6 Effective Methods To Mitigate Discord Not Connecting Problem Within A Flicker Of Time

If you love playing online games, then Discord is a must-have application. To set up and enhance the gaming experience, through a modern voice and text chat feature. Basically, it is a digital distribution platform, designed to meet all the requirements for the video gaming communities. You get in it a text, image, audio, and video communication channel to chat with your friends, which is more than easy-to-use. But, due to an abrupt technical glitch, you may note that this cross-platform fails to work properly. The most reported error is the Discord not connecting.

Now, you may want to interpret the situations due to which this error occurs. Basically, the users note that he/she can hear the voice of the other member either through the voice or chat channel but the other ends aren’t picking up any information from them. These errors are generally attached with the desktop version you are using or if the application gets corrupted.

To avoid increasing this heft situation, you need to troubleshoot the error and fix the problem at the earliest. Go through this article to learn 6 basic steps to eradicate the problem.

Comprehensive Guide to Solve Discord not Connecting Error

Let us start with the most basic hacks that can help you out, like switching to some other compatible headphones. If you are using a headphone that is not compatible with the system firmware. Or, if the Discord application does not support the headphones, then this trick can be your ultimate solution.

You can also try to disconnect and reconnect the device. Further, you can go for a soft boot of the device you are using, to solve any minor flaws within the system files. To reboot, all you have to do is turn Off the computer and wait for a while (4-5 minutes). Then, restart the device and try again to launch Discord and verify the microphone.  

Now, if you still note that despite applying these tips if Discord is still unable to pick-up what you are saying into the microphone, then proceed to the next section. Here, we are going to discuss some advanced procedures that can help you out to fix Discord not connecting.

Method 1: Enable Microphone Access in Windows/ Mac OS

Before you opt for reconfiguring the Discord settings you must verify whether the access to use microphone is enabled or not.

Steps for the Windows 10 users:

If you are using Windows 10, then these steps might help you to test the microphone status.

Navigate to the Windows Settings and select the Privacy option. Now, when the new window appears, try to locate the Microphone option, just under the app Permission tab. This is usually located on the sidebar on the left-hand corner.

Check whether the switch right beside the label ‘Allow apps to access your microphone’ is turned ON or not. If not, then toggle the switch ON to grant the microphone all its accessibility rights.

Steps for MacOS Sierra, High Sierra or Mojave users:

If you are using a Mac device (irrespective of the version), you can follow the steps mentioned below, to enable the microphone:

Locate and click on the Apple menu on the screen, and then go for the System Preference option. In the new window, go for the ‘Security & Privacy’ tab and click on the Privacy option.   Now, try to locate the title assigned to the Microphone you are using and click on it.

Finally, ensure that you have selected the checkbox right next to the ‘Discord application’ label. This will grant the application all its accessing permission and thus the microphone can connect with Discord.

Once you assure that Windows, as well as Mac, allows access to the microphone, then check for the Discord not connecting problem. If this was not enough then the voice settings might need to undergo minute changes.

Method 2: Verify the Voice Settings in Discord

Now, the foremost work is to check the voice settings in Discord and reset them. To proceed, just go to the User Settings and then choose ‘Voice and Video’ option. These are generally located in the sidebar, on your left side, just under the App Settings window. Scroll all the way to reach the bottom of the page and try to locate a bright red button labeled as ‘Reset Voice Settings’. Click on the option and wait for a minute or two, so that the command can get executed. Finally, restart the system to help it incorporate the changes. Now, as soon as the device reboots, note if the Discord not connecting problem persists or not.

You can test if the function of the microphone by navigating to the ‘Voice & Video’ page. Simply follow the above procedure to reach the page and click on the Let’s Check button, right under the Mic Test label. If it works, then you can hear the words that you say into the microphone. If the situation is the other way around, then move to the next procedure to fix the microphone.

Note: If you have reconfigured the settings or improvised any changes in the Voice and Video mode. Then, they will get deleted with just one click on the Reset button.

Method 3: Mark the Microphone as Input Device

In a certain situation, the microphone is not marked as the Input Device and thus fails to execute an input command. To eliminate all the odds, you have to check whether the microphone you are trying to use is visible within the Input Device tab. It is more than important to choose the accurate Input Device and Output Device, to avoid minor flaws within the system.

Once you set the microphone as Input Device and Output Device, test the volume. Turn up the volume for both Input Volume and Output Volume. Now, again test the microphone through the Mic Test by selecting the Let’s Check button. This must help you to fix Discord voice not connecting issue.

Method 4: Log out and Restart Discord

If the microphone is working properly and the internet connections are stable as well, but if still the issue persists, then log out from Discord and restart the application. Again, follow the steps mentioned in the above procedures and navigate to User Settings and then, scroll down until you get the LogOut button at the bottom.

Close Discord, by clicking on it and then again restart Discord. Use the credentials to login once again and note if the problem is there or not.

Method 5: Enable Automatic Input Sensitivity option in Discord’s settings

Alternatively, there is a chance that the microphone can stop functioning if you disable the Automatic Input Sensitivity option in the Discord’s settings. This feature actually prevents the application from picking up sounds automatically from the microphone.

To enable this feature again you have to navigate to the User Settings, choose ‘Voice & Video’ option, located under the App settings. Scroll down the page and locate the label Input Sensitivity. Just beneath the option, you will get the settings for ‘Automatically detect input sensitivity’, turn it On. Finally, test the volume and verify whether Discord works or not.

You can also check the indicator light just below the Settings. If the light appears solid green then Discord is capable of transmitting your voice through the microphone.

Method 6: Provide Discord Administrative Privileges

If you are trying to operate the Discord application on the computer, then the most suitable option to fix this problem is to provide it all the Administrative privileges. The first step is to close the Discord application and move to the desktop. Then, right-click on the Discord icon on the desktop and from the drop-down list select ‘Run As Administrator’.

You will note that a notification box gets prompted on the screen, confirm the Administrator Access by clicking on the Yes option. As soon as Discord gains all the Administrative privileges, disconnect the headphone and again connect it.

Additional Tips:

Before you start to use the Discord application, there are certain points that you must keep a note, such as:

  • Make sure that you use a USB or a 3.5mm headphone jack. Check if it is compatible with the port and check if it is securely connected.
  • Further, verify if you have the latest drivers and software for the device, where you are planning to use Discord.
  • Some headphones come along with a mute button, you need to ensure that the mute button is turned Off while using Discord.

The above-highlighted points will help you to prevent real-time error messages associated with Discord voice chat not connecting. Thus, you can continue enjoying the game without any hassle.

Final Remark…

The bonus point of following the above hacks and methods is that you do not need to be an expert or acquainted in the technical domain. The methods are more than simple and easy to apply. Further, with this effective workaround, you can assure yourself of not receiving the Discord not connecting error message in the future.

However, if you get stuck or face any in-between glitch, then you can opt for the feedback box. Feel free to share your queries and experience in the box below. In case, you think that you have committed any mistake while going through the steps, then you must take technical assistance to avoid any severe chances of damaging the device permanently.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa