Fix The Hulu Keeps Buffering Issue With 2 Quick And Easy Methods

Hulu buffering is a common complaint of the users, since it hinders normal video streaming. The application is known to air multiple series which the viewers enjoy. And any hindrance in the otherwise smooth streaming can lead to annoyance among the users. This popular service of video on demand renders quality video streaming without slowing down the browser. However, some of the problems are common to all video applications. Most users report saying that their Hulu keeps buffering and comes in the way of the smooth functioning of the application.

Furthermore, the entertainment aspect receives barriers, thereby stirring a confusion in the users’ minds. But, the problem has easy solutions to it. For troubleshooting this particular problem which is obstructing in the way of the streaming of the videos, one can easily go for it. However, it is necessary for you to adhere to the dedicated methods if you want a permanent and hassle–free fix. But, before that, one must know the possible causes for the manifestation of the problem.

4 Common Reasons which Creates the Issue of Buffering

Before moving on to the solutions, it is vital to know the probable causes which trigger the annoying buffering issue to take place. Once you know the major causes you’d also know where to target in order to remove the issue entirely. Or else, you may end up beating the bush and yielding zero favorable results. However, make sure to read out the potential causes which trigger the Hulu keeps buffering issue. In this way, the troubleshooting becomes easier and more convenient now that the users have the knowledge of the probable causes:

  • Interruption of the Server and the Live Video Encoder Connection

In case of any interruption in the connection between the server as well as the Live Video Encoder, the streaming receives interruption too. The smooth video streaming gets recurring hindrances due to problems in the connection.

  • Inadequate Speed of the Internet

Another important reason for Hulu keeps buffering on laptop is a basic one. At times, people tend to skip the primary causes and search for the presence of any complex reasons. The main cause for the problem to occur is the speed of the internet being too slow. If the speed is compromised, the delivery of performance fails and the videos on Hulu don’t run smoothly.

  • Excessive load on the server

At times, the load on the server becomes so much that it impacts several aspects immensely. And the buffering tends to be the most common result while streaming a video. This is mainly due to excess pressure on the server which bars it from conducting smooth operations.

  • Inadequate Bandwidth of the Internet

Yet another reason is the inadequacy of the internet bandwidth for completely pushing the live stream. In such scenarios, Hulu keeps buffering issue tends to make its presence known.

These were the probable causes for the issue to sneak in and stir a sense of confusion and annoyance among the users. If their entertainment faces numerous hurdles, the application tends to be at stake. However, now that you know about the potential causes for the error, you can head to the section which holds the solution to troubleshoot the Hulu keeps buffering issue.

2 Effective Methods To Troubleshoot the Buffering Problem In Hulu

It is not mandatory that you should play videos which are live or not only on smartphones. People watch series or movies on Hulu from various different devices. Be it from television, laptops, smartphones, and others. And depending on this, we have listed two different procedures by which one can troubleshoot the Hulu keeps buffering issue completely. Therefore, make sure to stick through the underlying methods and implement them carefully.

Method 1: Employing Smart TVs, Streaming Boxes and Gaming Consoles

Let us begin with the basics first. And only then will we move on to the complex steps.

  • Inspect the Internet Connection

Firstly, make sure to check if the internet is slow or is loosely connected. At times, it is a problem of the internet that creates all the trouble. Make sure to ensure that the internet is working properly. This is the basic concern which one must refer to in order to avoid complex problems in the future. At times, people skip such primary inspections and face tremendous issues while referring to the complex steps to fix the same.

  • Check if the Application itself is Down

After conducting a thorough check of the internet, if the results are clear and there is no problem there, proceed to inspect the Hulu application. Examine if the application itself is down and not responding to demands. At times, the application itself malfunctions due to maintenance aspects in the area. Hulu tends to crash and conflict with the device during cases of concerns.

  • Restart Hulu

First, close the application only to relaunch it and check if the problem clears the Hulu keeps buffering issue. The following steps will assist you to close the Hulu on the device. Therefore, stick through them.

For Streaming Box or SmartTV, you can either press the button which says Exit on the remote or the back button you are out of the application completely. After that, select the option “Yes, I’m sure” present on the screen which asks if you to confirm your decision to exit.

For PlayStation 4, press and hold down the button which says PS present right in the middle of the controller. After that, select the option Close Application present on the menu. Next, select the Hulu application and proceed to press the X key. Finally, click on the option of Ok and then press the X key.

For Xbox One, press the Xbox logo button present right in the center of the device. Then, highlight the Hulu which is in the mini-guide and then, press the button with three horizontal lines. After that, select Quit and then press A.

These steps for each device solves the Hulu keeps buffering issue completely. However, if this did not fix your application, make sure to adhere to the rest of the procedures we have mentioned.

  • Restart all the Devices

Switch Off the television, gaming consoles and streaming box. After that, proceed to unplug the modem or the router and wait a couple of minutes. Then, re-plug the router and modem. After that, power up the TV and other devices like the gaming console. Finally, launch the application and inspect if there is any improvement in the connection.

  • Examine the Connection Speed

Make sure you know the stats that Hulu recommends. You must possess a minimum connection speed of 3 MB/s in order to watch the streaming library. For enjoying live streaming, a minimum of 8 MB/s is mandatory. Also, you can opt to reduce the video quality and run it on 1.5 MB/s. However, if the internet connection fails, this indicates that the plan doesn’t meet the Hulu requirements. Therefore, make sure to test the speed of the connection on your device.

For Streaming boxes or SmartTVs, launch the integrated speed-evaluating application or the network settings. After that, select the option to test the connection with the help of the remote.

For PlayStation 4, head to the Settings present in the home screen and select the Network option. After that, proceed to select the option that says Test Internet Connection.

For Xbox One, proceed to select the Settings right from the home screen. After that, select Network, and then opt for Network Settings. Finally, select the option to Test Network Connection.

For Nintendo Switch, from the home screen itself, select the System Settings. After that, select Internet. Finally, proceed to opt for the Test Connection option.

  • Power Off Device that are on your Home Network

At times, the simplest solution is to check if the other members of your family are using the W-Fi or not. During such times, the internet drains out and fails to deliver enough supply of the network connection. Therefore, power off the devices which are taking up the majority of the internet. In this way, you can direct the supply only to the device you plan on watching. Do this to solve the common Hulu keeps buffering issue. Now, it is not that you must avoid using data on other devices while you are enjoying the Hulu services. Sometimes, the internet split becomes so much that even the most basic applications stop functioning and halt in the midway.

  • Place the Router or Modem right beside your device

Make sure that the distance between the device and the modem or the router is short. Or else, if the device is not in the range, the application fails to function. And during such a time, diverse problems regarding the online streaming of videos come up. Either the page fails to load or the video fails to stream in a seamless manner. This triggers the Hulu keeps buffering issue to manifest time and again.

  • Connect to the router or modem using Ethernet cable

In case you are quite close to the router or the modem, you can easily connect it to the console or the Television directly. For this, the ethernet cable will provide a much more stable connection and avoid flickering. In this way, the video streaming resumes with the earlier smoothness and Hulu keeps buffering issue tends to go away.

  • Update the Hulu Application

If none of the above solutions yield a fruitful result, make sure that the application is updated. At times, people tend to overlook the version of the program that they are operating on. Obsolete version tends to conflict with the device and trigger numerous malfunctions. And the common complaint that Hulu keeps buffering tends to arise due to such a mismatch. However, we guide you to update the application in various devices.

For Streaming boxes or Smart TVs, keep an eye out for the regular notifications. That is because Hulu receives updates automatically on most of the versions of such devices. While for others, you may have to look up for them.

For PlayStation 4, launch the TV and Video menu present on the Home screen. Then, proceed to highlight the Hulu application and then press the button for Options on the controller. After that, select the option of Check for Updates and then press the X button.

For Xbox One, touch and press the button which has the Xbox logo on it. After that, select the System option and the Settings. Then, head to the System and click on the option for Updates & Downloads. Finally, select the option that says Keep my games & apps up to date. In this way, you can troubleshoot the Hulu keeps buffering issue on Xbox One.

For Nintendo Switch, proceed to the System Settings present on the Home menu. Then, head to select Manage Software and after that select the Hulu. Finally, move over to select the Software Update and then select Via the Internet.

  • Clear the Cache

If the versions were alright and no changes are required along with a stable internet connection, the problem may linger somewhere else. Clearing the cache tends to eradicate all the temporary files and results in freeing up space. Adhere to the steps in order to fix the issue.

For SmartTVs and Streaming boxes, head to the Settings menu and go to the option that manages all the application. Therein, locate an option that clears the cache or the app data. In case you fail to locate it, delete the application and then reinstall it.

For PlayStation 4, head to select Settings present in the home screen. Then, select Storage and then the System Storage. After that, select Hulu and then, click on the Options button. Finally, select Delete.

For Xbox One, click on My Games and Apps present in the Home screen. Then, select Apps and then highlight Hulu. Hit the button which has three horizontal lines and then proceed to select More Options. After that, select Manage App and then click on the Saved Data. After that, select Clear. In this way, users can troubleshoot the Hulu keeps buffering issue with no hassle.

For Nintendo Switch, in the System Settings, select the Data Management and then the Manage Saved Data. Then, click on Hulu and proceed to confirm the act of deletion.

Method 2: Using A Web Browser Or A Smartphone

Most users use their generic devices like the desktop system or a laptop in order to watch videos on Hulu. The availability of classic series, including animated ones, is what users crave for. However, stick through the underlying methods to fix the Hulu keeps buffering on laptop issue.

  • Inspect if the Internet is Working or Not

Firstly, make sure that the network connection is stable and is working seamlessly. Check the cables if they are loosely connected or not. Also, make sure that there is no issue with the service provider.

  • Examine if Hulu itself is down

This is one of the primary inspections before we move on to fixing the problem entirely. At times, the Hulu crashes due to maintenance operations. During such times, the program or application fails to conduct the basic functions too. Therefore, make sure to test if the application is down since this results in Hulu keeps buffering issue.

  • Restart the Program

Be it smartphones or laptops, Restart the Hulu application. At times, the application launches incorrectly and this is when several problems related to crashing arise. Therefore, make sure to close the application and restart it once again, in order to check if the problem still arises.

  • Inspect the Download Speed of the Internet

In case your internet speed doesn’t meet the requirements oh Hulu, the buffering issue manifests time and again. For 720p resolution in Hulu, you require a speed of 3 MB/s. For 1080p, the internet must have a speed of 6 MB/s. While for 4K resolution, you need a speed of 13MB/s and for Live TV, 8 MB/s.

  • Clear the Cache on Browser

For smartphones, head to Settings and then select Application or App. After that, locate Hulu in the list of application. Then, touch on Clear Data or Clear Cache. In this way, you can fix the Hulu keeps buffering issue on smartphones.

For browsers, launch the Browser and then head to click on the Settings bar which is present on the corner in the top-right section. Therein, select Settings or Options and click on Privacy & Settings. In there, cookies and data are present to which you must click on Clear Data.

  • Update the Application

On phone, head to the applications store and search for Hulu and then proceed to make an update. While on browsers, you must go to the official website and proceed to conduct an update process. Also, in some devices, belonging to the latest version, you don’t require to check manually for updates. The browsers automatically initiate the process of update.

Wrapping Up

In this manner, you can easily troubleshoot the problem with convenience. This article holds all the solutions for all the possible cases. And we suggest you make an attempt to follow them and fix the Hulu keeps buffering on laptop issue.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa