Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

Today, most of our lives are surrounded by Phones and many Mobile Devices. iPhones have been the most popular among them. We do so much with them. They carry our memories and our precious moments. We rely on them so much that we have every important thing stored in them. And we forget that life is unpredictable. 

Some of you must have never thought of it while some of you must have been through the heartache of losing all your data stored in your iPhone. Theft, Water Spillage, events like that can really make us lose all our data- forever. Right? Wrong. Technology is growing and with it came a handful of data recovery Dubai  software that works wonderfully with the lost data of your iPhone. We are listing a few for you here.

The List Of The Best Software For iPhone Data Recovery

Keeping in mind the compatibility, methods of recovery and the capability of the software, we have accumulated the ones that topped the list, just for you.

  1. PhoneRescue – After being upgraded to version 3, this software has raised the standard of the industry along with the high-end technical and user experience. It is a paid service and it gives you perfect value for money. It can recover 25 types of contents including messages, contacts, photos, notes, music, attachments etc.  And the fact that it imports the retrieved data directly into your iPhone is the cherry on the top. Trust us when we say, this is just the beginning, this software does much more service to your iPhone.
  2. FonePaw – This software comes highly recommended and can be used on all the Apple devices and Android as well. It has three different recovery modes and can recover even a specific file. It is easy to use with clear buttons. There’s a reason why it comes highly recommended by the experts.
  3. Dr. Fone – The best part about this software is that it is compatible even with old iOS devices which most data recovery software lacks. A little expensive but its certain tools that can fix your iOS are worth every penny. However, you can’t use it for recovering media files like music and videos.
  4. iMobie – This software supports all iOS devices, old and new versions. It can recover 22 types of data and supports both iTunes and iCloud. The only but connected to this software is that it gets slow when you are scanning your device and takes forever.
  5. Enigma Recovery – This software comes in really handy if you have lost your iPhone and need to access your data. It offers a great user experience with a clean user interface. It supports Mac OS X 10.7 and higher.  However, the range of data it supports is limited and scanning is very slow. Also, for importing the recovered data back into your phone, it needs another iOS app.

These are just a few data recovery software but they are sworn on by experts. They have some pros and cons, like everything else. You can pick the one you like and start the backup of your iPhone data now or you can also get in touch with the Mac Data Recovery Dubai, that is considered one of the best Apple Data Recovery Services, because I have also suffered from this pain of losing my all data from my iPhone, but thanks to this Data Recovery Firm which help me to get my all data back. Hope you like this article of mine, for latest updates stay tuned stay connected.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa