Msvcp140.dll Missing – Simple and Smart Solutions

Many users of Windows 10 has reported the msvcp140.dll missing problem on their computer operating systems. 


Are you facing the same issue too currently, because of which you are having problems doing your work? Then let us assure you that there is absolutely nothing that you should worry about. 


This is something that you will be able to resolve all by yourself. And all the technical instructions that you might need for that, you will find right there in this article. 


As you know, Windows 10 and the Windows computer operating systems, in general, are some of the best ones that you can find having all the important features that you might want. 


But the fact of the matter is, no matter how good and reliable this technology might be, it is not going to be free of trouble totally. And you are going to face problems, one of which is the one we are discussing. 


So without further ado, let us see how we can fix the msvcp140.dll missing Windows 10 issue. 

Possible Reasons behind the Msvcp140.dll Missing in Windows 10 

The thing that is going to be critical for you to know is why you are facing this particular issue. As that is going to give you a lot of benefits, specifically 2 which are explicit. 


One of them is that if you have an understanding of why this issue is occurring in the first place. Then, you will be able to avoid a lot of the different technical issues that might come your way. 


And the other benefit that you are going to get is an important one. You will find the instructions for the solution a lot easier to understand and implement. Thus, helping you to accomplish the task in a much shorter period of time. 


In this section of the article, we have covered all of that information to give you all those details. 


  • The first issue regarding this that comes to mind is the presence of corrupt system files in Microsoft Visual C ++ redistributable package. If that be the case then you are going to face this issue as that is a really an important functional component. 


  • Again, the thing is that corrupt system files, in general, can cause a lot of problems. These are directly or indirectly going to translate into the msvcp140.dll missing issue. 


  • It is something that mainly occurs as a result of virus attacks on your system. As they create a whole chain of corrupt system files. And these can be quite difficult to identify and then fix up separately. 


  • Another minor, but noticeable issue behind this is getting the file from a sketchy source. As that can bring with it a lot of trouble including this particular error code issue. 


So, now that we have covered the possible causes of this error. It is time now we take a look at the solutions. 

How You Can Fix the Msvcp140.dll Missing Issue in Windows 10: Step by Step Guide 

Now, in this section of the article, let us go ahead and see how we can fix this problem. We recommend that you first try and identify what the exact issue is in your case because of which you are facing this error. 


But if you do not have that information, then just apply these steps one by one to fix the problem. 

Download and then Install the MSVCP140.dll File 

A lot of times, it has been the case that the MSVCP140.dll file is not there in your computer. This is a clear cause of this problem and is more common than you might think it to be. 


So, to fix this issue, here are all the different steps that you will have to take. 



  • Go to your web browser and then search for the MSVCP140.dll file from there by name. 
  • Once you find it there, download it into your hard drive, by clicking on the Download button. 
  • Click on the file and in the dialogue box that appears, click on the Install option to start the process. 
  • Wait for the installation process to complete, which is going to take a few minutes. 



Then after you are done with the installation, just restart your computer to check if the issue is there. 


In case you are still getting the msvcp140.dll missing issue, then just go and apply the next solution. 

Install the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable package Again 

The Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable package is a very important functional component of your computer operating system. We have said this previously and if there is some problem in, then it for which you might be facing this issue. 


Thus, the best thing to do will be to install the program all over again. To do that, here are the steps that you are going to need. 



  • You will have to download this program first and to do that. You can search for it directly from the browser. 
  • Click on the Download button to download the file to the hard drive of your computer. 
  • After the download is complete, click on the file and in the dialogue box that appears. Click on the install option that is there to start the process of installation. 
  • To make sure that you have selected the correct version of the file and such. Click on the System Information option to get that. 
  • Then, for the process of installation, you are going to get all the instructions on the screen. All that you will have to do is properly follow all of that. 



Then, after you are done with the process of installation, you will have to restart your computer. Once you do that, the program is going to start in your system and fix the issue once and for all. 


But if this fails somehow, then go for the next solution that we have listed here. 

Clean Installation of the Program Itself 

If all else fails, then the last resort that you can go for is to perform a clean installation of the program. 


To do that, follow these instructions here. 



  • Press the Windows key and the R key together and that will bring up the Windows Run dialogue box. 
  • Look for the search panel in that dialogue box and once you find it. Type in the appwiz.cpl command and press the Enter key to search for it. 
  • This is going to bring up the list of all the programs that are there in your computer system. 
  • Look for those programs that are actually causing the Msvcp140.dll missing issue. And right-click on that to bring up the dropdown list of options. From there, look for and click on the Uninstall option, which you will have to do individually. 
  • To confirm the uninstallation process, click on the Yes button which you are going to find there. 



So, after you have uninstalled all the programs that were causing problems in your case. Make sure to restart your computer to have the system work properly with the new conditions. 


With this, we have covered all the solutions that are going to help you fix this problem. And as a result, get your computer to work properly all over again. 


But if you are seeing that none of these things are working for you and the issue still persists, then that indicates that there is a much more technical issue.


Thus, only experts will be able to solve. And to get that, you will have to avail the best tech support services that you can. 


So, if you find yourself in a situation like that, then do not back down from getting tech support services. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa