Investing Funds for Women Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs are the least funded entrepreneurs compared to male entrepreneurs. There are special funds dedicated to women entrepreneurs to bridge the gap and encourage more female entrepreneurs. These funds provide small business loans for women along with other benefits. This article will provide information on various investing funds for women entrepreneurs along with how they benefit women.

Why invest in women entrepreneurs

A popular saying says that if you have empowered a woman, you have empowered a generation. Investing in women-owned businesses will create a lot of jobs and bring balance to inequality worldwide. It opens up widespread innovation, productivity and reduces gender-based violence.

Some fundings to support women entrepreneurs

Here are some funding options that support women entrepreneurs

Female Founders Fund

Female Founders Fund invests in women entrepreneurs using web-powered services to make a change. The fund invests in tech B2B, e-commerce, web 2.0, internet marketplaces, and a few more.

Chloe Capital

Chloe Capital invests in female businesses in the tech sector. They have spent decades investing in several companies in the tech sector.

500 Women

500 Women is a venture capitalist organization that is domiciled in at least 20 countries worldwide. It has provided funding to thousands of companies owned by female entrepreneurs. You can read more about them and find out how to get funding from them.


Astia invests in companies at the early stage. It also provides training and support for these companies. Astia has invested in companies owned by several women entrepreneurs worldwide.

FirstMark Capital

FirstMark Capital is an investment company based in New York that has invested in popular companies like Pinterest. Female entrepreneurs can contact this company for small business loans and other forms of business funding.

Intel Capacity Diversity Initiative

The Intel Capacity Diversity Initiative invests in female-owned businesses and other minority-owned businesses. It focuses on disabled people, LGBTQ people, veterans, etc.

Springboard Enterprises

Springboard Enterprises is a consortium of investors, innovators, business owners, and advisors that targets women-owned businesses in the technology sector. Apart from funding these businesses, they help promote and expose these businesses to potential customers and clients.


Founded in 2015, Mergelane is an investment fund that comprises about 600 investors and 300 mentors. Mergelane has invested in several companies, and it has a requirement that every business it supports must have at least one female leader.

BBG Ventures

BBG Ventures, an acronym for Built by Girls Ventures, focuses on building internet startups owned by women. They focus more on female internet companies with services and products that impact lives globally. They provide early-stage investment to these companies.

Next Wave Impact

Next Wave Impact is an investment fund that focuses on women-owned businesses in the early stage. The fund comprises almost 100 female investors, with a quarter of them being people of color. The fund aims to promote diversity in female business funding. This might be related to the fact that women of color are underfunded compared to their counterparts.

Forerunner ventures

Forerunner ventures were created to fund women’s businesses and provide business loans for women. It has funded various companies that have impacted lives.

Belle Capital

Belle Capital is an investment fund that invests in early-stage companies working on disruptive technologies. The companies must have at least a female founder or top female executive. It must also do an excellent job of hiring females.

Other ways investors can support

Other than providing funding, investors can support female entrepreneurs through the following ways:


Many female entrepreneurs need mentors and C-suite business executives to guide them through the right path and steer them through the murky business waters.

Organize meetups and conferences for female entrepreneurs

Investors can organize conferences and meetups for female entrepreneurs. This provides excellent room for networking, sharing ideas, and gaining access to exclusive opportunities.

Organizing training

Women entrepreneurs are often disadvantaged in knowledge, hard skills, and other necessary things an entrepreneur should have. Dedicated training can help to bridge these gaps.


The funds mentioned in this article have contributed a lot to the advancement of female entrepreneurs worldwide. If you are a female founder, you can apply for them and get the funding you need for your business.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa