Port de La Mer is a place to fall in love with

Buying real estate in Dubai is gaining popularity among foreign investors. Many new residential complexes are being built in the region, so it is not an easy task to choose the right one. Due to the rapid development of the economy, Dubai has a high standard of living, reasonable prices and there is no difficulty in finding a job and opening your own business. Besides, it represents several neighborhoods of exceptional development conditions. Port de la Mer is a great opportunity to invest or live on the azure Gulf Coast. It is the first free community in Jumeirah, featuring a collection of Mediterranean luxury apartments in low-rise buildings.
The proximity of the Mediterranean Sea allows the residents of Port de la Mer being ivolved in more than just yacht trips and independent seaside living. Panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and the sights of Dubai are the only island getaway in town. Foreigners from all over the world come here to buy properties in Port de la Mer and enjoy the coastal lifestyle and vibrant atmosphere.

A few words about Port de la Mer

Being located 20 meters from the coast, the community offers an abundance of luxury apartments with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bedrooms, in which the windows overlook the sea.
It has a beneficial location on the northern part of Jumeirah Peninsula. From this place you may easily get to the world-class marina and Dubai Marina. Port de la Mer is approachable by two ways mainly: by car and by the sea. The shopping center City Walk and La Mer waterfront are approximately 10 minutes walk. Permanent residence and potential house buyers enjoy the proximity of water and infrastructure within a walking distance.

Residential complex Port de La Mer from Meraas

Meraas has developed over 7.4 km2 of residential and commercial real estate in Dubai, including the famous Bluewaters Island and Port De La Mer. As one of the one of the UAE’s largest and most trusted developers, Meraas is creating residences and renowned public spaces in the finest areas of Dubai. Port de la Mer is a perfect opportunity of living and investing in premium real estate on the coast of the Persian Gulf. It is the perfect area for those who are looking for a luxury apartment in a modern residential complex.
Not only potential residents come to the area for living, foreign investors are attracted as well. The property in Port de la Mer is in high demand because of tourists coming in crowds. In general, it gives about 7% of ROI.

Reasons to fall in love with Port de la Mer

Having various interests and desires, people pay attention to different details when choosing a property. Some buyers prefer to put the convenient location at the top of the list, some concentrate on the objects of infrastructure, others are interested only in the prices of real estate. We are going to combine all the beneficial characteristics of Port de la Mer mentioned-above to deliver information to all potential buyers.

Location of real estate

Convenient location is mostly predetermined by the near proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. This feature already gives good chances of careless coastal lifestyle and high investment return. Besides, the house owners may enjoy the following characteristics:

  • The territory can be reached by sea and by land
  • Large bridges are planned to connect the recreational areas
  • Private amenities
  • Approachability of airports, main roads, and neighboring areas

Inside of a house

Although the housing options are different and vary in characteristics, all of them are decorated by famous designers. Due to the plan, the common features of the housing options will be the next:

  • Concentration on minimalism and reserved colours
  • Private balconies and spacious terraces with the sea views
  • Built-in amenities and partially or fully equipped rooms with furniture
  • Central air conditioning for pleasant temperature at any season

Selection of real estate in Port de la Mer

Real estate in Port de la Mer is introduced by various types of housing options. Due to the abundance of affordable property, future permanent residents are able to choose either a cozy minimalistic studio for one, or a spacious multi-bedroom apartment for a big family.

The property featuring a bigger number of bedrooms cost from AED 11,300,000 up to AED 14,500,000, depending on the footage.

Real estate agency in Port de La Mer

Port de la Mer is an exclusive place for living and investment. Due to the rapid development of the UAE economy, Port de la Mer has a fairly high standard of living, reasonable prices and there is no difficulty in finding a job and opening your own business. Real estate market flourishes with multiple affordable apartments for sale. Looking for the most appropriate one, contact the real estate agency Ax Capital