3 Ways to Improve Hardware Acceleration in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most well-known web browsers, globally. It has many exclusive features that have the ability to render an ultimate internet browsing experience. One of the exclusive features is its hardware acceleration. It generally takes the full advantage of the computer’s main unit and also speeds up the process.


If you somehow disable this feature, then you can face many problems while browsing the internet. In addition to that, your system can face driver issues too. On the other side, if there are bugs in the latest updates of the OS, then the process of hardware acceleration has the capability to prevent that. In this way, all the applications can benefit from it.

What is Hardware Acceleration in Chrome?

When you run an application, it uses the necessary resources from the CPU. Moreover, it also uses some of the resources from the hardware associated with the system. In the Google Chrome browser, the hardware acceleration is such a type of process that uses the graphical processing unit, which is known as the GPU of your computer.


It also takes care of all the tasks related to the graphics, for example playing videos, games and others. These include rapid mathematical calculations and it executes them within the blink of an eye. When you watch videos or play games online, the hardware acceleration functions in this way.

Important Items Plays the Role

Sound and graphics cards are the only two items that will allow you to know the detailed answer on what is hardware acceleration in Chrome used for. For both of these, it plays the most important role in hardware acceleration. In the case of sound cards, the online music playback quality will be good, as well as the sound recording, if the hardware acceleration occurs in a perfect way.


The graphics cards are the main item that holds the graphical user interface of the computer. When the hardware acceleration occurs, the graphics cards never backs down from rendering a perfect graphical role of the system.

Improvements in Chrome’s Hardware Acceleration

The browser obviously uses resources from the hardware of the system and to accelerate the tasks you can make certain improvements. These improvements will not only let you dig deep into the matter of what is hardware acceleration in Chrome but also, help you in making the browser work better than ever.

1.   Utilize Chrome’s Task Management feature

Just like the Task Manager present in your computer, Google Chrome browser also has a Task Manager in it. With the help of this feature, you can easily get all the details of all the opened browser tabs, cookies history, extensions and others.


Moreover, with the help of Chrome’s Task Manager, you can also analyse all the issues that might have been slowing down the browser. All you need to do is click on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner of the browser. After that access the “More Tools” and you will find the “Task Manager”.

2.   Clear out the browser

After browsing the internet, when you have already finished your work, it is better to clear up all the browsing history, cache and cookies. This will not only help you to keep the unauthorized people out, from penetrating the system, but also increase the hardware acceleration. The GPU takes the time to process all the cache and cookies, and this can take more time. If no cache files are present in the browser, then the acceleration will be faster.

3.   Resetting the entire browsing application

When you are facing some issues with the browser, then the most common and effective resolving procedure is resetting it. Resetting the browser will not only resolve the problem but also, help you to find out more information about what is hardware acceleration in Chrome. Just access the reset settings and confirm the process. Moreover, if there are any issues with the hardware acceleration process, then it will get resolved automatically.

Is Disabling Hardware Acceleration Legitimate?

Well, technically speaking, the hardware acceleration feature doesn’t produce legitimate results all the time. If your computer configuration is average, then it will use up all the resources and the system will run slow. That is why you must not use the feature for a stable browsing experience. So, you need to disable it to trigger the system’s performance.

When Should you Enable it?

When your system configuration is good, with a powerful graphics card, then you can easily enable and use the feature. Thus, you don’t have to ask yourself what is hardware acceleration in Chrome. Further, you will be able to witness the performance, with the addition of browsing experience.

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Nowadays, most of the systems have a good configuration. With the help of its configuration, you can get an uninterrupted experience with various fruitful applications and procedures. So, these are a few expert suggestions regarding the hardware acceleration feature. By using the hardware acceleration process, you will be able to use the system’s GPU without much hassle.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa