Lenovo Laptop Running Slow Windows 10: An Ultimate Guide

Lenovo is one of the most leading brands when it comes to laptops. Unlike any other laptop, it also fetch technical complications. The most common problem include Lenovo laptop running slow Windows 10. It is very common that it might cause a problem while watching videos, playing games or typing. However, it’s not a significant issue. You can quickly solve these problems by merely following some steps.

Easy Hacks To Remove Lenovo Laptop Running Slow Windows 10


If you are searching for an effective guide to resolve the problem, then you have hit the right page. Go through the solutions and give a try.


Solution #1: Check The Memory and Usage

Select the Task Manager, by pressing the  Ctrl + Alt + Delete simultaneously. Now, select the performance tab and open the Memory by opening the Task Manager. After this, simply check off the memory usage of your laptop. See how much RAM is being used by checking the graph and check the total allocated space. However, for Windows 10 there are some minimum requirements, without which you are going to face this issue again and again.

With 1GB RAM, Windows 10 of 32-bit can easily run on a PC but it works better if you are having 2 GB RAM. With 2GB RAM, Windows 10 of 64-bit can easily run on a PC but it works better if you are having 4 GB RAM. You can also increase your memory space up to 6GB. You can also fee up some space by opening up the Resource Monitor and end up some process. In order to end up, right click and click on the End process.

Solution #2: Check For Low Disk Usage


Your laptop may show high performance if by any means there is some free disc space. So it’s quite an effective solution that can help you. However, in order to check disk space, perform the following action:

  • Select the settings option and lastly the storage option by selecting the Start button.
  • Now simply have a note of free space and total size for each drive that you are going to get under the Storage. You can also clean up space by two methods: Automatically delete Temp files and the junk files option.

However, you can increase the disk space by simply following the two processes. Below are the detailed description of the same.

1. Adjust Partition Size

Resizing the partition can increase the space when you are finding low disk space.

You can also take help of certain free softwares. You can adjust partition size eventually by using the free partition software. Using it, none of your data is going to be affected. If by any means you still get worried about the privacy of your data, then you can back up your file or folder by copying disk/partition function. This will transfer the file to different disk/partition to ensure you 100% security.

  1. Upgrade HDD to SSD

    When it comes to choosing the boot drive for the Windows computers, then the most reliable one is the Solid State Drive. As it runs much faster and speeds up than that of Hard Disk Drive. Also, without reinstalling Windows, you can use the best hard drive duplicator software to upgrade HDD to SSD


Solution #3: Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs


There are certain programs that run automatically when you turn on the PC and run in the background. However, disabling such options can help you to ease the problem of  Lenovo laptop running slow Windows 10.  Basically, it happens that most of the programs run behind the operating system which gradually tends to slow down the system performance. Although you can not realize the fact, it still runs and can open up very easily when you try to use them.


However, it is not applicable to the programs which you do not use often as there are certain programs that takes a long time to start the Windows. Select the Settings and open the Apps option and then select Startup by selecting the Start button. Set the apps automatically by finding the program that you want to stop.


Solution #4. Disable Windows 10 Automatic Update

There exist a problem with each and every Windows 10 update. Have a permanent closure of the Windows 10 updates even if you are facing problems by following the recommended solutions. In every way try and disable the automatic update as well. You can also try other steps if Lenovo laptop is still running slow.

Final Words


Hopefully, the article was fruitful in resolving the issue of Lenovo laptop running slow Windows 10.  However, if you have further doubts,post your comments.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa