How video marketing can accelerate your business growth

Every industry needs and wants to excel at video marketing today. The reach of video marketing is so intense that according to The Social Media Week, 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% of the same people watch them every day. This number is staggering, and from the looks of it, is likely to grow even further in the future.

This means that brands must leverage video to stand out or risk being left behind. That’s why they need a good online video editor to ace the video marketing game. A good video editor can give you an edge over competition and make you stand out. 

Still not convinced video marketing is for you? Read on to find out why it’s the best thing you can do for your business right now.

Using video marketing to accelerate your business growth:

Improve conversion rate

According to statistics by Forbes, adding videos to marketing emails helps boost click-through rates by 200-300%. Also, embedding videos in landing pages boosts conversion rates by 80%. Therefore, inculcating video marketing as a core part of your marketing strategy is very beneficial to enhance your conversion rate. A better conversion rate signifies a higher chance of sales. If this isn’t reason enough to invest in video marketing, we don’t know what is!

Enhance brand awareness and brand recall

Research by HubSpot shows that 80% of customers remember videos they saw the previous month. Therefore, an impactful and unique video using an online video editor is a must to make consumers aware and remember your brand. Many brands are already attempting to connect with their customers by introducing their products through video marketing. This plays a key role in building awareness of their products, services and other exciting offers.   

Inform and educate

In today’s informational era, consumers seek videos that inform and educate them about different aspects of a product. Videos are the best medium to inform and educate your consumers about this. Wyzowl shows that 96% of people prefer to watch videos to understand a new concept, product, etc. Moreover, 84% of people are convinced to purchase from a brand after watching its brand video. So, try to build informational videos that your customers can relate to.

Improve website SEO

Did you know that good quality video marketing content could improve your website ranking and SEO? Well, it does. An attractive video could drive users to your website, so you would eventually rank higher on search engines. This would be beneficial to improve your brand’s reputation and drive sales as well. According to research, 65% of business decision-makers usually visit the marketer’s website after viewing their branding video. Thus, to enhance overall impact, a good and powerful video marketing strategy is a must for every brand, which could be achieved only through a good online video editor.

Attract mobile users

Not a single person could imagine their life without a mobile phone. But not many realize the perks of creating a mobile-friendly marketing strategy. This is the reason why video marketing is such an important aspect, as videos are quite compatible with mobile phones. Around 90% of people prefer to watch videos on their mobile phones, so don’t miss out on this captive audience.

Improved customer’s retention

A consumer tends to remember the things he sees more than the things he reads. Therefore, video marketing is likely to be far more successful than any other form of advertising. A higher retention rate shows that consumers have more trust and confidence, which will in all probability turn them into buyers.

WordStream shows that 95% of people believe that they can retain a concept and a message better through video, whereas only 10% of people retain the message if they read it. Therefore, the ultimate goal of video marketing should be to make instructive and appealing videos that stick, and give consumers a reason to purchase your product.

Videos go viral

A vital video has phenomenal reach, and it could easily expand your business beyond measure. Almost 92% of people share the videos they consume on their mobiles with other people. Therefore, the videos should be unique, attractive and appealing. A good online video editor is a must to achieve your goal of vast reach. 

Strengthen brand message

Videos strike a chord with people more than any other medium, including text and audio. The personal interactions a brand can provide to its consumer through video cannot be compared to another medium. When you listen to an influencer talk about a particular brand, you instantly feel like you know the brand even though you may have never heard of it before. This is the power of video. Therefore, video marketing is the best way to provide a strong brand message to your consumers.

Personalized experience

Another huge advantage of video marketing is that you can target different consumers through personalized videos. This personalized video strategy makes customers feel valued and attracts them to your brand. Every consumer asks for personalized experiences that would make them cherish your brand. Therefore, you can take your brand to unimaginable heights through a good and strong video marketing strategy and a good video editor.

Turn boring stuff  into fun stuff

The days when customers preferred traditional marketing techniques like print ads and billboards are long gone. Every customer seeks products that speak directly to them. Videos make even the most boring subject interesting, provided it has been executed well. There are so many possibilities with video to attract customers and eventually increase your sales.

We’ve listed several reasons why video marketing should be your core marketing strategy. But remember that it has to be tailored to your potential audience. A successful video marketing strategy includes a great concept, emotions, message, and most important of all, delivery. A badly made video is likely to break even the most popular campaign. No one wants to see a poorly made video. In fact, it could negatively impact your brand. Therefore, if you intend to ace your digital marketing game, you should know how to play with video.

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