Resolve Mac External Display Not Working Problem With Easy Hacks

Mac display is famous for its excellent display features within a stylish look. Besides its incredible functionalities, you may often come across the Mac external display not working issue. Thus, the blank screen error or unusable display problem occurs. Moreover, the quality of the picture becomes fuzzy or blurry due to resolutions issue. Furthermore, the contrast and the brightness issue are other problematic factors in Mac external display. As a result, you may often face picturization issues, video quality issues while you use your Mac device for representing your business project.

Resolve The Mac External Display Error

There are multiple ways to fix the Mac external display error. We are going to talk about some of them to make it easier to handle. You can try out of them to fix this annoying issue permanently.

Check Connections

A connection problem between the Mac External display and the Video cable creates this unexpected error. Therefore, without fixing this error by changing the cable and repair the port, you can’t fix this problem immediately.

A loose connection creates a video cable error. So, make sure that the connection between the device and the VGA is fair.

Moreover, the external displays’ power cable is securely connected with the Mac system. If the external power cable issue persists, then disconnect all the cables from the Mac and connect it with the right port.

Again, if you see the port is damaged, repair it immediately to remove the connection error.

If the cable fault is found, then replace the defective cable with the new one. It will remove the video cable connection error quickly. Furthermore, you can fix the cable connection error to avoid the Mac external display error.  

Detect The Display

  1. Press the Power button and turn the Mac device to the sleep mode.
  2. Choose the Apple menu and click on Sleep option.
  3. Now, wait for a few minutes and restart the device by the wake-up button or press a key on the keyboard.

If it fails to work, then you may try with the following steps to fix it permanently.

  1. Check the bottom right section of the Display Preferences window.
  2. Make sure that the Gather Windows button is present. If not, then hit Alt key from the keyboard and then activate Detect Displays.
  3. Tap on it while it appears on the screen.

Modify Video Settings

An incorrect video setup is another responsible factor of the Mca external display error. It creates a display error if the brightness and contrast are not perfectly adjusted. Therefore, the dimmed display creates the vision problem for the users.

To adjust the video settings, you need to modify the resolutions and adjust the brightness level.

Press the F2 key and balance the brightness level of the image. To adjust the secondary display, you have to press Ctrl+F2 together to adjust the brightness correctly.

If you use the display which is not an Apple product, then check the documents with the display.
Moreover, it includes the built-in control technology to adjust the display brightness.

Change Display Resolution

More resolutions or the small amount of resolution on the display creates the vision problem. Then, you need to adjust the resolution and set it to the correct to avoid the external display issue in Mac device. 

  1. Go to the Apple menu from your Apple device and choose the System Preferences.
  2. Now, click on the Display icon from this System menu.
  3. Tap on the Default display and check the resolutions of the images. If more resolutions are found than its capacity, then choose a perfect one as well as the refresh rate from your system.
  4. If the display somehow shuts down during the modification of resolutions, then hit the Esc key to undo the changes. If not, the Apple device will turn off.

    If you fail to change the resolution, then try to reboot the Mac system with the Safe mode. So, follow the steps below to resolve the problem easily.
  1. Reboot your system and press F8 from the keyboard immediately after displaying the Apple logo.
  2. Now, choose the Safe Mode by navigating the keyboard and press Enter to reboot the system in Safe mode.
  3. Then, reset the video port as per your needs to avoid the video quality issue.
  4. Now, check the resolution window and we hope the black screen issue in the external device will be removed.

Scan Malware

If still, the error persists, then remove the virus issue fro your device. Sometimes, a malware attack corrupts the disk files as well as the damage the disk spaces. However, you need to scan the antivirus software in your system. To perform this operation, you may try out the steps below and save your system from an unexpected external display issue.

  1. Open the Antivirus window by tapping on the installed security software. Now, open the System Preferences window by tapping on it.
  2. Choose the files which you want to scan or may click on Select All to scan the entire Mac device.
  3. Now, select the Scan tab and it will take several minutes to find out the virus infected files. Then, it will be detected automatically.


In the above article, we have discussed effective solutions on Mac external display not working issue along with the possible reasons. Moreover, we are given the major symptoms you can encounter of the external display problem occurs. Furthermore, you can fix it without facing any conflicts if you go through the entire articles properly. So, we hope this context will be beneficial for all the Mac users especially for the non-tech-savvy persons to resolve the external display error efficiently.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa