How To Remove Facebook Messenger Video Virus? [Solved]

Basically, Facebook videos virus is malware that infects your device with some other malicious programs such as malicious hyperlinks. If this malware infects your device, an error message appears directly on the Facebook homepage.

This is usually a cyber infection spreading all over the world through social media. Some researchers have reported that the increasing level of private video on Facebook or sometimes the exclusive video Facebook virus is also responsible for this annoying issue.

This cyber threat spread various links through Messenger or on the Facebook homepage. Due to this, the users were asked to install specific plugins that may hack your Facebook account. 

You will find that the error link is followed by a short message which includes My Videos, My first Videos, special videos, etc.

If you have ever received this kind of malicious link, then you should remove it. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned in the section below and remove them from your device.

[Remove] Facebook Messenger Video Virus

If you received the Facebook Video virus in Messenger, then do not click on that link. But if in case, if you plugins any link in a web browser, then you need to remove it permanently.

What To Do…

Follow the steps as mentioned in the section below.

Step 1

At first, launch a web browser and check whether any plugins are present in the web browser that you have not installed on your own.

Step 2

If you found any plugins, you need to remove it. To do that, move to the Apps and Websites in the Facebook Settings. After that, navigate to the Apps, websites and plug-ins option.

Step 3

Now, click on the Edit button and press the Turn Off option. Thereafter, change the password and delete the messages and warn your friend not to send this type of link to you.

Step 4

Later, move to the Security and Login option under the Facebook Settings section. Scroll down and select the Settings up extra security option. You can choose to get an alerts notification when someone login to your Facebook account on a different device.

When the process gets completed, check whether the error message gets resolved or not.

Bottom Line

So, by following the above methods, you can easily eliminate the Facebook Messenger video virus. If the problem still persists, then mention that in the comment box and we will try to come out with a solution to your problem.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can you get a virus just by opening a Facebook message? 

When a virus or malware sends you an error link on the conversation box, you will not find any link when you search for it. But if they send a link to your friend’s chatbox, you are able to open the included link.

  • Can you get a virus from watching a video?

If you are using a computer for different purposes, then there is a strong possibility that your device is infected by the virus. If you are watching any video on Facebook, then also viruses can attack your device.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa