Outlook Error Code 3253 – The Easy Solutions

One of the best software systems that you can possibly use when it comes to sending and receiving emails is the Outlook. Throughout the years, Microsoft’s mailing service has gone through multiple changes but has evolved along the way. Thus, it has turned out to be such an awesome web mailing system. But still, the fact of the matter is that this system like any other software is vulnerable to errors. One such error is Outlook error code 3253. This is basically an error that says ‘Connection to the server dropped or failed.’ Moreover, it restricts sending emails. This kind of error is quite frustrating and occurs without any warning.

So, we recommend you to follow the whole guide properly and proceed with steps as per mentioned. Coming on to the next paragraph, we are going to mention the causes behind the error.

Causes Behind Outlook Error Code 3253  

Let us look at the responsible factors that are the basic causes behind the Outlook error 3253. So here are some of the causes that will guide you to mitigate the worries.

  • A large number of the emails in your Outlook sent box will put stress on the client-server-communication. So, this way the error code might take place and lead to an improper Internet connection.
  • The error can also occur due to some incorrect server settings of the outgoing and the incoming server.
  • If you have an incorrect installation of the Outlook on the client computers, then also the error may occur.
  • Having damaged or corrupted Outlook in the computer.
  • Having corruption in the Windows registry meanwhile having installation or uninstallation of the Microsoft Outlook Software.

Apart from the major causes, there are also some other causes that might cause this error. So, below is a set of other possible causes of the error 3253

  1. Having malware or virus can be a leading cause as it leads to corrupted Windows system files or Microsoft Outlook related program files.
  2. Accidentally deletion of Microsoft Outlook files can also cause the error to occur.
  3. System junk can happen due to the accumulation of temporary files and folders.
  4. Having an outdated PC driver can be another source of Outlook error code 3253.
  5. Corrupt installation of Windows can lead the error to occur.
  6. Unsupporting the current changes that one makes to the Operating System can also cause the error to occur.

Easy Hacks To Resolve Error Code 3253 Outlook Mac

So coming on to the solutions, do follow the steps mentioned below. Moreover, the solutions are appropriate enough to remove the issue totally.

  • From the Mac, open the Terminal app or else you can try it by clicking the Spotlight search glass which is present at the top right corner. Here just type in the word terminal.
  • Without providing the quotes inside the terminal, type in the following command “defaults delete com.microsoft.Outlook.” This will typically delete the Old Outlook preferences.
  • Again inside the terminal type in “killall cfprefsd.” This will help you to kill the cached preferences. Lastly, launch the Outlook. Try sending a mail again from the Outlook and find whether the problem still exists.

Some Alternative Steps To Resolve

If the above process does not work, then try out these steps to resolve. This will definitely delete the glitches from the root.

Method 1: Repairing PST File

So, in order to repair the PST file manually, choose a scanning process by selecting the PST file and click the Repair option. Have a note that you are using proper software. If not, then during the repairing process, it might alter the original files of the Outlook data files(PST). So, be very technically proficient before proceeding with the step.

Method 2: Join An Exchange Account

Select the Exchange option, by choosing the Add option. Now, gather and enter the necessary information for the exchange account. After this simply select the Configure automatically option. Once you put in all the details correctly, it will automatically configure the account.

Method 3: Update The Driver

Ensure you update the device driver either manually or automatically. If you want to update the driver manually, then open the manufacturing website and find whether there is any latest driver available. Choose a suitable one for your device and download it. If you want to update the driver automatically, then no worries as the system itself will find an appropriate one and install the driver for you.

Also, remove all the recent changes that you made. Ensure that you also uninstall the existing version of Windows. This will definitely help you out to resolve the issue at the earliest.

Hope, the article was helpful enough to resolve the issue Outlook error code 3253. Even if you are not that technically proficient, you can remove the problem easily by following the whole guide properly. We also recommend you not to try anything else as it may cause serious issues. If you have any query on the same, take help from our website and resolve the issues. In conclusion, if this article was helpful enough then, leave your feedback in the comment section.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa