Mobile Banking Apps Development

The whole life of a modern person has long been placed in his smartphone. Convenient apps are no longer a whim, but a necessity. Busy people are accustomed to quickly solving any issues on the go, being in a traffic jam, in a restaurant or while shopping. If you are a financial services provider, you need a good contractor to develop an effective application. Pay attention to the mobile banking application development company FireArt. The team’s cases speak of professionalism, creative approach and a high level of responsibility for the final product. Also, don’t forget about 24/7 technical support. When it comes to finance, any misstep can destroy a brand’s reputation.

Creation of a mobile banking system

The banking sector has long mastered online, and banks serve customers over the Internet faster than at branches. Consumers of banking services wanted to conduct financial transactions from their phones, because they are always at hand, unlike a home computer. This is how mobile banking began to emerge, which was originally called SMS banking. The development of mobile banking systems began in Europe in the late 1990s, when banks offered their customers SMS services.

The ancestors of modern mobile banking

Technology has evolved gradually. Here are the first developments in the field of remote banking:

  1. SMS banking;
  2. Mobile Internet banking in the form of a mobile version of the site;
  3. The simplest applications for mobile banking, their functionality included the following types of operations:
  • Bank transfers and mobile payments;
  • Applications for a loan, overdraft, mortgage, as well as their repayment;
  • Currency operations;
  • Ordering debit, credit, virtual cards;
  • Opening and closing of deposits.

Despite the simplicity of such applications, in contrast to SMS banking, information has been improved here, and in contrast to Internet banking, individual consulting has become possible here. Own applications have allowed banks to save on SMS and call centers.

Mobile banking you can’t do without today

The modernization of banking applications was influenced not only by the development of communications, increased productivity of devices, ideas from other areas, but also by the struggle for new customers. After all, a whole generation of people has already grown up who are not used to walking far, who do not want to stand in lines for a long time, who do not like banknotes and change. They also know how to make money easily, are able to spend or accumulate it quickly, and rely on automatic payments. For all this, they only need a smartphone. And a trend-conscious bank ready to provide fresh solutions. And not only for individuals, but also for legal entities who are also interested in new products.

The bank helps clients, we help the bank

The bank needs a development team that can implement such competitive solutions. Now options such as are gaining momentum:

  • Smart automatic payments;
  • Transfers to other clients of the bank by phone number;
  • Working with cards and accounts of other banks;
  • Support for electronic payment systems;
  • Connection of cashback, accumulative interest, bonuses;
  • Opening an investment account, managing it;
  • Extended history of transactions, statement of account and cards, data export;
  • Search for the nearest ATMs, branches;
  • Contactless payment technology;
  • Support for operations and ordering services that were previously only available when visiting the office.

With all the variety of options, one should also take into account the convenience of the interface, that is, it must be made intuitive, as well as the speed of the application and the response time of the bank. You can also increase user loyalty through the implementation of push notifications and chat with accompaniment. But what if you and your customers have already heard about all this, even seen somewhere, so you won’t be able to stand out from your competitors? More information can be found at

You need to build the mobile banking system of the future

It is possible to maintain your position in the banking market and offer your audience a unique approach to servicing using the latest technologies. Once you install a special app, people and businesses will stay with you for a long time. We can both create a mobile application from scratch, and add new functions that are gaining popularity to the existing one:

  • Preparation of payments by scanning barcodes and bank details with a camera.
  • Biometric authentication system.
  • Template payments with voice control.
  • Chatbots with artificial intelligence.
  • Robotic Finance Advisor.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa