Know Why Recaptcha Not Working in Chrome and Firefox: Get Hands-On Effective Fixes

Several Chrome users are reporting that reCaptcha is not working in their web browser. According to them, reCaptcha appears on the screen but fades away when clicked. 

If you reload the web page, then they might receive a warning message that your computer or network is sending automatic queries. 

Hence, we have investigated this particular issue and found out some solutions for it. So, keep reading this article to fix this issue on your browser. 

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix reCaptcha Not Working in Chrome and Firefox

Here are a couple of verified troubleshooting methods to help you resolve this particular issue. 

So, discover the various ways to fix the reCaptcha issue. 

Solution 1: Update Chrome to Its Latest Version

You might receive this error message if you are running an outdated version of Chrome. 

Thus, you can fix the bug present in Google Chrome by updating the browser to its latest version in the following way:

  1. Launch a Chrome browser and click the ‘Action’ button at the top-right corner. 
  2. Then, go to the ‘Help’ tab and click ‘About Google Chrome’ to let Chrome check for a new version. 
  3. Click the ‘Install’ button if a new version of Chrome is available. 
  4. After installing the update, open a new window in Chrome. 
  5. Now re-visit the reCaptcha window and click on the reCaptcha. 
  6. Proceed to the next solution if the reCaptcha fades away when clicked. 

In the same way, you can update Firefox to its updated version. 

Solution 2: Create a New Profile 

Moreover, a corrupted browser profile can make the reCaptcha non-functional. 

Many users have solved the issue by creating a new profile on their web browser. So, you too do the same and try to fix the issue on the go. 

On Chrome

  1. First, close the existing Chrome windows and go to the Start menu. 
  2. Press Windows key and ‘E’ at the same time to open Windows Explorer. 
  3. Navigate to the ‘%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\’ location and open the ‘User Data’ folder. 
  4. Then, right-click on the default folder and choose the ‘Rename’ option. 
  5. Type ‘Backup Default’ and press ‘Enter’ to save the folder with this name. 
  6. Open a Chrome window to force it to create a new profile automatically. 

On Firefox

  1. Close the current Firefox window and open the Run application. 
  2. Type ‘firefox.exe’ into the application and click ‘OK’ to open a Firefox dialog box. 
  3. If the box doesn’t open, then navigate to the ‘Windows: “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox.exe’ directory on 32 bit- Windows and ‘C:Program Files(x86)Mozilla Firefox.exe’ on 64 bits Windows.
  4. Choose ‘User Profile’ on the Firefox named dialog box. 
  5. Click ‘Create Profile’ and tap the ‘Next’ button.
  6. Then, enter a name for your profile and click the ‘Finish’ button to create a new profile.   
  7. Now, select your new profile and open the Firefox window. 

Note: The new Firefox window won’t display any of your saved bookmarks and favorite icons. Restart the Profile Manager if you want to change your profile afterward. 

Solution 3: Disable the VPN or Proxy Service

The VPN application enabled on your PC might be a hindering factor for the reCaptcha. Thus, temporarily disable the VPN and see whether it works or not. 

If a disabled VPN resolves the ‘reCaptcha not working’ issue, then contact your service provider and ask him how to connect to a proper VPN. 

If the problem is triggered by a proxy server, then disconnect your PC from this proxy server and check whether it solves the problem or not. 

Otherwise, you will need to connect your service provider or avail of any technical assistance. 

Solution 4: Reset the IP Address

There is a large number of public and private databases to keep track of suspicious IP addresses. The reCaptcha won’t work if your IP address belongs to the suspected range. 

In such a case, you can force your router to assign a new IP address to circumvent this issue. This solution will be helpful if you are experiencing the issue on multiple browsers. 

Hence, you can manually reset the IP address by the steps given below. 

  1. Press Windows key and ‘R’ simultaneously on the keyboard to evoke the Run application. 
  2. Type ‘cmd’ into the Run dialog box and click the ‘OK’ button to open Command Prompt. 
  3. Use ‘Ctrl+Shift+Enter’ combination to open an elevated Command Prompt. 
  4. Click ‘Yes’ on the ‘User Account Control’ dialog box to grant administrative privileges. 
  5. Type ‘netsh winsock reset,’’netsh int ip reset,’’ipconfig /release,’ and ‘ipconfig /renew’ in the elevated Command Prompt and press ‘Enter’ after each one of them. 
  6. After processing all the above commands, open your web browser and ensure that reCaptcha is functioning correctly. 

Method 5: Scan the System with Malwarebytes

reCaptcha not working might be an indication of infected files inside the Chrome or Firefox folder. Malware is the most common cause of infected files in a PC. 

Thus, you can run a Malwarebyte scan to fix the infected files. Here’s a quick guide on how to install a Mlawarebyte and use it on your PC. 

  1. If your PC doesn’t have a Malwarebyte, then download a reliable one from the internet. 
  2. After downloading the Malwarebyte setup file, click ‘Yes’ on the ‘UAR Warning’ popup to launch the Malwarebytes on your PC.
  3. On the Malwarebyte window, click ‘Scan Types’ and choose the ‘Custom Scan’ option. 
  4. Put a checkmark on all the boxes shown under the ‘Custom Scan’ menu. 
  5. The Malwarebytes scans your PC and removes the malware. 
  6. Then, open the Run application and enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ in it to open ‘Programs and Features.’
  7. Scroll through the list of installed programs and locate your web browser. 
  8. Right-click on the browser and choose the ‘Uninstall’ option from the context menu. 
  9. Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to uninstall the browser. 
  10. After uninstalling the browser, restart the system and open another web browser.
  11. Then download and install the latest version of your web browser. 
  12. After reinstalling the browser see whether the reCaptcha is working properly or not. 

The aforesaid solutions have already helped users encountering the reCaptcha not working issue.

In case if none of the solutions work for you, then contact your service provider or move to another provider.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa