How to Remove the Windows Process Manager Virus? [Quick And Easy]

Among the different problems that virus attacks can cause in your PC, the Windows Process Manager virus is one of the most annoying ones that you can face. 

The Windows Process Manager is a really significant software tool that comes with the Windows operating system. This can help you keep proper track of all the programs that are running on your computer. 

But if there is a virus attack on this particular software tool, then that can be really problematic. As software corruption can translate to all the other components from there. And things can go from bad to worse in an instant. 

Now, if you are facing this issue, then let us assure you that you will be able to fix that easily. And the instructions that we have given here in this article will help you do just that. 

How the Windows Process Manager Virus can Affect your System 

Before we go ahead and check out the process of removing this particular virus. It is going to be really important to check the ways in which this might affect your computer. 

As if you have a proper understanding of the issue and the related details there are a lot of other technical glitches that you will be able to avoid. Especially, because it is an issue with the Windows Process Manager that we are discussing. 

Now, the most common way in which such a virus attack occurs is through an attack on the code. These can be the most difficult to predict, and with the internet on top of that, the risk is evermore. 

It can be an out of date antivirus program that is causing the issue. Due to out of date security protocols of the same, code attacks can get through with relative ease. As a result, you are going to get a bad case of the Windows Process Manager virus

Then, there are removable media that you keep for restoring data. These are particularly vulnerable to attacks from viruses, and can very well be the cause of this issue. 

Such a thing can also occur from the network that you have connected to. With proper measures, the virus is going to be able to access the system. 

So, here are the primary ways through which this virus can get into your computer system. 

How to Remove Windows Process Manager Virus in a Few Easy Steps 

Now, that we have discussed the main ways in which this virus attacks can occur. It is time to discuss all the ways in which we can fix the problem. Check out the following steps and apply them one after the other to fix the problem. 

Start Windows in Safe Mode 

Using the Safe Mode in Windows is going to allow you to perform some troubleshooting. And you will be able to do that right from your computer. So, to use the Safe Mode for this, here are the things you will have to do. 

  • Hold on to the Shift key on the keyboard as you restart your computer. 
  • Now as that is happening, you will have to repeatedly tap the f8 key. This is going to launch Windows in Safe Mode. 
  • Look for the Startup Settings option and click on it as you find it. 
  • After you do that, you will have to look for the Restart option from there. 
  • As you do that, you will have to press the key with the number that shows up on the screen. Mostly, that number is going to be 5. 

Now, you are going to be in the Safe Mode in Windows. And you will have to proceed from here to the next step. 

Display the Files & Folders that are Hidden 

As you are in the Safe Mode, you will have to bring up all the files and folders that are hidden. Here are the steps you are going to need for that. 

  • On your keyboard, press both the Windows key and the E key at the same time. 
  • In the window that comes up, look for the View tab which is going to be in the menu section. 
  • After you have opened up that particular tab, look for the Options icon. As you find it, click on it. 
  • A dialogue box is going to come up with the Show Hidden Files and Folders option. 
  • Finally, click on the Apply button and then the OK button to complete the process. 

After this step, you will be able to see all those files and folders that were hidden. Now, let’s move on to the next step on this list. 

Stop the Related Process of the Windows Process Manager 

To stop the virus from causing more damage than it already has, you will have to stop the related processes. Here is the process that you are going to need for that. 

  • You will have to open up the Windows Task Manager first. To do that, press the Ctrl key, the Alt key, and the Del key together. 
  • In there, look for the Processes tab and click on it to expand. As you do that, you are going to see all the processes that are running. 
  • Choose all the related processes from here and after that, click on the End Processes button in the same window. 
  • Finally, expand the Service tab and from there, you will be able to stop the services. 

Now, go to the next step in the process. With that, you will have to take out the Windows Process Manager. 

Delete the Windows Process Manager 

Finally, it is time to fix the Windows Process Manager virus issue by removing the program altogether. 

Follow these steps to accomplish that process. 

  • Launch the Windows Control Panel by clicking on the Start button of Windows. Then, select an option from the list which appears from there. 
  • In the Control Panel window, look for the “Uninstall a program” option and click on it as you find it. 
  • As you do that, you are going to find the list of programs that are running in the system currently. You will find the Windows Process Manager there. 
  • Right-click on it and from the dropdown list that comes up, select the Uninstall option. 

Then, the uninstallation process is going to start and you will have to wait till it completes. Then, as it is over, just restart the system. 

Thus, you will be able to fix this problem. 


So, here you have the entire process that you need to fix the Windows Process Manager virus issue. But the truth is that you might have questions regarding the finer details of this. 

In that case, you can put your question in the comments section of this article. A lot of people are there who have faced such issues, and they will be able to clarify your doubts. 

Other than that, if you want to find articles such as this one, then feel free to check out our website as you are going to find that. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa