Resolve Acer Laptop WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Error With Quick Fixes

Many laptop users are experiencing wireless connectivity problems these days, especially those using products from the Acer brand. When the issue occurs, the device disconnects from the internet on its own. Sometimes, the WiFi icon just disappears whenever the users try to establish an online connection on their Acer laptops. In some devices, this problem can be seen right after switching to Windows 10. So, if you are also facing a similar situation and your Acer laptop WiFi keeps disconnecting often, this article may help you. Here, you will get information on the underlying causes, due to which the wireless connection doesn’t establish successfully on Acer devices. Also, it will cover a few solutions to troubleshoot WiFi connectivity errors on your Acer laptop.

Things To Do When Acer Laptop WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

Before you apply the technical fixes discussed in this article to troubleshoot WiFi issues on Acer laptop, you must be aware of its causes. In most cases, a corrupted or outdated network driver can be the reason why the Acer laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi.  Sometimes, you can face this issue if the wireless settings are not configured properly on your laptop. Also, there can be technical problems with the power management option in the Acer laptop, which can disable the WiFi connection. When this problem occurs, the WiFi signal can drop completely and you are forced to reconnect it from time to time. It can also display an error message stating that there is no wireless connection/adapter available near your device. So, to fix this connectivity error in Acer laptops, you can apply the following solutions.

Solutions To Fix WiFi Connectivity Issues On Your Acer Laptop

It can be really frustrating for users if the Acer laptop WiFi keeps disconnecting in between an important task. Fortunately, this problem is fixable and it only requires a few changes in the WiFi configuration and laptop settings. So, let’s have a look at the fixes that can help you to have a stable wireless network on your Acer laptop.

Solution 1- Make Use Of Wi-Fi Sense On Windows OS

This solution can resolve WiFi connectivity error on Acer laptops that mostly operates on Windows 10. So, if the network was continuously disconnecting due to the special feature of Wi-Fi Sense, you can apply this method.
So, at first, go to the Start Menu on Windows 10 and hit the option of ‘Settings’. Then navigate to the tab of ‘Network & Internet’ and click on it. On the left window pane, you will see the icon of WiFi.
As you click on the WiFi, it will display settings information on the right side of the ‘Settings’ window. Now, hit the tab of ‘Manage WiFi settings’ and scroll down the page to find ‘Wi-Fi Sense’.
You will see multiple toggle switches below the heading of ‘Wi-Fi Sense’. So, make sure to disable as many options as possible under these WiFi settings. Especially, turn off the switches for ‘Connect to suggested open hotspots’ and ‘Connect to networks shared by my friends’.
Finally, you must click on ‘Apply’, and then on ‘Save’ or ‘OK’ to save these settings in ‘Wi-Fi Sense’. If your wireless network was disappearing or disconnecting frequently due to interference from open hotspots or shared networks, this solution may fix this problem.

Solution 2- Modify Power Management Settings For WiFi

Some Acer users have tried this method of changing the power management options on their laptops to solve this error. To apply this solution, find the icon of WiFi at the bottom right corner on the desktop. Then right-click on it and select ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’.
On the left pane, there is ‘Change adapter settings’  just below the ‘Control Panel Home’ option. So, click on it and view the active networks on your Acer laptop.
Once you find the WiFi adapter in the Network Connections, right-click on it. Then hit ‘Properties’, click on ‘Configure’ button under the tab of ‘Networking’ and hit the ‘Power Management’ option.
Make sure to keep the checkbox beside ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ unticked. Finally, click on the ‘OK’ button to try to connect to the WiFi network to check the connection.

Solution 3- Enable Automatic Startup For WLAN AutoConfig Service

As per default settings, many Acer laptops can have the startup type for WLAN AutoConfig service set to ‘Manual’. This can sometimes cause the issue of WiFi disconnectivity in these devices. So, you can apply this solution and make the startup type Automatic.

To apply this method, open the Run dialog box on a Windows-based laptop. Then write ‘services.msc’ in it and click on the ‘OK’ button or simply press the ‘Enter’ key. It will open a new window of Services (Local) along with the list of services running on Windows.
Locate the service of WLAN AutoConfig from the list and double-click on it. If its startup type is displayed as ‘Manual’, you have to change it to ‘Automatic’. Then click on ‘Apply’ and also on the ‘OK’ button. Now return to the desktop and click on the WiFi icon to see if the connection is establishing smoothly.

Solution 4- Network Adapter Driver Update For Acer laptop

In many Acer laptops, the WiFi can disconnect frequently when the network adapter driver is incompatible to the OS. Also, any missing or outdated drivers can also be the reason behind Acer laptop WiFi keeps disconnecting problem. To fix this error, you can apply the recent updates available for the network adapter installed on your Acer machine.
In order to do this, go to the ‘Device Manager’ and identify the name of your network device for wireless connection. If you observe a yellow error mark near its icon, it surely means the driver has some problem.
So, click on the option of ‘Network adapters’ and expand the names below it. Make sure to select the correct network device name and right-click on it. After this, choose ‘Update Driver Software’ and allow your system to search for a suitable update.
Hence, you will have two options to update the network driver for Acer laptop to resolve WiFi issues. The first one is by automatic updates through online connectivity. Whereas, the second one is by browsing the driver installation files on your laptop and install them. So, you can select any of these options to update the network adapter on Acer laptop and resolve the WiFi connectivity error.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa