No Sound On Youtube Videos? 7 Easy Methods To Bring Sound Back

Plenty of users report that there is no sound on YouTube Videos in Windows 10. YouTube is where plenty of productive videos and creative content are available.

However, due to some human errors or problems in the system, the sound fails to work. Users encounter muted videos which, we understand, are extremely annoying since it kills the vibe.

Moreover, when they notice the issue for the first time, they jump to the complex steps to troubleshoot the problem. But, the correct way is to gradually take the steps and advance with procedures in a chronological manner.

Also, it is essential for you to know the reasons for audio issues on YouTube. Only then the troubleshooting procedures will be effective. You’d know where to hit for bringing back the earlier sound restoring its quality.

Potential Reasons for Audio Issues in Windows 10

The problems in sound arise due to many reasons. Knowing them can help you treat the issue in a comprehensive manner.

It is essential that you know what you are doing to treat the problem. Hence, the existence of this section.

Users complain saying that there is no sound on YouTube Windows 10. At times, the sound also tends to fluctuate. Meaning, the sound isn’t either audible or tends to come and go.

Also, it can be that the video is playing, seemingly, in mute.

Furthermore, the cords of sound can be plugged incorrectly for which the loose connection hinders the audio. Apart from this, the sound or audio drivers can be outdated for which the issue appears.

However, these were the probable reasons which induce the sound issue on YouTube. And now, the next section has the answers which you were looking for.

7 Easy and Effective Ways to Troubleshoot Audio Issues on YouTube

Now that you are aware of the problem and also know the potential reasons which induce the issue, this section has solutions which you can implement properly.

However, it is necessary, to begin with, the basics or the general inspection. At times, some settings remain disabled.

Also, the direct jump to the complex steps can be problematic. That is because you tend to ignore the basic inspection. And, it is the basic check which brings about plenty of problems which you must correct.

Now, simply head to the underlying methods which hold dedicated steps to execute.

Procedure 1: Check if YouTube Videos are Mute

At times, it slips our mind to check the prime setting on Youtube. We simply tend to panic without seeking the logic behind it.

The video which is streaming has an option to mute the audio. Mistakenly, the users may have pressed the button which brings about the resultant complaint.

Therefore, you must check if the Sound option on the video screen is On. If muted, click on it or touch it to unmute. In most cases, doing this solves all the problem. Therefore, attempt this step first.

However, if the issue lingers and you still hear no sound or audio in Youtube, move on to the next method.

Procedure 2: Inspect Volume Settings

If you see that the sound option on YouTube is On, inspect the volume settings. Turn up the volume of the system.

If the audio issues still linger, you must check if the sound settings are correct. Check if the connections are made to deliver sound through the speakers and not headphones.

Launch the sound settings and inspect if that is the case. If so, change the settings to speakers if you are using a desktop or laptop. After that, press on Apply to make changes and finally hit the OK button.

Also, run a test of audio before closing the window. Most probably, the sound is now audible.

Also, you can employ the expert hands of professionals to treat the problem if you still hear no sound on YouTube Windows 10.

Procedure 3: Use a Different Browser

Another effective measure which one must try is to use another browser.

Try using YouTube from a different browser. At times, it is the browser which is at fault. Or else, the system plays music or movies with audio properly. Therefore, try using a separate browser.

Doing this solves all the problem, in most cases. However, if otherwise, the successive method is sure to bring about results.

Also, you can consult an expert for avoiding any hassle and troubleshooting it at once.

Procedure 4: Update the Browser

If a particular browser is not working and manifests audio issues and continuous crashes, it is evident that the browser needs an update.

An outdated browser needs an immediate upgrade since it can yield and induce plenty of malfunctions. For this, stick through the underlying steps.

  • Firstly, head to the official website of the web browser.
  • Therein, locate the latest version which is compatible with the system.
  • Most probably, the website will flash its new update to which you must hit the download button.
  • After the download is successful, you must proceed to install it. Click on the downloaded file, and then launch it.
  • This brings up some options among which you must click install. Before that, agree to the license agreement.

Finally, proceed to the launch it and visit YouTube.

You will no longer complain saying there is no sound on YouTube Video. However, if your case is rare and you still find audio issues, head to the next section.

Procedure 5: Unmute the Browser and the Plugins

In this method, we guide you to unmute the browser. At times, the browser and the plugins tend to conflict and therefore induce the audio issues.

For executing this procedure, follow the underlying steps.

  • Firstly, right-click on the icon of the speaker which is present in the right corner of the screen’s bottom.
  • Then, select the option for Open Volume Mixer which is present on the pop-up menu.
  • After that, inspect that the plugin sliders and the browser are not mute. Also, ensure that they are not present at the bottom.

In this way, you can resolve the issue. Visit YouTube after that changes and, most probably, the earlier sound will return.

However, if you still hear no sound on YouTube videos, the next method is sure to fight it off.

Procedure 6: Uninstall and Update Adobe Flash Player

At times, the Adobe Flash Player is a program that creates the issue. It clashes or conflicts with the OS and induces the audio issue.

Therefore, you must uninstall it and reinstall the Adobe Flash Player.

Doing this can troubleshoot the audio problems at once. Uninstalling the Flash Player eradicates the corrupted files by downloading them anew while reinstalling.

For this, stick to the underlying steps and implement them with caution.

  • Firstly, launch the Control Panel and then head to the section of Applications.
  • Therein, you will notice a list of programs which includes the Adobe Flash Player as well.
  • Locate it and click on the option to uninstall. Or at the top, there is an option to remove the program which you have to select.
  • Once you remove the program from the system, you must proceed to reinstall it. For this, head to the official website of Adobe.
  • Therein, search for the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. Also, make sure that it is compatible with the system.

Procedure 7: Update Audio Drivers

One of the problems relating to the audio system of computers is due to the presence of an obsolete version of the Audio Drivers. And therefore, one must stick through the underlying guide to update them.

Firstly, head to the Control Panel and then click on the section for the audio drivers. Click on it to check the version.

Then, head to the website and tally the version with the latest one in the site. Most probably, it won’t match and you will have to download it.

After that, install all the available updates for the audio of the system.

Wrapping Up

In this manner, you can troubleshoot the sound issues in your system. Simply, adhere to the steps carefully.

However, if you encounter problems still, you have the liberty to seek expert technical assistance.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa