Mac Battery Not Charging: A Quick Fix

All of a sudden, if you find that you plugging in your charge cable but Mac battery not charging, this can be a quite irritating issue. However, don’t panic, as you are not alone. A couple of users also struggling with the same problem.

Here, in this article, we will provide the step-by-step process to fix your issue. Thus, you can try to get your Mac battery back on track. But before we start, let’s take a glance at a few likely causes, why your Mac battery won’t charge.

Why Mac Not Charging? Potential Causes

There are a number of reasons for which Mac battery not charging. But here, we have enlisted some conceivable reasons that can cause this issue. Hence, lake a look below to identify the culprits for this problem.

  1. Broken connections may cause battery-related issues.
  2. Besides, incorrect settings can also responsible for this problem.
  3. Apart from this, there can be hardware related issues.
  4. Also, if your battery is in a critical condition, then you may find that Mac not charging.
  5. Moreover, overheating may also cause this problem.

Now, you can understand that there is no single cause for which Mac battery not working. In such situations, you need to resolve each and every potential cause. Now, let’s see how to troubleshoot the problem.

Some Easy Hacks To Fix Mac Battery Not Charging

After determining the potential causes, you can solve this issue by simply following the below mentioned methods. Now, let’s begin to troubleshoot the issue.

Method 1: Reboot The Macbook

Like the other software applications on your device, sometimes it can get frozen. In such situations, a simple boot can reset the hardware controlling Macbook charge, and in this way, it can resolve the battery not charging related problems. To conduct a clean boot, you need to press the Apple icon first that is located in the top left of the display screen. Then, select the Restart button. Now, wait for a while to finish the process and then try to change the MacBook once again.

Method 2: Inspect The Hardware Related Problem

After rebooting, if you still get stuck with the same problem, then you might need to inspect the hardware components. In this way, you can be sure that everything is working fine. Primarily, you need to check the wall socket whether you are plugged in. Therefore, be sure that it is turned on. Moreover, you can use another socket. As it sounds a bit elementary, but t it is better to double check always.

Method 3: Reset The SMC

As we all know that the System Management Controller or SMC is a chip controller within the MacBook systems, SMC is responsible for various operations.

For MacBook’s with a removable battery (early 2009 and older)

  • To begin, press the Apple icon that is present at the left of the screen.
  • Then, select the Shutdown button.
  • Once you are done, carefully remove the MagSafe adapter from your device.
  • Now, release the Power button and connect the MagSafe power adapter and battery once again.
  • When done, press the Power button in order to turn on the system.
  • Now, try charging.

For MacBook’s with a non-removable battery (mid-2009 and newer)

  • Primarily, in the top left screen, press the Apple icon.
  • Then, plug in USB-C or MagSafe power adapter to your device and a power source.
  • Now, press the Shift +Ctrl function keys and Power button simultaneously on the built-in keyboard.
  • Now, at the same time, release the power button and all function keys.
  • After this process, you need to turn on your Mac device. Thus, press the power button and try charging.

Method 4: Check The Battery

If you use the battery arduously, it may wear out faster than expected. Thus, you need to monitor its status always. Otherwise, at the most inappropriate time, there is a risk of having a non-working notebook. Occasionally, when the battery doesn’t charge even with a cable, checking the battery life can be important. In order to view the condition of the battery life, you need to press and hold the Alt function key and press the battery icon that is located in the Menu bar. This will bring the advanced options in the menu bar where you will find four states that your battery might be in:

Normal– Battery is functioning at optimal levels.find

Replace Soon– The battery works well. However, it holds a charge less than before. Thus, the battery needs to be replaced soon!

Replace Now– As soon as possible, you need to replace the battery.

Service Battery– To prevent damage to your MacBook, you should replace the battery in an instant.

Method 5: Check MagSafe Power Cable

If you find that your Mac battery not charging then you need to check the MagSafe power cable. If the MagSafe power cable is burned, frayed or broken then you surely face this kind of issue. You can simply check this by doing a thorough inspection of the entire cable.

  • At first, you need to inspect every inch of the cable, then look for any discoloration or broken spots on the surface of the cable.
  • Besides, you need to check the AC brick portion. Be sure that the MagSafe cable is not warped or discolored.

In the MagSafe power cable, if you find damage or discoloration, then there is a high chance that causes your MacBook battery to not charge. In such situations, you need to find a replacement on the Apple website.

Method 6: Inspect Your MacBook’s Power Port

Mac battery not charging issue can be with your MacBook’s power port. As Apple went a big way to secure the MagSafe port is protected against unexpected yanks and trips over the cable, but it is quite unnatural. In such situations, you need to replace your device, so check if it is in the warranty period.

Look for any burn, discolorations, or dents inside of the port. If you find any of these symptoms, you can make sure that your port is completely damaged. In that case, go to the local Apple store to get it fixed.

Method 7: Cooling Your MacBook

If none of the methods work for you then the issue can be as simple as overheating. If you find that the top of the device is too hot to touch, then it can be the main culprit. To cool it down, place a fan near the MacBook.

Bottom Line

We hope, these solutions are quite helpful for you to fix the Mac battery not charging. Let us know which solution is helpful for you. This content is completely written on behalf of the users, and we wish that every part of it prove beneficial for your knowledge and at your workplace. Moreover, if you have further queries or suggestions then do leave your comments.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa