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You can now be privy to the most fascinating stories on Paramount Plus. The OTT platform is the most exciting places to be around you. You can watch various shows, blockbusters, and originals right away with a few clicks. You can watch Infinite on a month-long free trial now. If you love to see and hear stories about past lives, this is for you. It is a story about a man’s hallucinations, which he believed to be psychological. However, he later came to know that his hallucinations are actually past life occurrences.

Paramount Plus is airing the hit action-sci-fi film now. Released in June 2021, it is up for grabs. The story is really attracting the audience, like anything. Mark Wahlberg has taken charge of a mind-warp again. So, you should get the free trial now, and experience the thrills with the keepstreams paramount plus downloader.

Show Name… Infinite



Ratings: 5.4/10

Genre: Action, Scientific-Fiction

Directed by: Antoine Fuqua

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Cookson


The audience gets to see the best adaptation of reincarnations through myriad visuals. You will get to see some of the finest and well-established characters. There are a bunch of such individuals who set on to find the hidden meaning of their hallucinations and also help to discover the protagonists. The individuals use their past life memories to fight the demons lurking around. It is an adaptation of the book, ‘The Reincarnationist Papers’. You will find the movie to be an intriguing experience. Now, you can watch it on Paramount Plus, your very own OTT platform. The protagonist Evan sees visuals of places and people he has never met or seen before. That sets him thinking and propels him forward towards unexplored territories. It is possible to get paramount plus download today without any qualms.


Released in June 2021, Infinite has already garnered rave reviews today. This American sci-fi film was digitally released on Paramount Plus, as the theatrical release was being delayed by the pandemic. Many people have also compared it with Matrix. It is a seemingly killer movie, to begin with. The reincarnated warriors fight to save the human race from doom, in this sci-fi thriller. The storyline takes you to Mexico City, where Heinrich Treadway tries to escape some people including, Bathurst. He has some associates with him, namely Abel and Leona. Treadway had supposedly stolen something, like an ‘Egg’. Treadway tells Abel to look inside. In the process, he drives off a bridge and sees the perpetrators kill his associates Abel and Leona.

Back in 2020, you will get to see Evan McCauley in an important rendition. He suffers from mental diseases. Evan even makes weaponry, without any prior experience, for gangsters. However, the deal sours, and it leads to more complications in his life. He gets arrested, and someone called Bathurst goes to see him in prison. He even tells the authorities that he knows Evan, for eternity. Bathurst explains everything about his past life. However, at that very moment a car comes in and breaks into the scene and rescues Evan. His rescuer is none other than Nora Brightman, who takes Evan to where he belongs. There are about 500 individuals in the world who know about their past lives. There are two divisions here – Nihilists and Believers. The Believers are positive-minded whereas the Nihilists like Bathurst think, that it is a curse.

The story goes back to the Egg, which was meant to destroy the world. The Believers are in hot pursuit to retrieve it and end the world. Nora happens to be Leona’s reincarnation. Evan also gets to learn from all these interactions how he had also been killed in his past life. Evan faces some problems, all this while remembering his past life. It happens to be a result of his accidents. However, after he is put inside the Artisan’s machine, he remembers everything.

The story is a fine blend of sci-fi and action. You will be overwhelmed to learn about the various intricacies of this tale. The end sees, Evan kills Bathurst. Nora destroys the soul, to ensure that he is not reborn again. At the end of the movie, Evan recalls all his memories.

Twists in the Tale

So, you can expect to see lots of twists and turns in the movie. It is a two-hour thriller, which shows you the best of both worlds. You get to know in the very beginning that you will be encountering people, who know about their past lives. The infinites are spilt into two sides – Believers and Nihilists. Bathurst is the main antagonist of the movie. You can see, that he is looking for the weapon to end the human race for the last 300 years. His power has increased a lot over the years, and he gets ready to snatch the Egg, which can destroy human DNA. However, Evan carefully hides it inside his stomach. In the end, you see Evan kill Bathurst. However, he continues to look for such souls and kill them. In the process, he resurrects humanity. So, this will be an amazing watch for the action-oriented audience. You can now watch the ‘Infinite’ with assistance from keepstreams paramount plus downloader.

Our Verdict

The action and sci-fi film about reincarnation takes you on a whirlwind journey. You will be amazed to see the representation of the fighting skills of the Infinites. Although the storyline is predictable, you can watch it for the sound acting skills of the main characters. It delivers a very interesting concept of reincarnation in a modern manner. That is surely going to make a section of the audience drool. You should definitely watch it on Paramount Plus. The paramount plus download will engage you to the core.


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Can You Download on Paramount Plus?

You can now download the movie onto your device, very easily. Read on to know the steps here.

Steps to Download:

Step 1 – You have to choose Paramount Plus, from ‘VIP Services’.

You have to choose Paramount Plus, from ‘VIP Services’

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Step 3- Select Download now, and store it on any device.


You can download the content extremely easily. It is a matter of minutes before you can watch your favorite content.


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