Simple Steps To Resolve Outlook Error Code 17099

Microsoft Outlook is an application for sending and managing emails. Users can avail this tool in any version of Microsoft Office. The tool was launched so that users can configure the web-based email services. But now users can create and send emails as well. With the help of the MS Outlook, you can manage calendar, personal journal, contacts and it also provides weather and social updates for users. Earlier the MS outlook was designed for Windows OS. Now Macintosh users can get the most out of this application. But like every other application, MS Outlook is not free from technical glitches. Outlook error code 17099 is one troubling issue which needs to be resolved at the earliest.

The prime reasons users to witness such problem is when the SMTP server shows a permanent or transient error. Problems can also occur due to an incomplete installation of the MS Outlook application. Users are sending email to more than 50 recipients can also trigger the error as well. Sometimes problems can occur if the Windows file is corrupted or it has some technical glitch. Users can get this error if they are running more than one program simultaneously and it prevents Outlook to function properly. Also, there can be a virus or malware attack in your system which can hamper the work of this particular application.

Solutions For Resolving Outlook Error Code 17099

The Outlook error code 17099  is a typical issue that can bug any Outlook users. If you are facing the same situation, then don’t worry. Try to diagnose and solve the issue correctly. Problems like this are not that critical as you may think. With the help of the right technique, you can easily solve the glitch. If you are unaware of the troubleshooting techniques, then take a look at this article and fix the issue by yourself. Thus check the list and troubleshoot the Outlook for Mac error code 17099.

Error Due to SMTP Server

If you are witnessing the error because of the faulty SMTP server, then resolve the problem recreating the database. To apply this method, users can take assistance from Microsoft Database Utility. To perform this hack, at first, terminate all the programs that are running in the background. After that go to Application folder and search for the latest version of Microsoft Database in MS Office. Then select the OLM file to sync with the Database Utility and tap Rebuild. You will see the process in the window of Rebuilding the Main Identity. Once the task is over, a popup will notify you that the database was rebuilt.

Resolve The Issue By Increasing The Number Of Recipients

In case you have mistakenly sent an email to more than 50 recipients, then MS outlook can prompt this error. To resolve this problem, you need to limit the number of recipients. Hence to avoid this error get in touch with your service provider. They can increase the number of users per email. In this way, you can get rid of this issue.

Troubleshoot The Issue By Reinstalling The MS Outlook

If the error persists, then you need to reinstall the application to fix the problem. So here are some easy ways to reinstall the MS outlook for different Windows OS.

For Windows 7

If you are a Windows 7 user, then follow the steps to reinstall the application. Before starting the process, click the Start button to open Programs and features. After that select the Control Panel on the right side of the list. In the Control Panel, you need to find and tap on Programs option. Then select Programs and Features to track the Outlook error 17099 linked application. You can locate this application below the Name tab. Next, choose the Microsoft Outlook Express associated entry. After that tap the Uninstall button and go through the instruction to complete the task.

Windows XP

At first head to Programs and Features with the help of the start tab. Next, open Control Panel and then select Add or Remove programs. Search for Microsoft Outlook Express under the recently Installed software. Then choose the Microsoft associated entries and click on Remove tab. After that, read the instructions carefully to uninstall the program.

Windows 8

Click the Start icon present at the bottom left of your screen. After that select the Program and Features option from the list. Then you need to find the specific problematic software that is hampering your work. Next head to the top menu to Uninstall/change the application. Next, perform the task according to the on-screen instructions.

Resolve The Faulty Registry Associated With The Software

Manually editing the registry is a critical process and it should not be done without proper knowledge. If you do not edit the registry correctly then it can damage your PC. It will be impossible to repair your system and all your valuable data will get erased. But don’t worry we will provide you a simple and straightforward way to fix the registry so that you don’t find any difficulty at the time repairing registry manually. However, you need to be careful while executing the steps. Otherwise, it can permanently damage your machine. Keeping this in mind let us start the process.

Hence to access the registry, tap on Windows key to open the Start menu. Then write command on the search toolbox and hold CTRL and Shift key together to open a dialog box. Once you get the dialog box, it will ask for your permission click Yes to continue with the process. Then you will notice a black window with a blinking cursor. Write regedit inside the box and tap Enter. Next, navigate the error file inside the registry editor and back up all the essential data.

After backing up all the information, go to File menu and select Export. Now select the Save list and pick a folder to store the Microsoft Outlook backup. Then head to the Export range tab and choose the selected branch option positively. Next, select save to store the file with an extension, i.e., reg file exe. Once the backup is complete, you can try to repair the registry manually.

Summing Up

After performing these steps as mentioned above, we hope that you can troubleshoot the issue. If you are a Mac user and witnessing Outlook for Mac error code 17099, then implement the first two solutions as given above. You can quickly resolve the issue.          

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa