Instructions To Resolve Avira Scheduler Service Not Started Error Technically

The Avira Free Antivirus Scheduler service sometimes can cause curiosity among users, especially when it doesn’t start properly. For some, the notification of Avira scheduler service not started may seem like a malware link to run a malicious program. So, if the file of sched.exe doesn’t start on your system, it can occur due to multiple reasons. For some Avira users, this issue may crop up due to certain antivirus settings on the device. However, the component of Avira Antivirus may not respond properly when there are corrupted or damaged installation files on your system. It also prevents the users to update Avira Antivirus program especially while running it on Windows 10. If the Avira scheduler service doesn’t start normally, it can happen due to issues with the Windows system files. Sometimes, the services can also stop working if your PC is infected with critical spyware, adware, or virus attack. So, if you are experiencing problems while running the Avira scheduler service, go through this article. Here, you will learn how to fix this service error by applying some technical solutions.


Solutions To Fix ‘Avira Scheduler Service Not Started’ Notification

When you observe the message of Avira scheduler service not started, it means Avira will not be able to update anymore. This can also happen when the license key for activating the Avira Antivirus is not valid anymore. If you are facing this error while browsing on a specific browser, there can be incorrect configuration settings causing this problem. So, it doesn’t even matter why you are confronting this error but, you can resolve this Avira issue by following a few troubleshooting solutions. Let’s discuss the fixes in the below section.


Solution 1- Disable Proxy Server On LAN Settings

If the Avira scheduler service has stopped due to malware issues on specific browsing applications, then try this fix. So, the best way to deal with this problem is to turn off the proxy settings in your browser. This way it will not redirect to any unnecessary links whenever you try to remove ‘Avira scheduler service not started’ message. It will also help you restore the initial internet settings, which is necessary to update Avira Antivirus program in future. Now, let’s have a look at how to turn off the proxy server on browsing applications.

1. On Internet Explorer

To disable the proxy settings in IE (Internet Explorer), you have to click on the tab of ‘Tools’. Then choose ‘Internet Options’ and go to the ‘Connections’ tab. After this, select ‘LAN Settings’ and make sure to untick the ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’ checkbox. Next, you have to click on the ‘OK’ button for saving these changes. Then return to the Internet Explorer browser window and try to update Avira Antivirus.

2. On Google Chrome

In order to disable the proxy server on Google Chrome, open the browser window. Then at the top right corner of the page, you will see three icons.  Click on it and open the option of ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’. Next, hit the tab of ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Network’ option. Finally, choose the ‘Change proxy settings’ button and go to the tab of ‘LAN Settings’. Make sure to uncheck the ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’ box and click ‘OK’. After this, try to run the Avira scheduler service and see if it is starting properly.

3. On Microsoft Firefox

You can also turn off the proxy settings on Firefox by clicking on the ‘Tools’. Then choose ‘Options’ and navigate to the ‘Advanced’ panel. After this, click on the tab of ‘Network’ and hit ‘Settings’ beside the ‘Connection’ option. In the Connection Settings window, select the option of ‘No proxy’ and save these settings by clicking ‘OK’.

Solution 2- Turn Off Product Protection On Avira Antivirus App

For those users who are receiving the error of Avira free scheduler service not started on Antivirus Pro version, this fix can work for them. Usually, the issue appears right after you try to update Avira software on your device. After this, even if you restart the PC, the services remain unavailable due to this problem. So, to resolve this Avira issue, you can disable the ‘Product protection’ temporarily.

To apply this fix, click on the icon of the Avira Antivirus program on your computer if it is on the taskbar. Sometimes, you can take help from the Control Panel to view the ‘Programs & features’ and find Avira icon.

Then click on the ‘Avira Control Center’ and go to ‘Extras’. After this, hit the ‘Configuration’ tab and navigate to the section of ‘General’ on the left panel of the window. Click on ‘Security’ under ‘General’ and you will see the list of settings in the expanded section on the right.

Below the ‘Product protection’ section, there are three checkboxes in total. So, you have to untick the checkboxes for ‘Protect process from unwanted termination’ and ‘Protect files and registry entries from manipulation’. In case the checkbox for ‘Advanced process protection is ticked somehow, make sure to uncheck it as well.


Solution 3- Disable Real-Time Protection In Avira Control Center

Another best way to deal with Avira scheduler service has stopped notification is by disabling the feature of ‘Real-Time Protection’. To apply this solution, go to the Windows system tray and click on the Avira icon (red symbol having an outline of a white umbrella). Sometimes, you may find it in the hidden icons section as well, hence, make sure to check everywhere if you don’t see the Avira symbol.

Next, hit the ‘Manage Antivirus’ button and then click on the ‘Real Time Protection’. This feature on Avira has a slider switch to turn it On/Off. Hence, if you see the option of ‘Real Time Protection’ is on, click on it and turn it off.

After this, you will be prompted by your system to confirm this action. So, click on ‘Yes’ to give permission to Avira Antivirus to make necessary changes to your PC. Also hit the shield icon on the right side of the Avira window, which displays the Status of the antivirus.

Next, click on the ‘Firewall’ icon and move its slider switch towards the left to disable it or turn off. As you switch off both the ‘Real Time Protection’ and ‘Firewall’ feature on Avira, it will disable Avira Antivirus on your Windows-based PC.


Solution 4- Uninstall Avira Antivirus On Your Device

If you are still getting the message notification of ‘Avira scheduler service not started’ on applying the above solutions, the last option is to uninstall this antivirus program. It is essential, because if you still want to use Avira then you must reinstall it after deleting the current program. But, before that, you must remove the entire database to uninstall Avira Antivirus properly. Now, let’s check out the steps required to apply this solution to fix Avira error.
Steps To Delete Avira Antivirus Database On Windows

At first, press ‘Windows’ and ‘E’ keys simultaneously and it will display the Windows Explorer. Make sure to locate the ‘newdb’ folder in your system and delete it. If you are using Windows 10, you have to click on the C: drive and then open the Desktop folder. Inside it, find the option of ‘This PC’ or ‘My PC’ and then open the folder of ‘Local Disk’.

After this, select ProgramData, ‘Avira’, and ‘Antivirus’ folders one after the other. Finally, search for the ‘EVENTDB’ folder and delete it. These steps can vary on other versions of Windows including 7, 8, 8.1, and XP.

Follow This Info To Uninstall Avira

To uninstall Avira on Windows, click on the Start Menu and then go to ‘Settings’. Next, hit the tab of ‘Apps’ and select ‘Apps & Features’. On Windows 10, you can simply type ‘Apps’ and get access to this option on the Windows search box. Then navigate to ‘Avira Antivirus’ by searching through the list of apps. Click on the ‘Uninstall’ button to remove this program from Windows. Also, hit on ‘Yes’ button when Windows prompts for your confirmation. Once you hit the ‘Restart’ button and reboot your PC, Avira will not be installed anymore on Windows.

Hopefully, now you are aware of the steps to remove ‘Avira scheduler service not started’ message. In case, the first three solutions fail to resolve this issue, you can apply the fourth method to uninstall Avira Antivirus from your Windows-based device effectively. However, you will have to reinstall the software and make sure to enable ‘Product protection for Avira. To do this, you will have to follow the instructions in solution 2 and enable ‘Product protection’ in the ‘Avira Control Center’. In order to fix advanced issues in Avira scheduler service, you can consult Avira technician to suggest technical fixes to troubleshoot antivirus errors.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa