Adobe RdrCEF Has Stopped Working: Effective Ways To Solve

Adobe is a popular software developed company. Its products include Adobe Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, Creative Cloud, and so on. All these products work quite well until you are stuck with an Adobe RdrCEF has stopped working problem. RdrCEF.exe is an inbuilt file which comes with Adobe Acrobat Reader and functions in most of the cloud […]

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Adobe Flash Not Working Windows 10: Easy And Simple Steps


Get Smart Solutions To Fix Adobe Flash Black Screen

Adobe Flash player is a small utility or a tool to display the visual content of the websites. But in recent times, some issues arise with Adobe Flash player. Adobe Flash black screen is one of the most common problems that users often come across. If you are using an old or outdated version of […]

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Exceptional Solutions To Resolve Avast Error 42125

Avast error 42125 is one of the most frequent anti-virus errors that is encountered by Avast users. Every PC and laptop users are aware of the fact that the virus is a big threat to the computer or the other systems that you use. The same thing also goes with malware. The most important and […]

How To Solve The Malwarebytes Has Stopped Working Windows 10 Issue?

Malwarebytes is an internet security company which is mainly based in Santa Clara, California. It has a lot of internet security products but it is mainly known for its Anti-malware software products. All of its software are multi-OS and multi-platform compatible. It usually develops free software but some of its software services are paid. Apart from security software, its product lineup also contains some File cleanup and Battery life improver software. All the Malwarebytes products work perfectly but sometimes due to file corruption and OS incompatibility it faces some issues. Most of the time those issues are very small an need some

Acer Speakers Not Working Windows 10: Excellent Ways To Fix

Nowadays, an Acer laptop is one of the well-known laptop brands in the market. The speakers of these gadgets provide a limited quality playback. Acer gives wide varieties of computers both laptops and desktops for laptop addiction. With powered computer speakers, most of them are already installed an audio jack into the computer. Even there is no special experience or technical expertise to make connection speakers to an Acer computer. But, Acer speakers stop sometimes while it is running a program in your device. This error can be an obstacle for users. Therefore, here are some tricks to fix Acer

Windows Update Service Not Running – Solve This Issue Yourself

Windows is the most popular Operating System for computers and you can find it everywhere in the world. Doesn't matter whether it is in the home of an individual, a retail store or a corporate office. Majority of the computer user use Windows as their operating system. But for proper running of this system over a long period of time, updates are essential. But, the real problem occurs when you face the Windows update service not running. That way you won't be able to update any driver, let alone the regular updates for the operating system. But don't worry as if

How To Turn On Windows Defender: 3 Effective Ways

Windows is one of the most commonly used Operating Systems developed by the Microsoft company. However, the updated version is Windows 10. It comes with many of the updated and useful features. After installing Windows 10, the available updates automatically stores into your system with the presence of the internet connection. Windows Defender is the default security tool, which is very effective in protecting your system from harmful threats. It automatically starts scanning your system after the Windows gets active. And as the Windows get updates, it (Windows Defender) automatically gets updates as well. However, without your knowledge, if it stops

How To Disable Touchpad Windows 10: Effective Guidance

The touchpad is very important while you are working on the laptop. This touchpad is very handy and useful. People do prefer to use the touchpad in their laptop using Windows 10 or any other Operating System. Almost all the laptops come with built-in touchpads and the latest laptops are coming with the more advanced touchpad. But, it may not be desirable when the mouse is already connected. You might face issues while typing or playing games. Though using the touchpad is handy, it depends from individual to individual. Windows 10 is a very intelligent Operating System. It automatically deactivates the device

Learn How To Rotate A Video In Windows Media Player With Detailed Steps

The Windows Media Player is the official video launcher of Microsoft. It serves with top quality performance. Moreover, the Media Player is backed with some advanced features which will enhance the performance and video quality. However, you might face some glitches such as the inability to rotate the video while it is running on Windows Media Player. If you want to know how to rotate a video in Windows Media Player, follow this article.   How To Rotate A Video In Windows Media Player: Easy Ways   If you are not able to rotate a video in the Windows Media Player then it

Fix Chrome Error Code 0xa0430721 With Brilliant Hacks

When it comes to the best compatible internet browser, Chrome deserves a special mention. But nowadays many Chrome users are facing complications while they are trying to update or install anything on their system.  chrome error code 0xa0430721 pops up on the screen. As a result, Google Chrome browser fails to respond. Suppose you are […]