Nintendo Advent Calendar: Are You Ready for the Christmas Surprise?

Nintendo is going to make the upcoming festive season more special with its latest calendar innovation. If you are a Nintendo fan or your child is one, then the Nintendo Advent Calendar is what you must go through. 

How will it feel to unwrap a gift every day for 25 days straight? We know that it will be thrilling, and Nintendo’s Advent Calendar brings you the opportunity to relish it. The Advent Calendar has already been released, and it will be available online soon. 

To know everything about this calendar, keep continuing this guide.

Nintendo Advent Calendar: What is it?

It’s a unique gift idea for one of the most anticipated holidays, Christmas. With the Nintendo Advent Calendar, you will be able to pre-load the game as soon as the game gets released. So, you will witness 25 surprises as the Advent Calendar comes with 25 games and that too of different types.

Therefore, it’s much like any other advent calendar. An advent calendar consists of pieces of the card within small labelled flaps. They can contain small items or devotional quotes for the upcoming Christmas. And, you are supposed to reveal them one by one, and they are the reminders of the Christmas countdown.

So, you can play new games every day with the Nintendo Advent Calendar. And, it’s a great gifting option for those who appreciate Nintendo games.

When will the Nintendo Advent Calendar be Released?

Well, Nintendo’s Advent Calendar has been released for sale since 13 October 2022. However, it’s currently available in retail stores as planned. Each physical copy of the Calendar carries a holiday card.

This doesn’t mean that it won’t be available digitally for sale. Reportedly, the Calendar will be released online starting 10 November  2022. In addition, buyers will get a special eShop discount if they start pre-ordering the Advent Calendar by the end of October 2022.

We like the idea of the Nintendo Advent Calendar for 25 days of surprises and enthusiasm. Moreover, anyone can enjoy those games solo or with friends and family. Published and developed by Mindscape, the Advent Calendar is a suitable gift for Christmas.

What’s so Special about the Nintendo Advent Calendar?

Do you want to spend your Christmas countdown days with a real-time twist? Undoubtedly, it will be breathtaking to learn that there will be 25 surprises for 25 straight days before Christmas. And, you can unveil them one after one and enjoy your surprises. 

Nobody knows what awaits you for the next day when you are with the Calendar. Hence, Christmas will turn more joyous, along with festive challenges from the Advent Calendar. 

In the spirit of the holy Christmas, you can play these games with your family and friends too. For more information, you can visit the official Nintendo website.

Features of the Nintendo Advent Calendar

Holidays might feel boring if you are out of new ideas or creativity. So, if you want to fill your Christmas with festive challenges, then we bet that the Nintendo Advent Calendar is the best purchase you can make. 

It’s full of trendy features such as:

Sets the right Mood for Christmas

The Nintendo Advent Calendar has been designed in the scenery of the North Pole. Now, you can manifest those jingle bells, Carrolls, the Northern Lights, and a cosy fireplace with the Advent Calendar setup. So, it will keep reminding you that Christmas is near.

Allows to Unwrap a Gift Every Day

Opening gifts on Christmas morning brings surreal happiness. You can feel the same enthralling excitement with the Nintendo Advent Calendar. As you already know, it comes with 25 pre-loaded games that you can reveal and play one by one every day. So, unlock a single game every day like you’re unwrapping a gift.

Lets You Enjoy Games with Family and Friends

This Calendar comes with support for dual-player mode for most games. This means that two players can join a single game and enjoy it together. However, you can stretch the number of participants up to 4 players for certain games. Therefore, you can play it with your family members or friends.

Comes with Six Challenging Game Modes

You know that the Calendar comes with 25 games. In addition, there are diverse types of games available. For example, there are Candy Lines, Match 3, 2048 Presents, Xmas Sudoku, Pixel Art, and Christmas Puzzles to explore with the Advent calendar every day. 

So, you can get genres such as puzzles, lifestyle, multiplayer, and others with this kit. Moreover, you will get to pass multiple levels every day. All these features make the Nintendo Advent Calendar a great deal.

Additional Information Regarding the Nintendo Advent Calendar

You might be eager to learn about which systems support the Nintendo Advent Calendar. In addition, which languages are supported by the product? Here’s all you need to know about the Calendar.

Supported Play Modes for Nintendo’s Advent Calendar

It comes with 3 play modes, and they are Handheld, Tabletop, and TV modes. So, you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming anywhere and at any time you want.

Number of Players

Most games with the Nintendo Calendar support solo and dual-player modes. On the other hand, some games support 4 players to enjoy the game together. Additionally, they come with an Everyone ESRB rating. In addition, the game comes with a size of 284 MB.

Languages Supported by the Nintendo Advent Calendar

Well, the Calendar supports a whopping 12 languages for simplified understanding. You can possibly play those games in a language that suits you. 

Here are those 12 languages supported by the Nintendo Advent Calendar:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

Is the Nintendo Advent Calendar Worth the Hype?

Since we are approaching Christmas 2022, the Nintendo Calendar will be a great option to gift yourself or other Nintendo fans. So, you can either look for it in your nearest retail store or pre-book it from the official Nintendo website. Merry Christmas in advance, and happy gaming!