How Will Your Old Content Help You In Ranking Higher?

If you wish to enhance your search engine ranking without investing a lot of time and money, updating your old content might be the way to move forward. You can obviously go for producing more and quality content regularly. However, it can get complicated, and it will require substantial investment.

What if there was a better and quicker method? You can go for updating your old content, and it will help you in getting better results and in ranking higher at a quicker rate. How does it work out? Let’s find out!

How can updating your old content help?

When you update your old content, you will give yourself the chance to achieve a better freshness score. Yes, new content will bring in the spike in traffic, but there are certain benefits of updating your old content. Here are some of the top perks.

1.    Fix all the spelling and grammar mistakes

When you read the posts that you might have written or uploaded months and years back, you will find a number of mistakes. So, instead of simply ignoring these errors, focus on fixing them. Take out the required time and correct these at the earliest possible. Even though this might not be a top factor for ranking, you should still consider it.

2.    Grab the opportunity to incorporate accurate keywords

Did you write a copy which is not SEO friendly? If you are looking for better results on search engines, consider opting for SERP API to get the right set of keywords. Update your content for the new keywords and check how your website ranking enhances significantly. It will get you the right audience to your website and in a quicker time.

Even if you have keywords incorporated in the content, you can grab this chance to update the same—target new and more specific keywords to yield better results. Just by making such minor changes, you can increase the website traffic by 486%, just like Tim Soulo did at Ahrefs.

3.    Focus on improving the accuracy of the content

Till the time your content and website is focused on enhancing the user experience, search engines are going to love it. The only way to improve it is by providing a better experience and making the content more usable. You can provide more information to the readers. This will help in increasing the worth of the content.

If you update your content, make sure you mention the updates in the new content very clearly. This will help in signifying the changes that were made to the content to improve the value and quality.

4.    Work on the freshness of your site

If your website is fresh, you can expect a better ranking on Google. In case you need to update your content at regular intervals, search engines will keep prioritizing your site over others. This is one of the main reasons why abandoned sites, irrespective of the quality and value of the content, don’t rank higher after a certain period.

So, make sure that you keep working on the freshness of your website by updating the content regularly.

5.    Remove the broken links.

One of the most harmful things with old content will be broken links. Having broken links in your content can significantly impact your ranking on the search engines. There will be times where you would have linked to some useful sources, and these won’t be active anymore.

If you want to get rid of broken links in your content, you won’t have to worry a lot! You can take advantage of certain tools that can find the broken links in your content. You can either look for another similar article on the internet, or you can simply get rid of the link. Having broken links on your website is no good.

6.    Share the content again.

Once you have updated the content, you will have the opportunity to promote it again. Make sure you have the right buttons on the page. Moreover, let the audience share the article in case they find it useful. This will help you to expand and reach a wider audience. With these share buttons, you give yourself the chance to make your website go viral.

Updated content and sharing it again will give you the chance to grab some backlinks as well. The pages that have been recently linked show up higher on search engines, and thus, they will rank higher as well.

Ego-bait is a smart strategy that can help you get more backlinks to your content. Doing this, you will be promoting someone renowned in your industry by directly quoting them. This will make it more likely for your content to be shared.


There are a number of perks of updating your old content. It will not only help in ranking higher on search engines, but it will also provide a better user experience. So, make sure you keep all these crucial pointers in mind before deciding to update the old content.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa