Is Your Macbook Not Charging: 4 Ways To Get Rid Of It

The beauty of MacBook lies with its portability. You can unplug the MacBook and use it at any place whenever and wherever you want.


However, it can only be done, if it holds sufficient charge. It can be a huge nightmare if you see that your laptop is not getting enough charge and the battery is getting drained easily.


In this article. We are going to discuss reasons as well as solutions of MacBook not charging efficiently.


Reasons for Macbook Charging Failures

Well, before moving on to its solution, there are certain reasons that may be responsible for Macbook Charging issues. Here are some of them listed below:


  • Broken connections
  • Settings Issues
  • Hardware problems
  • Critical condition of the Battery
  • Overheating of the device


4 Simple Solutions For Macbook Charging Issue 

MacBook issues may be related to something very obvious or insignificant. Thus, try the solutions listed below and check whether they resolve this issue or not. 


Solution 1: Inspect the Hardware Physically

Before going to any other fixes, first of all, make sure to check the basics. If you face difficulty in charging your MacBook Pro, you should check the power cable of it.


Inspect it from the core and check if there are any broken spots, or tear on it. Also, see if there are any stains within it. If you find any damage, there are chances that it is the reason for your problem.


After that, the next thing should be to verify the port efficiently and see if there are any foreign object injected or any debris accumulated within it. 


This is because many times, the reason for the issue may be related to the port itself. Thus, if you find any contamination stuck within the port, take a toothpick and remove it.


The most obvious step remains to see whether the MacBook cable is efficiently plugged in the wall socket. See whether it is switched on and if it’s not working, try to test with some different socket.


As sometimes the problem does not lie within the charger or any data cable, but the socket itself. Although it sounds a bit basic, it is important to check twice before moving to the next step.


However, stay cautious while checking for wears and tears of the data cable. As these can produce an electric shock. 


Solution 2: Reboot your Macbook Device

Like any other devices, MacBook can freeze or stop due to certain obvious reasons. Apart from that, the hardware that controls the charging of the notebook can stop as well. Thus, this may be another reason why your MacBook is not charging. 


If the issue persists, try to reboot your MacBook. This is because many times rebooting may solve the issue easily. Here is how you can do it:


  • Click on the Apple logo that is present in the top left corner of your MacBook screen
  • After this, click on the restart option, to restart your MacBook.
  • Now, wait for it to reboot.


There are many instances where rebooting the device helped to resolve the charging issues of MacBook.


Solution 3: Check for your Battery Health

Many times there might be some issue with the battery of the MacBook and it may wear out faster than it is expected. Thus, it is necessary to monitor the battery status as there are chances of charger operating failure if the battery health is not intact.


To know about the health and condition of your charger battery, all you have to do is view the state of battery health. 


You can do this by pressing and holding Option (ALT) Key. After that, click on the icon of the battery in the menu bar. Now, you will notice an  “Advanced options” of the menu appearing on your screen. There are 4 stages in which your battery can be:


  • Normal: Your battery is absolutely fine and is working fine as well
  • Replace soon: The battery is working fine but the charge within it is less. Thus, it needs to be replaced soon.
  • Replace Now: The battery needs to be replaced immediately or as soon as possible.
  • Service battery: You have to replace your MacBook charger or it may damage your device. 


Solution 4: Cool your System

Sometimes, the charging issue of your MacBook may occur due to overheating of your device. Thus, leave your laptop at a cool place for sufficient time so that it can cool down. There are many instances where cooling a device resolved the problem. 


Do Certain Applications Have The Potency To Affect MacBook Battery Health?


Well, if you are searching for a simple answer to this question, then yes, many applications have the potency to affect the MacBook battery health.


These backdoor applications have the potency to impersonate themselves and throw fake alerts like “update your flash player”. 


If you are unsure about downloading these things in the past, it is important to run an antivirus or malware check.


Many times the reason for these issues may be certain battery draining applications. Make sure to delete them efficiently and reboot your system. 


Resetting the SMC can resolve the issue at times. SMC stands for system management controller. It is responsible for the battery management and anybody can indicate its status with the light. Thus, if you notice your MacBook is not charging, try to reset the SMC, as sometimes that helps.


Note that resetting the smc may differ with batteries. It is different for the removable battery than a non-removable one. So, firstly it is important to determine whether the battery is removable or not


Macbooks that have non-removable batteries include Macbook pro after 2009 version.

However, if the battery is non-removable, here is how resetting can be done:


  • At first, Shut down your MacBook
  • Now press Shift, Control and the Power button, all at the same time.
  • After this, hold the keys for 10 seconds.
  • Now, release the keys.
  • Press the power button and turn on your Mac


Summing Up 

Charging issues associated with Macbook are pretty common and the solutions stated above can solve these common problems almost instantly. However, if the issue remains, even after you tried all the solutions, make sure to consult a professional to get rid of it. Lastly, you can let us know in the comments whether these solutions were useful or not.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa