Brilliant Hacks To Resolve Samsung Tablet Won’t Charge Issue In No Time

There are various problems that the Galaxy Tab users encounter while accessing their device and the Samsung Tablet won’t charge is one of those common ones.


The charging issue on the Samsung Tablet mainly occurs due to both hardware as well as software fault.


Several users are experiencing this issue but thankfully, we have come up with a few effective ways to diagnose this issue.


So, if you are one of those unfortunate and wondering for some effective solutions to terminate this issue on your Samsung Tab, then this is the right article that you have arrived.


In this informative article, we have shared all the root causes and also the premium solutions to escape from this frustrating issue at the earliest.

Root Causes for Samsung Tablet Won’t Charge Issue:

If you are encountering Samsung tablet won’t charge when plugged in, then there might be several serious causes behind this issue.


This problem mainly happens due to the faulty charging cable or the defected charging port.

Sometimes, the dirt or the dust present inside the charging port of your Galaxy Tablet can also result in charging issue.


If you have recently upgraded the Tablet to the newest version, then this will be another prime cause for this issue as upgrading the device sometimes cause several hardware issues.


However, we have enough premium solutions to troubleshoot this issue that we have discussed in the next section.

Effective Solutions to Fix Samsung Tablet Won’t Charge Issue:


We are presenting all the effective and time-saving solutions to resolve the Samsung tablet won’t charge when plugged in issue.


Follow the hacks mentioned below in order to get escape from this charging issue.

Method 1: Try Restarting the Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Sometimes, numerous bugs get stuck with the device which makes the device hang and results in the tablet won’t charge issue.


A restart can heal many faults and so are the steps given below.


  1. Take the Galaxy tab and long-press the Volume Up key and the Menu key at the same time.
  2. Leave those buttons together when you see the Samsung logo on your Galaxy Tab.
  3. Now, again press those two buttons together for a couple of seconds and leave that when the logo appears again.


Now, connect the charger to your Galaxy Tab and see if the device is now charging all good as earlier.


If the device still not charging or the above method doesn’t aid, try the next solution discussed below.

Method 2: Clean the Charging Port of your Galaxy Tab


Sometimes, the charging port goes dirty with the dust and dirt which ultimately results in the charging issue on your Tablet.


You need to clean all the dirt and dust to see if the device is now started to charge again.


Here are some steps are provided below to accomplish the task.


  1. Take the Tablet and long-press the Volume Up key and the Menu key together to turn off the device.
  2. If the battery is removable, simply remove the battery and get a toothpick or a needle in your hand.
  3. Now, carefully insert the toothpick inside the charging port and gently level up the Tab for a little.
  4. After that, clean the inner part gently and slowly. Then take out the toothpick from the port.


Now, insert the battery again and see if the device is now charging as earlier.


If the Galaxy tab still not charging or the issue still remains, try the next solution discussed below.

Method 3: Reset to the Factory Settings on your Samsung Galaxy Tab


If none of the methods works, you need to reset the Tab to the Factory settings to eliminate this issue.


Charging issue can also occur due to some technical faults or the other software issues. Resetting the Galaxy device to the factory settings is another way to resolve this issue.


Following are some hacks given below.


  1. At first, take your Samsung Galaxy Tab, tap on the Menu button to launch the Settings.
  2. Scroll the screen and locate the User and Accounts option from the bottom of the results.
  3. After that, tap on the Samsung Account option and select the Reset option.
  4. Select the Wipe option and tap on the Reset option to proceed next.
  5. At last, enter the password if asked and click on the Continue button to complete the Reset procedure on your Tab.


Wait for a while until the reset is completed and then the Galaxy Tab will restart automatically.


Now, insert the charging cable into the port and see if the device is now charging.

Wrapping Up


This article consists of all the effective solutions to fix the Samsung Galaxy tablet won’t charge issue in minutes.


In case, the issue still persists or the above method doesn’t aid, then there might be some hardware faults.


In that case, you can positively replace the battery with a newer one or try a different charging cable to fix Samsung tablet won’t charge issue at the earliest.


If the above article was successful enough to guide you on how to deal with this issue, then leave a comment in the below section.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa