Resolve Samsung Printer Error Code 11 1112 With The Help Of Expert Methods

Samsung is a worldwide famous manufacturer of printers. These printers provide great quality printing documents. However, among the common problems of the printers, the printer turns offline error is a very popular one. A few of the users are facing this Samsung Printer Error Code 11 1112. 

Basically, the Samsung printer error code 11 1112 arises due to a slow internet connection, missing printer files on your computer or outdated printer drivers. 

No matter whatever be the reasons, but to fix it, an expert trick always works. To learn the expert solutions, read this article till the end.

Exceptional Methods to Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11 1112:

Solving an error is always an expert’s job, but if you want to try them, then follow the below lines of this article. 

In the below lines of the article, you will get to learn the solutions which are very effective to fix error code 1 1112 on Samsung printer. So, let’s not waste time and move to the solutions.

Method 1: Check the Wire Connections and Restart your Computer and the Printer

The first method that you can try to fix the Samsung printer error code 11 1112 is to restart both devices. 

The steps to do this task are very simple and are explained here in the below lines.

Step 1: Cancel All the Documents to Print

First of all, you need to ensure no printing is in progress. If any printing is in progress, then you need to stop it. 

Further, the process to follow to do this task is very simple and is explained within the below three paragraphs.

Firstly, you need to open the Control Panel window (to learn the step, study further). After that, make sure that the “View by” settings of the Control Panel window is set as “Category”. 

Next, under the Control Panel window, click on “Hardware and Sound”. Further, from the right-hand side panel, click on “Devices and Printers”. Now, under the Printers section, right-click on your Samsung printer, and then from the menu, click on “See what’s printing”.

After clicking on “See what’s printing”, the printing process history will get appear. Now, to cancel the printing jobs, right-click on the documents and then select the “Cancel” option from the context menu. Now, follow the further steps.

Step 2: Turn off your Printer and the Computer

After stopping all the printing jobs, now in the next turn, turn off both your printer and the computer. The steps to do this are very simple and hopefully known to you.

To turn off your printer, you need to tap down the Power button of the printer and keep it held until it gets off. Once the printer turns off, switch off the Power supply, and unplug the cable of the printer.

Now, the process to shut down your computer is quite familiar to you. At first, you need to open the Start menu by tapping down the Windows button and then click on the Power icon from the left-hand side panel. After that, from the Power icon menu, click on the Shut down option.

Also, switch off the Power supply for your computer and take out the cable from the power outlet.

Step 3: Unplug and Plug-in Back all the Detachable Cables

Unplug all the detachable cables from their ports by remembering the locations. Now, press and keep hold the Power button of your printer to release the stored power on it. 

After that, wait for 5 minutes and then plug in back all the cables to their actual ports. Further, turn on the Power Supply for both the device (printer and computer).

Step 4: Run a Printing

Now, turn on your computer and the printer as on a regular basis. Further, start a printing job to check if the issue gets resolved or not. 

Hopefully, after following the steps above, you will not visit the error back.

If you are using a wireless printer, then also restart your network device to complete this method.

Method 2: Uninstall and Reinstall your Samsung Printer

Uninstalling and reinstating the printer is one of the effective solutions to fix Samsung printer error code 11 1112

The steps to perform this task is very simple and are explained in the below lines:

Steps to Uninstall Samsung Printer

You can perform this task by opening the Control Panel window. There are several ways to perform this task and are given below. Proceed with your chosen way.

Way 1: Tap down the Windows key along with the letter R to open the Run bar window. After that, in the Run bar, type control, and then click on the OK button to open the Control Panel window.

Way 2: Press down the Windows button to activate the Search bar. Next, in the search bar, type control. After that, from the search result, click on the Control Panel option.

After you open the Control Panel window, make sure that the “View by” is set as Large icons. If it is not already set, then to make the setting, you need to expand the Menu for View by and select Large icons.

Next, under the Control Panel options, select “Devices and Printers”. This will open the window that contains all the printers that you are using in the list.

Now, from the list, right-click on your Samsung printer device and then select the Uninstall option under the list. Further, click on the OK button to confirm the process.

Once the printer gets uninstalled successfully, close all the open windows on your PC.

Turn off your Computer and the Printer

In this time, you have to shut down your computer. The steps are familiar to you. 

  • At first, press the Windows button to open the Start menu. 
  • After that, from the left-hand side of the Start menu, click on the Power icon and then select Shut-down.
  • Now, to turn off your printer, just you need to press and keep hold the Power button on your printer device.
  • Next, switch off the power supply for both devices. 

Further, check all the cable connections whether there is any loose connection or not. If you find any loose wire connections, then fix that and restart your computer as well as the printer.

After restarting all the devices, many times the users get the problem resolved. Restarting your computer will automatically detect the drivers for your printer and thus get installed on it.

Method 3: Update the Samsung Printer Driver

After trying all the above solutions, if the error code 11 1112 on Samsung printer occurs, then go for the printer’s driver update. 

By updating your Samsung printer driver, you will get the error resolved. To perform this method, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Device Manager

At first, open the Device Manager window. Tap the Windows button along with the letter R to open the Run bar window first. 

After that, in the Run bar, type devmgmt.msc. Next, click on the OK button. This will open the Device Manager on the screen.

Step 2: Expand Printers Section and Go for “Update Driver Software”

Now, scroll down the Device Manager window until you get the Printers section, double-click on it. Next, under the Printers expanded list, right-click on your Samsung device. Then select the “Update Driver Software” option.

After clicking on “Update Driver Software”, then “How do you want to search for drivers?” window will open with the options listed below:

  • Search automatically for updated driver software
  • Browse my computer for driver software

Step 3: Proceed with “Search automatically for updated driver software”

Click on “Search automatically for updated driver software”. If an updated software is available, then in the next window, you will get the updated driver software. Download and then install the updated driver software by allowing the on-screen instructions.

Once the printer driver successfully gets installed, restart both the devices and then try to run printing. This will check if the issue still persists or not. 

Hopefully, this time your answer to this will be positive.

If you are using a wireless printer, and after updating the printer driver, the error not get resolved, then you need to update your network driver. 

The steps to perform this process is similar to this. Just you need to proceed with the Network adapters option instead of Printers under the Device Manager window.

After updating the drivers, always restart your computer to get the complete effect of the process.

All these are the solutions for fixing Samsung printer error code 11 1112. Hopefully, after trying the above solutions, you will get the problem resolved effectively. 

Another best way to solve the problem is to call an expert for your help. This not only saves your effort but along with that the problem will be fixed.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa