Feasible Methods To Get Rid Of NordVPN Not Connecting Issue Without Any Trouble

In spite of the functionality and flexibility, NordVPN is also not free from glitches. The users are reporting some problems relating to the connection they are facing now. Among all of them, NordVPN not connecting is fairly common in occurrence.

In most cases, it stops connecting after the latest update and as well as an error message of “timed out” gets constantly showing up on the display. 

If you go through the entire article, you will know the factors that are the main culprits for this problem.

In case, if the IPv6 option is enabled on your device, then it leads to this error as well. Apart from that, sometimes the third-party applications conflict with the software system and you might unable to connect NordVPN.

If the network adapter is not working properly or if there is an error in the network, then there is a chance of confronting the same problem as well.

Unfortunately, if you are also looking for the solutions for the same issue, then you are in the right place to get rid of it. Keep your eyes on the entire guide and implement the methods exactly as mentioned below.

Fix NordVPN not Connecting Issue with these Tips and Tricks:

These below are the tricks that you can try to solve the NordVPN not connecting error. Here, we have provided the techniques in such a way that you can try all the methods one-by-one to get the error fixed.

Learn How to Solve NordVPN Not Connecting Windows 10:

If you are facing the same issue on Windows 10, then follow the steps that are mentioned below. There are more than one solutions that are suitable to solve this issue from your Windows 10 device.

Method 1: Disable IPv6

Users have reported that IPv6 does not work properly with the NordVPN. That’s why you need to turn off the option and check if you are still facing the same problem or not.

To do so, at first, you need to turn on your computer and then move to the bottom right side of your computer screen.

Here, select the “Network and Sharing Center” option and right tap on it. Then, select “Open Network and Sharing Center” by clicking on it.

Next, select “Change adapter settings.” Then, tap on the Network Adapter that you desired to choose and also have a click on Properties.

Now, untick the option “Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv6). Finally, select the OK button and save the changes you have done recently.

Method 2: Restart Network/TAP Adapter

If the first method is not enough for you to fix the NordVPN not connecting Windows 10 issue, then restarting the Network/TAP adapter can help you as well. So let’s start:

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to tap on the Windows and R button simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box. Now, type “ncpa.cpl” in the box and press Enter key on your keyboard.

You can see all the Network adapters. Choose the TAP adapter by right-clicking on it. Then,  select the Disable option by tapping on it.

After completing the disable process, wait for a few moments and right-click on it again for selecting the Enable option. Check if this trick is workable for you or not.

Fix NordVPN not Connecting Mac Issue

By any chance, if your Mac version is lower than 10.12, then it is quite possible that you can find the same issue on your Mac device. In such instances, you need to follow the steps that are given below.

First of all, you need to launch the Keychain on your Mac. After that, look for the NordVPN.

Then, you have to double-tap on the NordVPN entry. Now, navigate to choose the “Show password” option by clicking on it. Here, you have to copy the revealed password.

Then, move back to the NordVPN app once more. Next, paste the password to the VPN Connection and as well as try to connect it. Check if the NordVPN not connecting to server issue is still appearing or not.

In case, if the above methods are not enough for you to fix the NordVPN failing to connect issue, then we recommend you try connecting a different computer on the same network.

If you are still in confusion, then try a different network as well. Moreover, It will help you to understand the exact faulty area.

If the article is helpful for you, then leave your valuable comment in the feedback box and let us know that. But if you are still getting the same glitch, then we would suggest you contact a technician and fix this issue at the earliest possible.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa