Moobloom in Minecraft – Everything You Need to Know

Mooblooms are the in-game character in the latest Minecraft version. These are rare mob drops which you can find in this popular online video game. Moobloom is a cow variant which the player has a low 0.6% chance of getting. 

Developers added this character during Minecraft Live 2020 on October 3.

The Moobloom is the variant of mushroom which can only be obtained in Minecraft Earth. 

Mooshrooms and Mooblooms have a similar appearance. However, Mooblooms are yellow cows with flowers on their back and mushrooms are its red variant.

Finding and spawning a Moobloom might be challenging in Minecraft. However, you can do that if you know the map location where this character appears the most. 

Many tend to confuse the Minecraft Earth cow with Moobloom. You must check the mob’s colour and behaviour before spawning them.

Here is detailed information about Moobloom and its appearance and behaviour:

How Does a Moobloom in Minecraft Earth Look Like?

Moobloom is a neutral mod resembling a cow in the Minecraft game. They have big white spots scattered throughout their body and head. This in-game character has two big black eyes just like Mushrooms. 

It also has three buttercups on its back and one on the head. If you look closely, you will find a white muzzle and grey horns on Mooblooms.

Moobloom — How Does this Minecraft Earth Mod Behave?

It is pretty easy to identify a Moobloom from the Minecraft game locations. It leaves a trail of yellow flowers when they move from one place to another. These followers get planted into the ground automatically and remain there forever. There is an 80% chance that the flower might be a dandelion or a 20% chance of being a sunflower. 

Other than planting flower trails, the Moobloom behaves similarly to its variant Mushroom. They will roam around the ground and graze on the grass. Mooblooms avoid lava and cliffs which are high enough to cause damage. If you find a Moobloom in the game, try to respawn them as soon as possible.

What Does Moobloom in Minecraft Earth Drop?

Like the other mobs, Moobloom can also be sheared for 1 Buttercup. They will drop 5 of their flowers and transform into a Minecraft cow. However, just like a normal cow, the Moobloom can also be killed. 

Players will get 0-2 leather and 1-3 raw beef when Moobloom dies. You can get cooked beef if a Moobloom is killed while on fire.

Where can You Find a Moobloom in the Minecraft Earth Game?

Finding a Moobloom is pretty difficult, as buttercup-converted cows don’t appear on the map. Instead, players must spot the black-and-white cows in the game to get this rare mob. When you find a cow, tap on it to collect it and check if it turns into a Moobloom. 

An animated video will play on the PC or phone screen once you collect a Moobloom. You might notice some sparkles on the screen when the cow is revealed as a rare Moobloom. Thus, all you need to do is find and collect the cows to obtain this in-game character. 

Minecraft players must know where the cows spawn to get a Moobloom. Usually, the cows spawn on grass blocks at level 7 or higher with 2 blocks of space above. Don’t try to find the normal crowns in snowy plains and meadows. 

Besides, you can’t also spot a black-and-white cow in the mangrove swamps and wooded badlands. Players can also spawn a cow inside the butcher houses in Minecraft villages. Use items such as buckets, wheat and lead to collect the cows when you find them.

Is there any other way to obtain a Moobloom in Minecraft Earth?

There is another way to get this rare mob in the Minecraft Earth game. The easiest way to ensure obtaining Moobloom is by purchasing a “Roadside Inn” build plate. However, you must collect the required number of rubies to get the build plates. 

Minecraft Earth gives each player in-game buildplates when you start playing the game. You can use them to add Moobloom to the game. However, if you don’t have any build plates, obtain rubies by going to the higher levels. Otherwise, Minecraft players can purchase the build plate through the App Store. 

Do you play Minecraft Earth from an Android device? Open “Play Store” to purchase the in-game build plates to collect Mooblooms. Ensure to connect the smartphone to a secure and stable Wi-Fi connection when purchasing the build plates. It will help you to avoid security concerns during an online transaction.

How to Get a Baby Moobloom in a Minecraft Game?

Well, you won’t find a baby Moobloom in the Minecraft Earth version. This rare mob is only available in Minecraft Dungeons. It was released two years ago on May 26 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. 

To celebrate Moobloom’s second anniversary, developers added their baby variant to the game. However, finding one might be difficult from the Minecraft Dungeons map. Players can unlock the baby Mooblooms by completing the “Special Tower Mission Challenge”. 

Minecraft introduced this special event on May 25, 2022. Unfortunately, it is not currently accessible or available for Minecraft Dungeon players. Thus, you won’t be able to add a baby Moobloom as the new pet companion. 

Can You Change a Moobloom’s Colour in Minecraft Earth?

Yes! You can modify the Moobloom’s colour in Minecraft Earth. However, players must add a mod into the base game to get nine different colours of Moobloom. Apart from the traditional buttercup Moobloom, you can unlock a red, cyan, orange and black one. Additionally, orange, purple and green variants are also available in the Minecraft Earth version.

How to add a Mod in Minecraft Earth to Get the Moobloom Variants?

It is pretty easy to add a mod for Moobloom in the Minecraft game. However, you must first close the Minecraft client on the gaming device. 

Open a web browser and write “Moobloom mod” in the search box and press “Enter”. Access the website that has the Moobloom mod for the Minecraft version. 

Decide the type of mod you want and click “Install”. Open the “Files” tab and tap on “Download” to get the latest Moobloom mods. Press the Windows and R keys together when the mod installation is complete. 

Write “%appdata%” in the dialogue box and hit the Enter button. Locate the “.minecraft” folder and double-tap on it. Drag in the mods that you would like to add and open Minecraft Earth afterwards. Select “Play” and the Moobloom mods will be now loaded into the game