Printer Not Activated Error Code 30: Get It Fixed Within A Minutes

Printer not activated error code 30 is a common problem that you might face these days. The error generally occurs due to the printer software problem. Whenever your printer software intervenes your system, you would face this issue.

Along with this problem, you might face several errors in your operating system which can be quite annoying at times. 

Printer not activated error code 30 can restrict you from printing documents. However, you can fix this problem by using several methods and techniques. 

Uninstaller software is one of the best options to prevent this issue. First and foremost thing is that if you are the cause of the problems only then you be able to solve the issues from the depth.

Causes for Appearing Printer Not Activated Error Code 30:

Multiple reasons are there for the occurrence of this error code 30. This is why you need to be aware of all the problems in details otherwise you can not protect your system. Check the below causes to solve the issues.

  • When your printer drivers are not updated, then printer not activated error code message can pop up on your screen.
  • If your printer software is old or can not function properly then this error code will pop up.
  • Continuous usage of quick print option to get a faster print out of the documents may cause this issue.
  • Make sure your pdf feature will not start automatically because this is another reason of getting this error
  • Sometimes you need to give your full attention to your printer while printing your documents, avoiding such messages can also cause this error code.
  • Absence of definite advantages in your registry is another cause of encountering such an issue.
  • If you do not get proper permissions regarding security then you will not be able to print which causes Printed not activated error code 30
  • Error code 30 occurs due to virus attack
  • You must use troubleshooter whenever you can notice any errors on your screen, otherwise, this error code will occur again and again.
  • Your printer has to be set as default, else printer not activated error code 30 will show.

How to Fix Printer Not Activated Error Code 30?

With proper guidelines, you can easily fix this frustrating issue on your own. Follow the below steps and repair the issues one by one. 

  • Set Your Printer as Default

You have to make sure that you have set your printer as default at your system.

If it is not set in a proper way then you can easily change it just follow the below steps

First, open Settings>click on device> select printers and scanners> check at the right site and click on manage> lastly, click on set as default button

2. Run Printer troubleshooter 

If your system is attacked by various bugs and virus then you must run the troubleshooter, this the most useful method to detect error code 30 or other error codes.

Here are the steps to perform the task:


  • Click on setting app
  • Go to update and security section
  • Click on troubleshoot
  • Choose printer
  • Tab on Run the troubleshooter


If still the problem persists,  then try Hardware and Devices troubleshooter to solve the problems.

3. Upgrade Your Printer

If your system does not have new updates then it can cause error code 30, To fix this issue you might need to install the latest version so that it can solve the issue. Do not forget to check whether your system has updated automatically if not then you have to follow below steps and finish the process manually.

  • Click on the Settings app
  • Select Update & security section
  • Click on check for updates button

4. Get Security Permissions for Applications

If your system does not have security permissions then chances are higher that you might encounter this error code. In such cases, you need to set security permissions manually. 

Just follow the below steps.

  • Right-click on your desktop
  • Click on properties
  • Click on Security option and select your user account
  • Tab on edit
  • Again select your user account and click on full control option
  • Click on apply and ok 

5. Reinstallation of Your Printer

Sometimes by reinstalling your printer can eliminate error code 30 issue.

  • Just press   and R button and hold for a second
  • Type Regedit in the run box
  • Navigate to-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetHardware ProfilesCurrentSoftwareTS PDF Generator key 
  • Right Click on TS PDF Generator Key and Select Permissions option
  • Select the last option and click on full control
  • Tab on ok and then apply

6. Try Print To PDF Feature 

Use this method to solve the error code 30 issue. This feature is built-in Windows 10. To sort out this, use apply this process

7. Choose your Printer When it Requires

Using quick print option is not the best way to get print faster. For choosing this method Print to PDF feature open automatically which can cause an error. Hence, you must choose your printer by yourself to get the best solution.

8. Download the Latest Drivers For Your Printer

If you are using old versions for your printer then you must download the latest version to get the faster result. You always get this driver from trustworthy websites and the downloading method is also easy. 

Better drivers indicate better performance. Keep on updating your drivers and it will detect your problems more efficiently.

9. Change Old Software

This is the best way to solve this error code. Sometimes only changing your old software and getting a new one can fix your problems quickly. Just go to the settings tab and remove the software and install the new one.

Sum It up…

If you do not have any idea how to fix printer not activated error code 30 then you can definitely try the above-mentioned solutions step by step.

Hopefully, these solutions will help you to fix error code 30 effectively without any hassle. In case of further trouble and confusion, you can opt for expert help.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa