Incredible Ideas On How To Update Asus Router Firmware

Routers are extremely important in our daily life. Routers are networking devices that forward data packets between computer networks and other mobile gadgets acting as a gateway. Asus routers provide a high-quality web browsing to its users but sometimes you may struggle with some error while using it. You need to fix it. You should update the router firmware and driver on a regular basis. Updating the router firmware is important because it fixes bugs and technical glitches of your router. Firmware basically software that installed on your router from the beginning and you can’t remove it.

If you want to update the firmware of your router, then follow the instruction. This article gives you a clear view of you update the firmware of the router.

Why Firmware Updates Are Necessary?

Firmware update provides control monitoring and data manipulation of the router. The firmware is the Operating System of your router. Updating the firmware is important.

  • It helps to improve the overall performance of the router. It increases the speed and effectiveness of the router.
  • Updating the firmware keeps your router secure and safe. Security is an essential factor.

           The manufacturer of your router can provide regular firmware patches. That’s why you      

           should check regularly because it can compromise the security of your router.

Effective Procedure To Update Router Firmware

Sign In With Your Account

  • Open a browser and search for your router model. After entering into the page, click on Support and go to the Driver & Tools. Select your Operating System and choose Firmware and select the latest release to download it. The update section is usually present at the front page of the router setup page. You will find the latest firmware on the top of the list.
  • The latest version will be downloaded on your computer and it will save on C drive. Access the file location and extract the downloaded firmware. Scan the downloaded file for security purposes. In case you find any infected files, delete them instantly.
  • Then open a new tab and enter the router IP address and hit Enter button. Then Sign in to your account providing the username and password. It will open your account. At the router Graphical User Interface(GUI), click on the Firmware Version Numbers.
  • If your router already has an internet connection, the router will automatically detect the server for new firmware. You can also update the firmware manually. Then you go to file where you extract the downloaded file. Then click Upload. The router will start updating the firmware. Do not turn off the router while the firmware is uploading. After that, sign in to the router again to check the firmware version.

If you face any problem while applying the step, please do post your queries. We keep updating you with every problem you face while using Asus router. If you are a non-savvy person then, this article will definitely help you.

Thank you.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa