PEMF Devices with Smartphone APP Connection

Imagine your body as a battery that gradually loses energy as a result of daily stress. By the end of the day, you’re emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted. That’s why PEMF technology comes in to help you in your stressful conditions

PEMF therapy works in concert with the body’s natural healing process by electrically and magnetically activating cells. As a result, the biochemical and physical metabolic processes of the cells are stimulated, which allows the cells to once again function correctly and more effectively.

These PEMF technologies can also be run on your smartphones. You can change the frequencies and field intensity of infrared radiations with just a click on your phone or tablet. You can simply get this by installing the application of various therapy devices and using this whenever you want a therapy session. These applications make the use of therapy very easy for you.

Here, we have mentioned the 3 most popular PEMF therapy devices with smartphone app connections. You can get benefit from these while your daily hectic routines:

Bellabee – PEMF therapy device

The Bellabee is a recently released therapy technology. It differs from the other localized devices; its main application is to focus on neurological issues rather than sleep or pain. The device is attached to a smartphone and an app, and it is worn on the back of the head. This complicates PEMF devices and makes them difficult to use quickly, but this product works well with its app and is receiving excellent reviews from consumers.

The Bellabee PEMF therapy device has a considerably more robust design. Younger people frequently use these products for concentration during examinations or in the office setting, as well as because they are compatible with mobile phones. These smartphone app-connected PEMF devices are frequently used for meditation and relaxation in addition to helpful concentration settings.


·  Relieve stress

·  Improve meditation

·  No battery or recharging required

·  1-year warranty

NeoRhythm Omni PEMF device

This PEMF device is small in size and can target specific body parts. These consist of the brain’s relaxing and slowing, which may aid in sleep and relaxation. According to the company, the Omnipemf NeoRhythm device aids in the body’s normal healing process. There are preset frequencies and programs to accommodate people with preferences or medical situations.

NeoRhythm is a non-invasive therapy treatment that uses low to medium-intensity field strength. The programs available on the headband are Deep Relaxation, Energy and Vitality, Improved Sleep, Pain Control, Theta Meditation, and Meditation Calming and Synchronization. This device can also be controlled by installing an application on your smartphone. It includes a rechargeable internal battery and is wireless.


·  FDA-approved technology

·  7 programs on the headband

·  Battery timing: 8-10 hours

·  Bluetooth connectivity

·  25 gauss field intensity

·  Enhance mental capacity and improve sleep

Sentient Element Classic – PEMF therapy device

This PEMF dual coil device comes with a pull handle and wheels making it portable and compact. The company asserts that this device has a higher power 2,500-watt amplifier than any other comparable devices on the market. The twin coil system offers a large treatment area and is appropriate for any health condition. For example, if someone wants to increase their blood circulation or has inflammation and soreness, they can use this therapy device.

You can adjust the frequency of this device by installing its application on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and can control the programs. It also has a feature of overheating and magnetic field detection. Its dimensions are:

  • width: 10-5/8’’
  • height: 8-3/8’’
  • depth: 15-1/2’’


·  It has thousands of programs

·  Has a carry-on case

·  Can detect overheating

·  Can control the frequency

·  Lifetime warranty

I hope these devices will help you in your busy routine. Simply, you just need to click on your phone to use the therapy session whenever you need it – from the comfort of your home or busy office routine.