Effective Ways To Resolve iTunes Error 13010

Sometimes when we try to sync the music on our phones or on our computers with iTunes but face problems. We get an alert notification on our device which states ‘cannot be synced’ or ‘iTunes can’t play a specific song to your device’. The reason is generated due to error 13010.

So here we are going to provide some easy steps with the help of which you can resolve the iTunes error 13010 all by yourself without any difficulties.

Cause of iTunes Error 13010

There are many reasons for this error code being generated on our device while we try to sync music with the iTunes. Among these reasons, the most specific reasons for the iTunes error 13010 code are as follows:

  1. Due to corrupt download or incomplete installation of iTunes application or software on our device.
  2. Also, if the Windows registry gets corrupted due to a software change in any iTunes either installation or uninstallation then this problem occurs.
  3. The iTunes error code is generated if the Window system files or iTunes related system files are corrupted due to malware or virus infection.
  4. If any other program is maliciously or mistakenly deleted related to iTunes, then this error code is generated.

So these are the reasons why the iTunes error code is generated on our device.

How to identify iTunes Error 13010

There is some by which you can identify iTunes error code by yourself. They are as follows:

  1. The ‘Error 13010’ code will appear on the device and will crash the active window resulting in a black screen.
  2. The device will crash down several times while running the same program again and again.
  3. Also, the alert notification will be simply displayed on the computer screen.
  4. The device might run slow or if you are using a computer then it will respond slowly like, if we move the mouse then we will get the output at after few seconds. Also, if we try to type something then we will see the output a little later on the computer screen.
  5. The device may hang down for a few seconds.

Methods to Fix iTunes Error 13010

The methods to resolve iTunes error on our computer are as follows:

  1. Consolidating the media files in iTunes.
  2. Analyzing the problem with security software.
  3. By removing the genius database.
  4. Conducting a malware scan of the computer.
  5. Repairing the iTunes library with Tunescare.
  6. Installing the Windows update(in case you are using a Windows computer).
  7. Using the iTunes alternative to manage iPhone.

We will discuss each method in details to help you fix the iTunes error code.

Consolidating the Media Files

Sometimes the media files in the iTunes library might be stored in several other locations. So we have to consolidate the media files to ensure whether the content is stored in a single location. So in this way, we can rectify the permissions and can simplify the syncing process.

Analyzing for the problem with a Security Software

Also due to any other software or the security software of our device might obstruct with the sync process between our computer and our device. So you either have to alter settings of the security software or need to disable it.

By Removing the Genius Database

By following these steps you can remove the genius database from the device:

  1. Open the ‘Finder’ in the iTunes.
  2. Then go to ‘/username/Music/iTunes/folder’.
  3. Now delete the ‘iTunes Library Genius.itdtb’ file.
  4. Then open iTunes.

In this way, you can fix the iTunes error in your device.

Conducting a Malware Scan of your Computer

There might be some possibility that the iTunes error 13010 code occurs due to malware or virus. There scan your computer with anti-virus software to check whether or not there are any virus or malware on your device, due to which the error code is generated.

By Downloading the Windows Update

Also, you can install the Windows updates on your computer to resolve the iTunes error on your computer.

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ logo key and the letter ‘I’ together from the keyboard.
  2. Then in the ‘Settings’ window select ‘Update’ from the list of option.
  3. Now you can see a Windows Update dialog box.
  4. Now select the option ‘Install Updates’ to download and install the latest update on your computer.

Note: This process is only applicable if you are using a Windows computer.

Thus by following these methods, you will be able to fix iTunes error 13010 code by yourself. Also, share your views about this article.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa