Instagram Shadowban Test – Comprehensive Checklist

Instagram has gained a lot of attention, and with more than a billion active users in the app monthly, Instagram has become one of the leading platforms for digital marketing. However, some users experienced a drop in their account activity and metrics that affect the account’s engagement and reach. One of the reasons for this sudden change might be Shadowbanning.

What Does Shadowban in Instagram Mean?

There are Instagram users who took their time, effort, and resources to develop their accounts. It usually takes months or even years to become famous and gain thousands of followers on social media. However, because of this as well, the irrelevant use of hashtags and automated bots can be the reason for shadowbanning.

Most users who experienced shadowban didn’t get any notifications for it. The engagements and reach of their accounts drop all of a sudden. Shadowban affects the user in ways like preventing other users from seeing the posts in the recommendation tab or excluding the posts from a search using the hashtags. The reason for shadowban is to make sure that every user is complying with the Instagram ethics rules.

How Do People Get Shadowbanned on Instagram?

Getting shadowbanned on Instagram can be a hassle, especially if you’re running your business on the platform. Users who already experienced shadowbanning should learn how to avoid it in the future. Pieces of information like these will benefit individual users as well as Instagram business users. To prevent it, you should know the main reasons.

Using Automated Instagram Tools for Account Growth

Based on the Terms of Use, the usage of any automation program violates their terms. That’s why bots for likes and comments to boost your engagements and reach are one of many reasons your account might get banned or shadowbanned. In addition to this, auto-posting bots are also not allowed, and you should avoid using these programs.

Application of Broken Hashtags

One of the most common ways to gain an audience on Instagram is the use of Hashtags. Engagements and reach may improve with proper use of this feature. However, spammy content because of the hashtags can cause shadowban. Being careful about what you use in your posts and videos is one way to avoid getting shadowbanned.

Frequently Getting Reported by Other Users

There will be times where other users might report your account on Instagram resulting from being under the technical support spotlight. If many users report your account, you’ll probably get shadowbanned or even an account shut down. Try to avoid posting offensive and infringing copyright contents because these are considered inappropriate.

Excessive Posting, Commenting, Engaging, or Following People in a Short Period

Instagram has established limits on users’ accounts as a safety measure to detect users using programs and machines. The allowed numbers per hour are:

  • 60 follows/unfollows

These numbers are the average figures for most of the users. In some instances, the limits can loosen up depending on the age of your account.

How to Get Rid or Avoid Shadowban

When users develop their business accounts on Instagram, it is important to keep in mind that they need to implement a corresponding approach. Failure to comply with the policy terms will get you in trouble. Here are some checklists to avoid getting shadowban in the future.

Avoid Usage of Banned And Broken Hashtags

Consider not using banned and broken hashtags for your Instagram post. Research the list of broken ones and avoid them. Also, don’t forget to go through the comments. Stop including hashtags in the comments because it will help you stay away from getting shadowbanned.

Make Sure to Take a Short Break From Instagram

Once you get shadowbanned, it’s good to cross out Instagram on your daily routine for a good 48 to 72 hours to make sure that you meet the average amount of time required for social media network cleaning. After the break, you should follow the terms of use and community guidelines properly.

Report Your Shadowban to Instagram

One way to get some help if you get shadowban is to contact the application itself. It might be time-consuming, but it will surely lead to a certain result. When reporting this issue, make sure to use “something isn’t working” in your description, allowing the technical support to contact you and ask for further information about the problem.

Stay Away From Being Reported by Other Users

If you get account reports from other users, it’s clear that your posts are inappropriate or causing spam. Following the social media regulations and community guidelines will help you avoid reports from other users.


Being put in a troublesome shadowbanning can be annoying. It makes your engagements and reach drop dramatically. An excellent way to avoid situations like shadowban is to strictly follow all the community guidelines, terms of use, and Instagram rules. Complying with these rules will make your social media life easy and hassle-free.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa