

If you are looking for the solution on how to resolve when the scratch disks are full on photoshop, then here is the answer for you. In the upcoming part of the article, we will provide you all the possible solutions that can help you to get rid of the situation.

Solution 1: Remove the Temporary Photoshop Files from your Computer

To get rid of the problem which says that it could not initialize photoshop because the scratch disks are full, you can stick to this solution.

  1. At first, you need to press the Win key + R button both at the same time from your keyboard. This will help you to open the Run dialog box.
  2. After that, write down appdata in the appearing dialog box and hit the Enter button from your keyboard.
  3. Then, move on to the Local > Temp directory from the window that appears.
  4. Thereafter, find out and highlight all of the files that start with PST or Photoshop temp.
  5. Now, press and hold the Shift button from your keyboard. After that, press the Delete button from your keyboard. This will help you to delete all the temporary files from Photoshop.
  6. Once you are done with the steps that we have mentioned above, now click on the OK button from the Photoshop interface. And check if the scratch disks error message is still appearing on your computer or not.

Solution 2: Clean up the Scratch Disks

You should clean up the scratch disks to resolve the problem with scratch disks are full on photoshop. Go through the following steps to know the details on it.

  1. At first, look for the scratch disk drive from the photoshop.
  2. Click on the edit option from the menu if you can access the Photoshop interface.
  3. Thereafter, click on Preferences and select the Scratch Disks option. It will help you to find out your scratch disk.
  4. After that, run photoshop on your computer. Then press the Ctrl + Alt key both at the same time from your keyboard. This will help you open the Scratch Disk Preference window.
  5. Mac iOS device users need to press Command and Options key from your keyboard.

Solution 3: Change the Scratch Disk

You can get rid of the problem by changing the scratch disk. If the steps are unknown to you, then you should follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  1. At first, open photoshop menu from your computer.
  2. Then, move on to the Preference option, and then click on the scratch disk option.
  3. After that, tick on the checkbox this will help you to remove the drive.
  4. Thereafter, click on the Ok button.
  5. Now, restart your Photoshop application on your computer.

Solution 4: Change the Scratch Disk Location

Changing the location of your Scratch disk might help you to resolve the problem. Follow the steps mentioned below to know the details on it. If you are Windows user, then, at first, move your cursor to the Edit menu option. Then, click on Preference and select the Scratch Disks option.

Mac user will need to open the Photoshop menu, then click on the Preferences option. After that, click on the Scratch Disks option this will help you to change the scratch disk location.


Through this article, we tried to provide the detailed solutions that can help you to fix the scratch disks are full issue. If you have any more question regarding this topic, then leave a comment at the comment section.

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